Likud lawmaker warns American audience– ‘Only Israelis and Arabs can solve their conflict’

ed note–let me translate for you, ladies and Gentile-men, what is really going on here–

Judea, Inc–both on the right and on the left–understand that a new Caesar has come to power in the US who actually understands the nature of the problem and is willing to apply rational, practical protocols in solving it. Furthermore, besides understanding the nature of the problem–intransigent and irrational Judaic irredentism on the part of GAAAAAWD’S chosen people who embrace every flavor of deception, duplicity, violence, bribery, blackmail, etc in the interests of ‘redeeming’ that huge swath of real estate lying between the Nile and Euphrates rivers–this new Caesar understands as well that there are huge implications affecting the well-being of his own country as pertains the entire Zionist venture, and given the investment that his country has made in terms of money, arms, blood, political support, etc, is therefore exercising his right as THE major shareholder of stock in the little venture in order to make sure that America’s interests are not threatened.

Judea, Inc–again, on both the right and the left–knows this to be the case, knows that a new political season has arrived where big changes are-a-comin’ as far as the 5,000 year old dream known as Zionism is concerned and therefore want him and his meddling GONE before anything substantive takes place. All can be assured that if Trump were in the Jews’ back pockets–as so many ‘experts’ in this ‘movement claim with dogmatic rigidity–on this one and was going to give them every damned thing they demanded that there would be no talk about this being a problem that only ‘Jews and Arabs’ can solve and that outside partners need to be kept out.  


Five Israeli lawmakers met members of the Boston Jewish community during a town hall-style discussion.

The lawmakers are visiting the US as part of the Ruderman Family Foundation’s Knesset Mission, which brings Israeli political leaders to the United States to learn about the American Jewish community.

The March 30 meeting took place against the backdrop of a perceived rise in anti-Semitic incidents across the U.S., including threats against three Jewish institutions in Boston.

Amir Ohana from the ruling Likud party said the Trump administration is “totally committed to fighting anti-Semitism and standing alongside Israel.”

“The Arab-Israeli conflict will not be solved in Washington, or Paris, or New York,” he added, saying that the Trump administration understands this. “The Israelis and the Arabs will only solve this conflict, as we are the ones that have to either live and die with the consequences.”

Rachel Azaria of Kulanu was part of a discussion on how the U.S. Jewish community’s voice can be more impactful in the Israeli government and to the Israeli people.

“It’s always upsetting to see how little Israelis know about the support we get from the U.S. Jewish community, and that’s something we need to work on,” said Azaria. “We need to have this relationship and I don’t think we say it enough as Israelis — but thank you.”

Ayelet Nahmias Verbin of the Zionist Union said that things often are much more complicated in Israel than they seem in America.

“We truly rely on [American Jews] in so many ways. And you are sitting here with members of Knesset who have the utmost appreciation for the U.S. Jewish community,” Verbin said. “I know that you need to rely on us to give you answers but the situation in Israel is not easy, obvious, and never one-dimensional.”

During the weeklong mission, the Knesset members have met with Jewish communities and leaders in New York and Washington, D.C., at the national AIPAC policy conference before concluding their trip in Boston.

  1. #1 by chris safos (@ChrisSafos) on 04/03/2017 - 9:34

    middle east domination

  2. #2 by frankkleij on 04/03/2017 - 9:34

    The concern of US administration is NOT Israhells wellfare. Their concern is America’s wellfareand nothing else!. They want a state of their own, okay, but then they will make sure they can sustain themself without parasiting on others. During the 70 years of their unlawfull existence their bill was always presented to others under fa;se pretences. One is the idea that the Öthers”did too little to prevent the Holohoax. In that manner they make everyone quilty to a non commited crime.

  3. #3 by Eva F. on 04/03/2017 - 9:34

    Yes,right, but now it seems the US are working for implementing the Oded-Yinon-Plan in Syria and Irak- very worrisome. What is your take on that ?

    ed note–I dont’ know. Yes, it troubles me too, but then in those periods of bewilderment I remind myself that there is what we see/hear based upon open source material such as the news, and then there is another word entirely where decisions are made behind closed doors and which is beyond our capacity to know, and this is why I leave the whole US/Syria business as a question mark.

    However, we do have to remember that Trump DID state over and over again during the campaign that he was gong to destroy ISIS and all these other groups which Judea, Inc has created, so this may just bea manifestation of him doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

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