Oklahoma lawmaker asks Muslims: ‘Do you beat your wife?’


Before agreeing to meet with them, Rep. John Bennett asks Muslim groups, students if they support sharia rule, murder of non-Muslims

ed note–yet another ‘goodie’ for which we can all thank Judea, Inc. Always knowing how to play on peoples’ emotions rather than their intellect, they always know exactly the ingredients called for in the various mental magic potions they conjure up in getting stupid Gentiles to move in whatever direction they need to move in achieving their aims.

And now, having brought everything full circle, these same elements responsible for lighting the fires of Islamic hatred and for then moving that specific neighborhood within Gentiledom known as the Christian West (that unfortunately includes a sizable number of individuals within this ‘movement’ clinging to white nationalism) in the direction they need have now abandoned their former positions and are now seen very visibly cozying up to the Islamic community in this, the age of Trump–so that the Christian West will be the one left holding the bill for this devastating clash of civilizations that Judea, Inc started in the first place.

Times of Israel

An Oklahoma lawmaker who once likened Islam to cancer required Muslims to answer several written questions — including, “Do you beat your wife?” — before agreeing to meet with them.

Republican state Rep. John Bennett’s office distributed the questionnaire on Thursday as the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations organized its annual Muslim Day at the Capitol. The lawmaker’s office gave the list of questions to three Islamic school students who came to his office and asked to speak with him.

“(The prophet) Mohammed was a killer of pagans, Christians and Jews that did not agree with him,” read one of 18 questions on the form. “Do you agree with his example?”

The questions asked Muslims whether they would denounce terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah and whether they believed former Muslims should be punished for leaving Islam. One question asked Muslims if they agreed that Islamic law, known as Sharia, should rule over non-Muslims.

The questionnaire drew a swift rebuke from civil rights groups and Oklahoma’s CAIR chapter, which represents about 40,000 Oklahoma residents who are Muslims.

“Nobody should be vetted with stupid, Islamophobic, hateful, bigoted questions before they can meet with their representative,” said Adam Soltani, the executive director of CAIR-Oklahoma.

Bennett did not return a message seeking comment on the questionnaire Saturday.

The lawmaker has previously referred to Islam as “a cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out.” At an interim study Bennett convened in October to study the religion, he suggested that CAIR and a local imam were terrorists.

Recently, Bennett came under fire when he posted a news story on Facebook critical of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and added the comment, “2 words … firing squad.”

“It’s frustrating that Representative Bennett keeps pressing the issue in the way he does,” said Anna Facci, the government affairs director for CAIR-OK. “It certainly is frustrating but it’s not surprising.”

  1. #1 by jackthewolf1017 on 03/05/2017 - 9:34

    Another ignorant hillbilly. I have a long list of questions that he should ask of Jews before killing them!

  2. #2 by PJ London on 03/05/2017 - 9:34

    Why would anyone wish to meet this person?
    My question would be “When did you stop beating yours?”
    Flat out lie about Jews and Christians, Mohammed only fought with Jews who attacked his followers. And as the Muslims were taking trade from the Jews, plenty of Jewish tribes had a go, but never did Mohammed initiate violence against a jewish or christian group.
    The Pagans were the Arabs of Mecca who attacked his followers mercilessly.
    Hamas and Hezbollah are political parties, brought about by peaceful and democratic means and which represent millions of people. Their only violence is in retaliation for the murder of their constituents, and the occupation of their property.
    Shariah is similar to the Ten Commandments, instructions passed from God.
    It is interpreted in many ways in different countries and communities, just as is the Ten Commandments.
    “In 629 CE, the Prophet sent an ambassador to meet with Christian Arab tribes (allies of the Christian Roman Empire) in northern Arabia and southern Syria to teach them about Islam. The Christian Arab tribe of Ghassan captured and executed the Muslim ambassador in southern Syria.”
    At no time (t the best of my research) did Mohammed attack a Christian tribe. There were battles with the Romans and their Arab allies (some of whom were nominally Christians) but I cannot find any reference to a battle with Christians.
    Ignorant barbarian.

  3. #3 by MJ on 03/05/2017 - 9:34

    Unfortunately how many people will do the necessary research to give the same answers as posted above. We are drowning in lying narratives.

  4. #4 by MJ on 03/05/2017 - 9:34

    “Land Destroyer‏ @LandDestroyer 6h6 hours ago
    Land Destroyer Retweeted Brookings
    Even Brookings, who helped engineer/promote US backed terrorist legions admits how absurd/irrational Islamophobia really is.Land Destroyer added,

    BrookingsVerified account @BrookingsInst
    Of the 3.3 million American Muslims, .00001% (43 individuals) have been convicted in connection with ISIS http://brook.gs/2eoYBV1

    The Brookings Institute and its resident warmongers can get lost….. They are not the ones that have to deal with Islamophobia, but I wish they did.Should we put an hijab or Muslim cap on all their heads?

  5. #5 by Leila Abdelmeguid on 03/05/2017 - 9:34

    CAIR is so freakin pathetic. For what purpose would you meet with someone who calls your religion a “cancer”?! CAIR enjoys being degraded and humilliated, and wants all other Muslims to do the same.

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