Netanyahu: Israel, Trump at Odds Over Settlements, ‘Things Are Not as Simple as You Think’


At heated closed Likud meeting, prime minister describes Trump presidency as ‘historic opportunity,’ but says Israel should know its limits.

ed note–a few things worth noting here–

Assuming that all the information contained in this piece is accurate (and yes coming from any Judaic source, that is  always a big question) there are lots of important inferences here.

Note that the Likud meeting was described as ‘heated’. This isn’t between rival parties, but rather amongst people who ideologically are on the same page, and what Nutty Netty is telling them is serious enough that it has now devolved into shouting matches.

‘Not as simple as you think’–Netanyahu’s is in effect telling them that Trump’s posturing to Jewish interests, complete with parading his ‘Jewish’ daughter and her Jewish husband, to his professed ‘love’ for Israel and his saber rattling against Israel’s enemies does not necessarily translate into what has been interpreted by certain members within Likud.  In other words, what Netanyahu is basically telling them is that Trump understands the ‘by way of deception, we shall make war’ paradigm just as much as the Jews do and that below the surface of his nice words and smiles that a differing reality exists, and especially with regards to the settlements.

And, just as we have counseled here now for over a year, people should not allow themselves to get too emotionally worked up over things Trump says that seem to indicate that he is ‘their boy’. The incessant screeching on the part of Judea, Inc that is intent upon destabilizing this administration before it has even gotten to 1st base indicates that there is something more to all this than what a surface reading of it suggests, and just as people made the mistake of allowing themselves to get ‘caught up in the moment’ in the early days of the ‘Arab Spring’ and–by assuming that their greatest hopes had finally materialized–thus acted as functionaries in a trap that had been laid and played against them, likewise perhaps (in reverse) cooler heads should prevail in this case and people should just ‘wait things out’ a bit before assuming the worst.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Likud lawmakers on Monday that Israel and the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump are at odds over the construction of West Bank settlements. “Things are not as simple as you think,” he said.

“There are no understandings [between Israel and Trump] about construction” in West Bank settlements, Netanyahu told fellow Likud members at a closed meeting. “We will develop a mechanism to try to reach understandings… [but] on this specific issue, there is no agreement.”

Following his meeting with Trump earlier this month, Netanyahu told reporters that he was willing to examine with the Trump administration the matter of reining in West Bank settlement construction, as the U.S. president had requested. “It is worth making an effort,” Netanyahu said in his White House remarks.

Several sources described a vocal debate at the Likud Knesset meeting, with heated argument between lawmakers who support Israeli annexation of the West Bank and those who seek a withdrawal from most of the occupied territories along with security arrangements.

In his comments, Netanyahu addressed remarks by lawmaker Miki Zohar, who suggested that Israel is faced with a “historic opportunity” with Trump’s election. Zohar told Netanyahu that there was “no doubt” that Trump “appreciates every position that you (Netanyahu) hold.” He said that the prime minister could push for a one-state solution if he so wished.

For her part, Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely demanded that Netanyahu, who also serves as foreign minister, tell the Likud parliamentarians what he agreed to with Trump on building in settlement blocs.

Netanyahu said he agrees that Trump’s presidency is “historic,” but noted that “we should know what the limits of this opportunity are.”

“Things are not as simple as you think,” he said. Speaking about his recent trip to Australia, the prime minister noted: “I told them that… there is no alternative to Israeli security control west of the Jordan River, with or without an agreement. And if they say it does not mesh with [Palestinian] sovereignty, too bad!”

“If they (the Palestinians) recognize Israel and renounce the right of return [to Israel], this is the sort of agreement we could reach,” the prime minister said, adding that the question was what kind of Palestinian state should be envisioned, one like Costa Rica or Iran.

According to individuals in attendance at the meeting of Likud legislators, Zohar said the Palestinians want economic prosperity, not a state. When asked where Palestinians would vote if they did not receive a state, Zohar reportedly suggested that the prospect that Palestinians would be participating in Knesset elections is a slogan being plied by the left wing. East Jerusalem Palestinians, he noted, have opted not to vote in Israel, a reference to Jerusalem municipal elections that they have boycotted.

Lawmaker Oren Hazan countered that giving the Palestinians Israeli citizenship is a worse prospect. On the situation in Gaza, he suggested that international forces be allowed into the territory, which he said would show the world what is really happening there.

