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How They Do It–Israel Releases ‘Trump File’: The U.S. President’s Little-known 1989 Visit to the Jewish State

If confirmed, Trump’s upcoming visit to Israel won’t be his first. In 1989, the future U.S. president took a dive in Eilat and showed an interest in building a casino in the southern resort

ed note–although presented in a harmless, matter-of-fact manner, nevertheless this is Judea, Inc’s way of setting the stage for the release of all sorts of embarrassing information they plan to use against Trump in getting him to buckle to their demands, and particularly with the entire ‘Greater Israel’ project which he is not inclined to support. Furthermore, what it shows is that Israel was keeping an eye on him decades ago in the event that someone with his money and type-A personality decided to venture into the political realm.


I guess it is all just some harmless news item being presented in a matter-of-fact manner then, my bad. Read the rest of this entry »


Lawmakers Want Trump to Seek Congress Approval for Any Use of Force in Mideast

The bipartisan plea to House Speaker Paul Ryan, signed by 46 Representatives, comes three weeks after Trump ordered Tomahawk missile attack on Syrian air base

ed note–how many times did Congress demand from George W. Bush that he seek approval of any military actions after operation ‘shock and awe’ was put into motion? Likewise with Obama and his drone strikes throughout the world, his destruction of Libya and his raising up of ISIS and other terrorist groups tasked with destabilizing Syria and elsewhere?

Answer–ZERO, and for the simple reason that Bush (and to a slightly lesser extent, Obama) was on board with Israel’s demands and therefore both were given free rein to inflict as much  murder and mayhem in the Middle East as they wanted.

Despite the emotionally-based ‘analysis’ offered by various ‘experts’ in this movement that Trump’s missile attack on the Syrian airbase was done as a continuum of those same murderous operations initiated and overseen by George Bush and Barack Obama, nevertheless it was/is a disaster for Zion. Hoping to paint him as a ‘Russian spy’, the for-the-most-part-for-show missile attack has (at least temporarily) defanged the one poison dart which Judea, Inc was hoping to utilize in having him impeached. Had Netanyahu & co known ahead of time that the missile attack was going to be a one-hit-wonder that did nothing to jump start the ‘Greater Israel’ project which he and his religious nutcase cohorts have been envisioning now for the last 5,000 years, they would have pulled all the strings they possess in Congress to prevent it from taking place. 

Notice that the piece points out the following–

‘Among those who signed it were Reps. Eliot Engel and Jerrold Nadler, two Jewish Democrats from New York who are active on issues relating to Israel and the Middle East.’

One can assume that the letter originated with them, despite the little mention they get in the piece. Israel doesn’t want Trump ‘going it alone’ and making decisions as he did with the recent strike on the Syrian airbase that in the end works to frustrate what Judea, Inc is actually trying to achieve. Does any rational person believe for a moment that if Trump finally caved into the Jews’ demands and started a round-the-clock bombing campaign against Syria followed by a full-scale invasion that Israel’s hirlings in the US Congress would be demanding that the operations cease and desist until they had time to ‘debate’ and ‘authorize’ any further activity? 

Convoluted and confusing, a bought-and paid for Congress now trying to rein in a new President from militarily striking places such as Syria, which Israel wants destroyed? For sure, which is why no one–just because they happen to have read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion–should jump to any premature conclusions about what is going on based upon a mere surface-level examination of events. As we say here often, this is chess, not checkers. Read the rest of this entry »


Why Is Zionism Called Zionism?

Theories for the origin of the word reach into long-forgotten eras of history, and the speculated origin in ‘wild cat’ isn’t necessarily the most fanciful.

ed note–I/we don’t expect the reader to wade through all the minute details of the writer’s thesis but instead to focus on a few minor details contained therein–

1. The religious roots of Zionism. Indeed, as the evidence shows and has shown from the beginning, Zionism is indeed rooted in Judaism and anyone–whether they are secular or else those ‘good Jews’ at Neturei Karta–who try and make the ridiculous argument that ‘Judaism and Zionism are different and distinct’ are either fools or liars, borrowing on oft-used phrase from the irreplaceable Mike Piper.

2. That the beating heart of Zionism is JERUSALEM, the place from which Judaism teaches that the Moshiach–the Jewish Messiah–will rule the world with a rod of iron, imposing ‘Jewish ethics’ upon mankind as commanded in the Torah and against which the rest of the non-Jewish world will have no recourse.

In short, anyone who thinks that the entire paradigm of creating a ‘homeland’ for the Jews is nothing problematic or more far-reaching than what the word ‘homeland’ entails is living in a dreamworld. Judaism never was, is not, and never will be simply an unassuming, non-invasive, ‘live and let live’ philosophy that simply wants to live in peace with others. It is a fire that seeks to overwhelm and consume everything in its path and all one need do is consider what is taking place now both in the Middle East and throughout the rest of the world where Judaism holds sway as validation for this fact.

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Lieberman– ‘No compensation for Palestinian child firebombed by settlers’

6-year-old whose family was murdered by Jewish terrorists does not qualify for state funds because he is not a citizen, defense minister tells lawmaker

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Pyongyang slams Israel as ‘disturber of peace armed with illegal nukes under US patronage’



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Israeli settler rams car into 4-year-old Palestinian child




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When it comes to Israel, Trump’s first 100 days were one big fail


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