Syria’s Assad agrees with Trump, says terrorists hiding among Syrian refugees


ed note–So, a Muslim leader of a mostly-Muslim nation who ‘made the list’ of those from whom refugees would be temporarily banned until a better screening process was developed, is agreeing with Trump’s decision.

Now, don’t tell me, let me guess…Assad did this because he is a ‘secret Jew’ working for Israel, and since Trump is ‘owned by the Jews’ and is out to do their bidding–which includes seeing Syria destroyed, either by Mossad created terrorists such as ISIS or throughout overt, outright war–Assad is therefore assisting Trump in this endeavor, even though his making this statement that validated Trump’s recent Executive Order puts at risk the relationship he has with Iran?

As the character Vizzini famously said over and over again in the thoroughly-enjoyable film The Princess Bride, when faced with his plans going awry–


Perhaps those who let themselves get ‘caught up in the moment’ in the aftermath of Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ need to just cool their jets, not act so reflexively, and consider the possibility that perhaps there is more to the chess game being played before us than what appears on the surface.

Times of Israel

Syrian President Bashar Assad said some of the millions of refugees who have fled his country’s conflict are “terrorists,” in an interview published Friday.

Asked by Yahoo News about US President Donald Trump’s claim that extremists are hiding among refugees, Assad agreed.

“Those terrorists in Syria holding machine guns or killing people, they are hiding among the peaceful refugees in Europe and the West,” the Syrian leader said.

He did not specify how many of the 4.8 million Syrian refugees he meant, saying “you don’t need a significant number to commit atrocities.”

He also rejected Trump’s plan to carve out safe zones for civilians in Syria.

The US president said last month that he “will absolutely do safe zones in Syria” for people displaced by the violence in a bid to reverse their migration to Europe and elsewhere. He did not provide details.

“Safe zones for the Syrians could only happen when you have stability and security. Where you don’t have terrorists. Where you don’t have flow and support of those terrorists by the neighboring countries or by Western countries,” Assad said.

“It’s not a realistic idea at all.”

The White House last month ordered the Pentagon and State Department to draw up a plan to “provide safe areas in Syria and in the surrounding region.”

The announcement came ahead of a surprise ban on refugees from Syria traveling to the United States, which a court has since suspended.

Other US politicians and officials have long supported the idea of safe zones in Syria, including Democrats such as Trump’s presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

Critics say it would risk the US military becoming bogged down in Syria’s civil war.

  1. #1 by Leila Abdelmeguid on 02/19/2017 - 9:34

    What is TUT’s explanation for the “safe zones”, effectively a scheme to partition Syria, and Zio’s “plan B” since the removal of Assad seems to be failing/ has failed? And how does it configure with the “chess game” that you all insist he is playing to outsmart the Jews? Just curious because despite the fact that I’m generally a pretty optimistic person, based on everything he’s done/ said so far, I REALLY JUST DON’T SEE IT!!

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