Russians were warned by the US ahead of Syria missile strikes

ed note–ok, sorry to have keep everyone waiting now for a good 10 hours, but there is this thing known as sleep that has to take precedence.

This is likely gonna be a long one, so everyone needs to just settle in.

In politics, there’s the way we’d like things to be and then there is the way things are. As we said here recently, if we want a big, fancy spaghetti and meatball dinner but all we have are the ingredients to make milk toast, then guess what we are going to be having for dinner.

And likewise with events taking place in the real world. As one great statesman once said, ‘politics is the art of the possible’.

Having said this, it is obvious–based upon the oftentimes mindless and poorly-considered meanderings and mutterings that unfortunately permeate much of the discussion taking place everyday within a ‘truth movement’ that bills itself as smarter than the rest of the general public–that few understand just how serious a threat to the Trump presidency this ‘Russian angle’ is, and based upon the manner by which Judea, Inc is holding on to this narrative like a pitbull holding on to some kid’s arm, it’s obvious that they intend to take this thing all the way to the end, which of course is the impeachment and removal of Trump as President and his replacement with someone more to Israel’s liking.

Having said this, Trump HAS to do whatever HAS to be done in affecting how the narrative of him being a ‘Russian spy’ and a ‘puppet of Vladimir Putin’ is being accepted by the American people, because if THEY believe that he is what the JMSM in America alleges then they are going to either sit by passively or else give their full support as the US Congress–dominated lock, stock, and barrel by Zionist interests–goes whole hog in impeaching and removing him in order to make way for Mike Pence who is obviously more to their liking and much more malleable.

HAVING SAID THIS THEN, let us move on to the ‘gassing’ of the Syrian people which has been blamed on Assad.

All of us here know the score. We know Assad didn’t do it, and all can rest assured that Trump knows it is as well.

But, as we have pointed out here often, he simply CAN’T go to the American people and have a rational, fact-based conversation with them on issues such as these, and particularly after Judea, Inc already got to them first with the ‘Assad did it’ narrative. Trump knows that if he even tried this, tried telling the American people–after days of them seeing horrific pictures of kids being hauled out after being gassed to death–that the war cry coming out of the JMSM would then be ‘HE’S COVERING UP FOR ASSAD BECAUSE HE’S A RUSSIAN SPY’.

Case in point–the arrest of the terrorist in Israel who had been phoning in all the bomb threats to Jewish centers. Trump knew from the beginning–based upon what his own FBI told him–that it was coming out of Israel, but couldn’t say that due to the backlash that would ensue. All he could do was to make a cryptic comment about it being ‘in reverse’ and everyone remembers what kind of noise was generated by that. He had to sit and WAIT, patiently, until the FBI–showing up in Israel uninvited and unannounced–made the arrest, and with it, all the headlines that worked in his favor so that the narrative could not be spun by his enemies in a way which benefited them and worked against him.

And, just as during the campaign season he knew he couldn’t have a rational conversation with the American people about the dangerous and toxic influence that Judea, Inc maintains over the American political/cultural/economic sphere and therefore had to prostrate himself before Zionist interests with all the hind- kissing that went along with it, likewise in this case, he had to ‘go with the flow’, because to do anything else would have given Judea, Inc everything she needed in bringing down his chances at the presidency.

And so, how does he flip the narrative in one movement (and doing so without his enemies in Congress knowing about it beforehand) from him being a ‘Russian spy’ to an American president who is ‘standing up to Islamic terrorism’ and confronting ‘Islamic dictators?’ He launches an airstrike–previously coordinated with the Russians who no doubt explained things to their Syrian counterparts–that resulted in little collateral damage and which leaves the other airfield in tact so that operations against ISIS can continue. 

Late last night before checking into la-la land, I started getting emails from people about the air strikes. My first thought, before reading any of the news particulars about the strikes was–if there are only few casualties, then we’ll know that this was coordinated with the Russians, who–for reasons of preventing the long-sought war between their nuclear armed country and a nuclear-armed US that Judea, Inc has wanted to get started for a long time–have just as much a reason to keep Trump in office as he does. Low and behold, this was exactly what took place.

Do I/we like it, that these strike occurred? Of course not, anymore than I/we would welcome having an arm chopped off in order to save the rest of the body. But from this, can we infer that Trump has ‘sold out’? No.

However, what must be kept in mind is that in the end, if he DOES wind up ‘selling out,’ it will be due to the enormous pressure that is being put on him which unfortunately has been helped along by a disturbingly high number of people in this ‘movement’ who try and understand a 3-dimensional political situation with only a 1-dimensional mode of thinking. If Trump can be faulted in this latest development, it is in his initial statement immediately following the gas attack when he blamed it on Obama’s refusal to do anything once that ‘red line’ was crossed. He probably made the comment off the cuff without thinking how it was going to box him in later and force his hand, something which in and of itself indicates that perhaps he is beginning to show signs of fatigue due to all the pressure that is being put upon him by Judea, Inc and –unfortunately–by a sizable number of people in this ‘movement’.

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  1. #1 by Gary on 04/07/2017 - 9:34

    Thanks MG for keeping it “real”. I thought the very same thing, that if the casualties were light and damage not too bad, Trump probably through back channels let both the Russians and Syrians know what was going to happen so that there were no misunderstandings. Putin’s comments and Assad’s were probably scripted before hand to save face. Trump seems a fairly shrewd man for someone who isn’t a politician and one must learn to be careful not to jump to any fast conclusions to anything he say’s or does. I guess it’s called “political theater”. Or as I believe you once said “out jewing the jews”.

  2. #2 by Sabba on 04/07/2017 - 9:34

    I agree with you Mark, there have been many stories today that point that this had been planned and coordinated with Russia and Syria, long before it actually happened.

    Maria Zakharova said that the US strikes were planned BEFORE the so called ‘Gas Attack’;

    The Russian Defence Ministry revealed that most missiles missed their targets and we can assume that they deliberately missed.

    And, we know that Israel was the first out there with a gigantic megaphone, demanding war, blood, revenge.

    And so this might have been done so that not only all suspicions that he is ‘owned by the Russians’ are removed but also to please the israel-firsters in the US, by giving an image that he is able to do israel’s bidding.

    John McCain’s reaction was very revealing. He was jubilating, he was like a vampire who just had his blood fix.

    And so this attack might also have been just what was needed to cool all the vampires down, the fix they needed to get them off his neck so that he can breathe as they were about to suffocate him to death.

  3. #3 by Colin on 04/07/2017 - 9:34

    I myself see a wet behind the ears president who is making concessions with the foreign policies makers in order to relieve the pressure so that trump can continue his goal of domestic greatness. I’m losing hope big time.

  4. #4 by nooralhaqiqa on 04/09/2017 - 9:34

    After looking at phots of the damage done … and reading of the enormous number of misses…. (a great wasted expenditure better spent on cement than flesh) my first thought was, so little loss of life… it had to be organized for a reason. Much like Pearl Harbour was emptied out prior to the attack back in the day. Mark, your analysis hits the spot IMHO.

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