Historic Israeli Church Reopens in Galilee 20 Months After Arson Attack


church-of-the-multiplication-of-the-loaves-and-fishes-tabgha-israel-copyED Noor: Wait! You mean, it was not a ROMAN CATHOLIC Church on stolen Palestinian land that was destroyed? It is grand to see that the destroyed holy space was repaired, but the title of this article on a Catholic site seems a tad misleading! I mean, it was Jewish fanatics who burned down The Church of the (Multiplication of) Loaves and Fishes, was it not? Oh, hold on. Gotta have that heavy hand of Judaism involved in its resurrection. If there is grandstanding to do, call in one of the Chosen. Try not to gag as you read the following.:

“We are bound together. We are all equal before God, and equal before the law,” Rivlin said. “The state of Israel is … deeply committed to the freedom of religion and of worship for all religions and believers. We stand up for religious freedom because, as a people, we know very well what it means to suffer religious persecution. And we stand up for religious freedom because we are a democratic state.

“The last time I was here, we stood together and looked at the burned walls and the terrible graffiti,” the president said. “Today, I visit here again, and see the renewal of this historic, special, and holy place. I want to thank all the people who worked hard to restore this place, and to say clearly; that hate cannot win.” ~ Israeli President Reuven Rivlin

Why do they hate this particular church more than the rest? Because this is where Jesus performed the miracle it was named after. This lovely piece of tile flooring beneath the main altar survived the attack. I just question the wording of the title because it is NOT an Israeli church. In fact, I imagine many rabbis would have conniptions to call it a church in their land of synagogues.


For More: The Catholic Register

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