Sheik Imran Hossein–Trump’s recent attack on Syria meant to prove he is not ‘Putin’s Puppet’

ed note–WHAAAAAAAAATTTT??? Sheik Imran Hossein, esteemed Islamic scholar, prolific author, brilliant speaker/analyst and all around nice guy, does not buy into the notion that Trump has now ‘proved’ his Zionist loyalties by attacking Syria, but rather that the recent missile attack on Syria was a political move meant to undo the Zionist narrative that he is a ‘puppet of Putin’?

Quoting the character Vizzini in the movie ‘The Princess Bride’–


Well, this obviously means that the great Sheik has somehow been ‘bought off’ by the Zionists and is now an apologist for western Imperialist aggression on the part of ‘Israel’s Boy’ Trump and his bosses in Tel Aviv.

And in the event that certain low-watt lightbulbs reading this couldn’t tell, it’s sarcasm.


  1. #1 by nooralhaqiqa on 04/10/2017 - 9:34

    There are no words. You listen to this man and are sobered to the bones. He comes from a place of purity and clarity; eloquent; I pray he is wrong, but cannot do so with conviction. We are in those times; times I have envisioned since childhood; this is what we have been trying to prevent for all these decades but what will be will be. I no longer even think Trump is a form of damage control as we have discussed; he has been forced to do what he did not want to do. Because i do agree with the Sheikh, he meant it when he stated his intentions towards Russia. The deep state has gotten to him. He really is in way over his head.

  2. #2 by Leila Abdelmeguid on 04/10/2017 - 9:34

    I was the person who posed the initial question to Sheikh Imran Hosein about Trump not wanting to be painted as “Putin’s puppet”, and specifically mentioned this website and your name (Mark Glen) in my comment. It seems as though our esteemed eschetologist is in agreement with you. That being said, WWIII is on the horizon and unfortunately, Trump’s intentions, whatever they may be, are not enough to prevent this from happening. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

    ed note–Leila, as he was reading the question I figured by the language used that it was someone commenting about this website, and that figured as well that the person sending in the question had to have been either you or our esteemed Sabba. Thank you for sending it in.

    I agree as well dear–whatever the reasons for this latest action, even if it was (as I estimate) done to PREVENT WWIII that nevertheless Judea, Inc is going to get her armageddon by hook or by crook. And, as Sheik Imran said, the most important thing we can do in preparation for what is coming is to prepare ourselves spiritually and mentally.

  3. #3 by NLG on 04/11/2017 - 9:34

    I do believe in the possibility that the strike was to inoculate himself against a domestic war against him. However, that door, once open, cannot be closed again, and it will easier now to cross the threshold again.. Already, the Jewish-owned media is using the carrot-stick approach (gushing over him) but is starting to question/criticize him for not “doing more.” The Pentagon, like the CIA, does not seem to be under Trump’s control (obviously). Under Obama, the Pentagon, more than likely without O’s approval, jet-bombed, for over an hour, Syrian positions, slaughtering sixty soldiers, wounding probably at least a hundred more, and their reaction at even being called at an emergency UNSC meeting, convened by Russia, was basically, “How dare you call a meeting over this?” I’m not one of those people who argues on this issue out of ego; I am genuinely concerned for my family. Before this illegal military strike occurred, we ALL felt, in our nervous system, that something was going to go boom to ignite us into a war with Syria. Well, we were right, but it didn’t happen in the US, it happened in Syria. Now, I am beginning to feel like, finally, they’re going to unleash Sarin in the US, pin it some way on Iran, a Syrian who once worked for Assad (some kind of convoluted chain of cause-of-and-effect). Then, once we actually see AMERICAN babies being gassed in a mall, people will NOT care, they’ll just want to level Syria, period. If they can slaughter little children to achieve their ends, they can slaughter them wherever, the geography doesn’t matter. The irony: THE SAME PEOPLE WHO USE ZYCLON B AS THEIR HOLY SACRAMENT FOR DEMANDING WORSHIP OF THEMSELVES ARE THE SAME PEOPLE ORCHESTRATING THESE GAS ATTACKS ON CHILDREN. It doesn’t get anymore Satanic than that.

    ed note–agreed, now that this attack has taken place–as much as it was all ‘for show’, nevertheless the other side smells the blood in the water and therefore are going to work to keep that momentum gong forward.

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