  1. #1 by MJ on 02/28/2017 - 9:34

    As always I will respectfully disagree !
    Ask us what the temperature is please. The hatred and LIES and virulent smear campaigns against our way of life that equate the actions of degenerates real or imagined with Islam are growing even among alternative websites, thanks to Trump.
    We are being harassed even as western Muslims and this includes those born in the west.
    That buffoon is useful to Judea in her war to eradicate Islam.
    The morally compromised conservatives that he filled the cabinet with speak louder than words.
    If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…….he is the new face of Christian Zionist theology it will get into bed with every one including Milo and Race worshipers like Bannon to smite the Ishmaelites and bring on Armageddon.

    Triumphant Satanism against the last way of life that refuses to be compromised especially morally.
    We have been dehumanized and the next step is more wars for Israel and more slaughter.

    Donald Trump and the Triumph of Islam ~ Abdal Hakim Murad (TJ Winters)
    Timothy John Winter, also known as Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, is a British Sunni Muslim scholar, researcher, writer and academic. He is the Dean of the Cambridge Muslim College, Director of Studies (Theology and Religious Studies) at Wolfson College and the Shaykh Zayed Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cambridge University.[4][5][6] His work includes publications on Islamic theology and Muslim-Christian relations.[

  2. #2 by frankkleij on 03/01/2017 - 9:34

    It is just very simple: Jews get out there and now and never even think of going back there!

  3. #3 by nooralhaqiqa on 03/01/2017 - 9:34

    I am amazed at how many people whom I respect, whose work is solid, send me things trying to convince me of Trump’s absolutely vile intentions working with the Jews, the Masons, etc etc etc.

    I say, I may not love Trump, but I do enjoy him. And I also believe that this deep state war he is waging deserves his support from all of us. He is pretty much on his own although, after last night’s speech, he may have a few more friends. This is an opportunity such as we have not seen since… gosh knows when, I would go way farther back than JFK, … the first we have seen, where things have been shaken up. Truly shaken up.

    It is what we have been calling for for decades. Now the time has come. We cannot be like spoiled liberals and whine while the dust settles because our special interest has not been addressed to our satisfaction. That is dem/commie/liberal behaviour. They are at war with decency, not for us to emulate, but then not to sit down and take it either.

    We have been saying here for a long time that Trump will upset everyone, including his supporters, and everything at some point as things change. When you are dealing with an invasive parasite that has been spreading through every fibre of your being, it is inevitable there MUST be some pain as the parasite is removed as it must be if you, as the host, are to survive. THAT is the level Trump is dealing on and hence the screams and cries of the parasites who are being shown the light of day.

    This man approaches things in manners no one has ever foreseen and the louder folks screech the more you know they are hurting from his curative actions. And yes, as with chemo, there will be reactions that no one can foresee.

    Trump truly DOES get the Mossad motto much more than his enemies understand and in these ways they underestimate him…

    That his words stir the hornet’s nest of Likud up to even greater levels of “heated” debate is actually music to my ears. Those people prod and poke and prod and poke until the victim responds, then they cry aggression as they pound the victim into the ground. It is good to see them respond, spinning ever faster under one who is not playing victim.

    ed note–brilliant analysis Noor, and 1000% accurate. What I have come to understand very well, and particularly after this last trip to Iran where there people there were more open to ideas different from their own is that no one is immune to the intoxicating effects of Judaic propaganda. Even our dear friends in the Islamic community, who better than anyone else should have learned the lesson that if it is supported/managed by organized Jewish interests that by definition it means it is bad, have fallen for this ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ meme, and all of it due to the emotionalism inherent in it, although I can certainly understand why on their account, considering what they have been put through since 9/11 and before.

    Nevertheless, it is frustrating, as I am sure you understand. 16 years ago, we watched as an entire nation fell victim to the emotionalism of the ‘they hate us for our freedom’ madness that led to the deaths of millions of innocent people. After this, a ‘movement’ was born and started to take shape made up of people who had not fallen victim to that same simplistic, emotional black magic that had seduced so many others, but in time, soon certain ‘neighborhoods’ within this movement succumbed to the Jews’ lies as well. Our enemies simply changed the recipe a little, and soon we had those falling victim to other psyops such as the ‘Arab Spring’, the ‘Sandy Hook never happened’ phenomenon, and now, those proudly and loudly proclaiming their membership in the ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ brigade.

    In the midst of all of this, I am reminded of the storyline in Stephen King’s novel ‘The Stand’ where a genetically engineered virus gets loose and kills 99% of the world’s population and only 1% are immune and thus survive. If this doesn’t describe our world today vis a vis Judaic deception and the inherent inablility on the part of so many people–including a disappointingly-high number of people within this ‘movement’–I don’t know of a better metaphor.

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