1st of the month–Please help us do our part by donating to TUT

In this age of the ‘Truth Movement’, you can either have this–

Image result for alex jones bilderbergers

or this–


or this–


or this–

Image result for white nationalists

or this–

Image result for jeff rense reptilians

or this…


…Or any other assortment of deliberate disinformation designed to confuse and distort an otherwise clear picture and thus give the upper hand to the monsters out to destroy us…



Or, you can have this–


So, due to the obvious risks and blowback associated with doing the kind of work we do here, using our real names, real faces, real voices, etc, and where it is somewhere between difficult and impossible for those of us operating at the center of the bull’s eye to enjoy the security and anonymity others take for granted, we therefore ask those benefiting from the work we do here to consider our needs by making some kind of contribution so that we can continue the war effort.

Thank you



Box 27

Careywood, Idaho 83809



  1. #1 by derek on 03/31/2017 - 9:34

    Could you add Brandon (Zander C. Fuerza) Martinez of Zion Crime Factory fame to that line up of “disinfo” peddlers please?

    ed note–we would if he were of any consequence. As it is, we don’t need to highlight his activities since he is basically dead in the water anyway as far as exposure goes and has proved himself to be one of those who loves to pick fights for the negative attention it brings to him.
    You are correct however in your estimation of him.

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