TUT Broadcast Mar. 16, 2017

Tonight’s program–

Netanyahu goes to Moscow, meets with Putin and attempts to sway the Russian President into Israel’s camp vis a vis the destruction of Iran using the lore surrounding Purim as the black magic medium. Putin’s response is to tell Netanyahu that this is the 21st century A.D., not B.C., and that none of that matters. Adding a timely warning to both insult and injury, he then gives Netanyahu a copy of Josephus’ book ‘The Wars of the Jews’, outlining the destruction of Judea by the Roman empire 2,000 years ago as a subtle yet clear threat that not only can history repeat itself, but that indeed it is repeating itself right now.

ALSO, President Trump–Not yet in office 2 months and already has a phone conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas where he outlines his plans for a lasting peace deal between the beleaguered people of Palestine and the bloodthirsty Jews of Israel, referring to Abbas as his ‘strategic partner’ and after which time, the PA gives a press conference stating their belief that a peace deal is indeed possible and that all the initial assumptions that they had about Trump being ‘owned by the Jews’ was in fact not the case at all.

Listen Here

  1. #1 by B-dan on 03/17/2017 - 9:34

    Excellent show! What an inspired gift by Putin! I wonder where they got the idea from 🙂
    Apparently we have some common friends over there. I think you met at least two of them.


  2. #2 by Sabba on 03/17/2017 - 9:34

    The jews seem to show an extra-ordinary attachment to History by their constantly referring to past fake historical events, by constantly destroying historical sites and re-writing the History of all nations they have taken control of.

    And as it is their attachment to their jewish phantasmagoria developed in their satanic testament that is dictating their behavior and policies, it is highly significant that Putin, the Christian, would offer Bibi the jew, a book of REAL History.

    As if to tell him: “As you like History so much that you even base all your policies on fake history, here is a book of real History upon which you should now build your future policies, a book which only a real connoisseur like you will understand and appreciate.
    You jews have been studying and living your lives based upon a book of fake histories written by the lying pens of scribes and this is why you never learned anything from History, this is why you have been kicked out from all the countries you have lived in, this is why real History does repeat itself when it comes to the jews, this is why you will be visited by destruction times and times again, as has happened in the past. Give up the fake news, your fake history, your fake miserable lives if you want to live. Or else…”

    But I bet those who consider themselves la crème de la crème of this ‘movement’ will explain that, when Putin told Bibi to stop living in the XXVth century BC and when he offered him a present, all that was just a well rehearsed act to fool us all. Sigh….

  3. #3 by Goy Pride on 03/17/2017 - 9:34

    Oh, another Let’s Defend Trump episode! He may not be ‘owned’ by the Jews but he definitely isn’t
    ‘Our’ boy either. Not hopping on any bandwagon just yet…

    ed note–oh goodie, another brilliant comment from someone who obviously knows that he/she is in way over his/her head when it comes to participating in commentary such as this to the point they won’t even use their real name.

    Sorry, can’t take what you say seriously since you obviously don’t even yourself believe in what you are saying as evidenced by the fact that you resort to using ‘anon’ as your signature. Come back when you are man (or woman) enough to come out of the shadows.

  4. #4 by Rod on 03/19/2017 - 9:34

    I have to listen to this again! I think this may well be the best broadcast you’ve made Mark, congratulations for hitting the ball out of the park. The fools who think Trump is a secret Zionist are largely the same crowd that think Putin is a crypto jew and that Hitler was part jewish, I have given up trying to get through to them, they are a complete waste of time and effort. On a side note, I’m glad you don’t edit out the little family interruptions, as they always make me smile. All the best mate.

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