‘People are scared’: Paranoia seizes Trump’s White House

ed note–as we have pointed out here repeatedly, the strategy behind the ‘GET TRUMP’ campaign on the part of the hyenas of Judea, Inc is to sow panic, paranoia, instability and in all other ways, cause the new administration so much aggravation that it becomes unglued and thus a prime target for removal via the impeachment process.

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  1. #1 by sarz on 03/15/2017 - 9:34

    Take a look at at this ZeroHedge article. The crowd there have been pretty fervent Trump supporters for over a year. Suddenly, something has snapped. They now think they have been played for fools. Trump is just one more servant of the Jews. The attack on him has been a Judaic game, of the sort that our great teacher, the author of the Protocols, taught us about.

    ed note–no, is has not been a ‘Judaic game’, a fact that useful idiots for Zion such as you won’t figure out until the Jews get their way and replace Trump with someone more cooperative and then we are really screwed.

    The only ‘servant for the Jews’ these days are people such as you doing the Jews’ dirty work in trying to get Trump removed.

  2. #2 by James Benn on 03/15/2017 - 9:34

    ‘In recent days, the administration has given credence to the idea that Obama loyalists are working against them. When Spicer was asked during a briefing last week about the idea that a deep state is working to undermine the president, he did not reject the premise.’

    I doubt that there exists a single staffer who is ‘loyal’ to O’Bumma as such. I mean, how could they be? What’s there to be loyal to? O’Bumma was only ever a cipher. A fraud. A non-entity. A mouthpiece. A ‘black man’ in the ‘white house’. A … can I say it? … bum-boy for the ‘deep state’.

    Such staffers, themselves, are mere bum-boys for the, ahem, ‘deep state’. Guided, inexorably, like heat-seeking missiles, by complete, utter, and total self-interest. They knows which side they’re bread is buttered on. And it ain’t with The Donster.

    It’s good, at least, that respectable orifices like ‘Politico’ now talk openly about the, ahem, ‘deep state’. Who knows, it may even enter the popular lexicon. Along with some vague awareness of what the deep state actually is … namely … the Jewish central banksters and their minions … starting with the CIA.

  3. #3 by sarz on 03/15/2017 - 9:34

    Dear Bold-Type Ed. You are unnecessarily abusive. But I suppose that comes with the job. I have been promoting Trump for over a year, going by his occasional dog-whistles such as his few words about 9/11, about “Merry Christmas”, and,of course, about the Fed. I have noted Trump’s huge capacity for dissimulation, so I have not been easily dissuaded. But when you add up the invasion of Syria, the talk of “safe spaces,” the military support to the Saudis in Syria, the continuation of the genocide in Yemen, and the total surrender of banking regulations to the big Jews, well, a normal person would at least have some questions. I would like to ask where you would draw the line yourself, Mr Bold-Faced Ed. Is this a matter allowing of evidence, or have you found true religion? Tell us in advance what it would take for you to change your mind. If you cannot come up with anything, that is also an answer. And try it as though you sre addressing someone who might be as human as yourself, about whom you don’t know all that much.

    ed note–actually, I’m not ‘unnecessarily’ abusive. Most of the time I am very patient and forbearing with people, but I do have a limit these days when it comes to intolerable stupidity. It began with 9/11 and my futile attempts to tell people that they were being had, that Islam is not violent and that this whole thing was done in order to get everyone in the proper frame of mind to launch a century of wars. Few listened and I was accused of being a ‘terrorist sympathizer’and traitor to America. From there, it went to the Arab Spring, and my futile attempts to tell people who believed it was real that they were being had, that this was a western/zionist concoction designed to replace old puppets with new ones. Few listened and I was accused of being a ‘secret zionist sympathizer’ and supporter of oppression. From there, it went to the ‘Sandy Hook never happened’ bullshit and my futile attempts to tell people under the sway of this madness that they were being had, that this was being done to make the 9/11 truth movement look bad and to get everyone running around in circles. Few listened and I was accused of being a ‘secret government mole’and a supporter of gun control.

    And now, we have the Trump is a ‘servant of Jews’ business, and my futile attempts to tell people that they are being had and that the Jews want him removed because he poses a direct threat to their agenda, both here in America and in the Middle East. A few listen, but for the most part, much of the movement can’t get past the ‘Jews control everything’ meme in the same way that the sheep of George Orwell’s Animal Farm could only master one line–‘4 legs good, 2 legs bad’.

    So, yeah, you’re right, I have a short fuse these days with insipid, intolerable stupidity, because what people like you are doing is to assist our enemies in achieving what they want, which, at the end of the day, puts me and everything I love in danger, and just like the idiots who bought into 9/11 and only now realize what a mistake they made, and just like the idiots who bought into the Arab Spring and only now realize what a mistake they made, and just like SOME of the idiots who bought into the ‘Sandy Hook never happened BS’ and only now realize what a mistake they made, the damage is already done ad it is too late for those who threw gasoline on the inferno to do anything, because the town has been burned to the ground.

  4. #4 by sarz on 03/16/2017 - 9:34

    I see you didn’t publish my follow-up letter, where I asked you to say now where you would draw the line with Trump. I wonder why. And for your information, I was literally challenging 9/11 from day one. You are far more irritating than you need to be, even though the necessary work you have taken up must take a really heavy toll. Anyway, God bless. We’ll see who’s right about Trump. I hope you are. I haven’t totally given up on him, but Kevin Barrett and Chris Bollyn, whom I convinced to take Trump seriously well over a year ago, have done so long back.

    ed note–correct, and for the same reason that I don’t publish links to pieces using circumstantial evidence to ‘prove’ Islam is a violent religion, to ‘prove’ that ‘Sandy Hook was a hoax’, those that ‘prove’ that the Arab Spring was the real deal or any other piece of propaganda which works to the Jews’ benefit, and if you can’t see how the wall of noise being generated by these same Jewish interests to which you claim Trump is a ‘servant’ is all being done in the interests of destroying whatever it is he intends to do with regards to Israel, then there is not much more to say on the matter, because it truly is a ‘no brainer’ if ever there was one.

    As far as Kevin Barrett, whom I personally like, and Christopher Bollyn, both of them have problematic baggage themselves in terms of various ‘theories’ they have embraced and propagated in the past and therefore no one including you should necessarily be using them in bolstering your theories about Trump being ‘owned by the Jews’.

    And just where will I ‘draw the line’ for Trump? I am somewhere between 100-110% certain that he will wind up either being removed from office, or else, due to the enormous pressure being put upon him by Jewish interests (aided by individuals such as yourself with your ‘Trump is a servant of Israel’ bs) he will wind up caving in and giving the monsters at least some of what they want, at which point, indeed he will be their ‘servant’, but not because he wanted to be or was constitutionally inclined to be from the beginning, but rather because he was forced by circumstances–made worse by one-dimensional thinkers such as yourself–to cry ‘uncle’ and admit defeat.

    And as far as me being ‘irritating’, well, to quote the one person who is most responsible for helping shape my views on issues such as these, the late, great Mike Piper– ‘I’m not here to win friends but rather to influence people’.

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