Netanyahu Discussed Golan Heights and Jonathan Pollard’s Probation With White House

johnathon pollard never give jews security clearance

Sabba – Why discuss this with Pence and not with The President Of The United States himself?!?…

HAARETZ – A source in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s entourage in Washington said that Netanyahu discussed the issue of the limitations imposed on Jonathan Pollard as terms for his release with White House officials.

Pollard, who was released from prison in 2015, served 30 years in prison for spying for Israel and, among other limitations, is barred from leaving the United States.

“It was agreed that Israeli ambassador [to the United States] Ron Dermer would deal personally with the matter vis-à-vis the White House,” the source said.

On Thursday, Netanyahu met with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and among other things, the two discussed American support for Israel at the United Nations. A source in the Israeli delegation in Washington noted that the two sides agreed to work together on a systematic basis to change the United Nations’ attitude toward Israel.

The prime minister and senior Trump administration officials discussed the possibility of asking for the United Nations to change its approach to Israel coupled with a threat to cut off American funding for UN institutions, a source in the entourage said.

An Israeli source said the prime minister also spoke to Pence about ways to advance American recognition of Israel’s 1981 annexation of the Golan Heights. The source added that in the near future, a mechanism would be developed for talks between Israel and the White House on the subject of construction in West Bank Jewish settlements. “We intend to reach an understanding,” the source said.

  1. #1 by Frederick on 02/19/2017 - 9:34

    It’s ALWAYS about what the US can do for the yids of illegal Israel! What have the jews EVER done for the US?? Any jews out there want to answer that??

  2. #2 by Eva F. on 02/19/2017 - 9:34

    Smug face Mike Pence is a christian zionist.He probably will turn out as a Brutus to the Trump government. Maybe he is behind the Flynn affair. I don’t trust him one bit.

  3. #3 by 5 dancing shlomos on 02/20/2017 - 9:34

    mr prez had important stuff to do
    for spence
    either clean toilets
    or waste time with loudmouth
    tough decision

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