Netanyahu conveniently throwing his wife under the bus

Sara Netanyahu

Sara Netanyahu and her Miss Piggy doppelgänger

YNET – Op-ed: The man, who until recently begged the media to ‘direct the fire at me and leave my wife and children alone,’ is now adopting a defense line in which his wife is the person responsible for the perks the couple received, claiming total ignorance of any gifts.

One must admit that Arnon Milchan has a strong stomach. In his testimony to the police, he told investigators that Sara and Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand to receive perks had made him “feel sick” on at least one occasion, journalist Gidi Weitz reported last week. I believe that the couple’s demand for perks has made many people feel sick a lot more than once—and these people were not even forced to part with NIS 10,000 to satisfy Mrs. Netanyahu’s passions.

It’s unclear how the Netanyahu family will survive these suspicions from a criminal perspective. The man, who until recently begged the media to “direct the fire at me and leave my wife and children alone,” is adopting, according to reports published last week, a defense line in which the wife is thrown under the bus as the person responsible for the received perks, while the prime minister knew nothing and heard nothing. This defense line may actually work out for them.

This is not the only spin that has been fired in recent weeks, in an attempt to direct the fire at Sara Netanyahu and turn her into the primary culprit, apparently as part of a planned legal move.

But the amazing thing in my eyes is not that Netanyahu is sacrificing his wife for the sake of his survival—there is actually no surprise there—but the rumors that have begun circulating, that Sara Netanyahu’s lawyers are claiming she is mentally incompetent to stand trial.

In other words, the child psychologist in the public service is suffering from a psychological problem.

If it weren’t so funny, we would cry. The prime minister, whose life is likely a living hell and who doesn’t make a single move without getting his wife’s approval—including appointing Mossad directors and ministers—had no idea how all these gifts—champagne, cigars and luxury jewelry—made their way into his home.

From what has been exposed so far, not only was Netanyahu aware of the demands made by the prima donna he lives with—he is the one who requested those gifts for her more than once or twice: be it a bracelet and a necklace (“you forgot the other half of the gift”) or an expensive jewel on her birthday.

It turns out that Mrs. Netanyahu turned the prime minister into her private lobbyist on gifts from their wealthy friends. All that is left for us to imagine is Israel’s prime minister, the man who almost got us involved in a war against Iran, asking his secretary to get hold of Milchan so he could plead with the billionaire to buy his wife a present.

I don’t know about the legal issue. All I know is that since these details were revealed, every time I see the prime minister I ask myself if the suit he is wearing was bought by one of his friends.

Or when I see Sara Netanyahu attending some charity event, I ask myself whether she is wearing an H. Stern bracelet or necklace, which one of the billionaires was forced to buy for her, on her wrist or on her neck.

No, we are not moving closer towards becoming a third-world country. We are already there.

  1. #1 by 5 dancing shlomos on 02/12/2017 - 9:34

    both should be tossed under a catepillar
    is it model d-9

  2. #2 by ml on 02/18/2017 - 9:34

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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