UK – Jews Snuff Out Free Speech At UK Universities



REDRESS – Who had the impudence to change our values regarding free speech? A fake anti-Semitism campaign masterminded by the usual Zionist suspects, their Israel lobby colleagues and their stooges in the corridors of power, continues to sweep across UK universities – and our political parties, especially shambolic and rudderless Labour. CONTINUE READING

  1. #1 by mothman777 on 03/11/2017 - 9:34

    Stalinism is taking much deeper root now, even Amazon has now banned all sales of revisionist literature, what next? Maybe they will bring in prison sentences in the UK and the USA for denying the holocaust.

    They did it in Putin’s Russia, not too long ago, so the Jews are building up to something very big now, and wish to be able to have the absolute power to completely suppress any media reports against them and their activities, so that the people will not be able to be alerted about what is happening in any area and be able to prepare to escape abroad or make a stand and defend themselves before the Jews in power send their Stalinist coppers and soldiers to arrest them and do them in, it is coming.

    That the 1991 US Noahide Laws are still waiting on statute to be physically effected proves it without a doubt, as those laws contain the means to authorize the slaughter of several scores of millions of Americans at the very least for being ‘idolaters’, as if not being Jewish and worshipping Krishna or Jesus or Buddha or the Sikh Sri Guru Granth Sahib should be a good or legal reason to slaughter millions of people, and the American people allow those laws to remain on statute, which is utterly staggering, they have become the walking dead without even seeing it creeping up upon them.

    I await the day when President Trump sees fit to expose the completely alien and genocidal Noahide Laws for what they are, and has them removed from statute.

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