TUT Broadcast Mar 12, 2017

Image result for mountain climlbing

The pursuit of the truth–philosophical, political or otherwise–is like climbing a mountain that has no peak, and something which necessitates all true seekers of the truth to be constantly moving upwards for their own benefit and for that of society. Therefore, any ‘movement’ that gains a certain elevation but which refuses to move any higher suffers from a deficiency of perspective and thus, the various members making up this ‘movement’ who fashion themselves as the ‘watchmen on the wall’ are incapable of seeing the amassing armies at the horizon that will be at the gates of the city in short time.

Listen Here

  1. #1 by Colin on 03/13/2017 - 9:34

    Another great episode,Mark. The donut stop story gave me a good chuckle. I spend way too much time on the net and quite frankly get very frustrated and downright anry with all the disinfo and the paid online warriors propagating their hate. Your podast is very much a comfort zone for me as well as others im sure. As soon as I hear the intro music I feel like I have just arrived home from a 14 hour day of hard labor and now I can forget about the day. So for that I thank you and am looking forward to your next pod cast.



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