Alexander Dugin on the Heartland versus the Heartless: The Neocon and Neoliberal Plan for Russia (and America)

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OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER – Dugin is not the first political scientist to note this conflict between rooted peoples and rootless individuals attempting to break the will of larger groups in order to exploit them. Indeed, much of Dugin’s concept of a Eurasian political bloc arrayed against Atlanticist powers owes its formulation to the German political theologian and jurist Carl Schmitt, who took the biblical concepts of Leviathan (representing sea-based, thalassocratic trading societies) and behemoth (representing the land-based, traditional tellurocratic societies) and applied these ideas to modern geopolitics, itself an outgrowth of cartography and geography (especially as realized by Sir Halford John Mackinder).  CONTINUE READING

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