Tulsi on gas attack evidence

  1. #1 by micktherighteousgentile on 04/10/2017 - 9:34

    Notice how Blitzer constantly hones in on ‘Assad did it’ Assad, Assad. What an classic example of a Zionist tool this Blitzer is. Surely Americans are now alert to this Hasbara crap?. Wake up people, they are leading you through the snout to war for Israhel. How more obvious does it need to get?.

  2. #2 by ray032 on 04/10/2017 - 9:34

    Americans spend so much more money on the military and the weapons of Death and Destruction than Russia, China, Iran and many other Nations combined, they have a collective orgasm when they’re used.

  3. #3 by GUZE` SPITERI on 04/10/2017 - 9:34


  4. #4 by lolathecur on 04/10/2017 - 9:34

    like this chick :-). She had better stay out of small airplanes and stuff. I am not sure if she got her point across to this brain dead interviewer though. He simply could not grasp what she was saying 🙂

    ed note (tony)…And stay away from banana peels!!

  5. #5 by Lasse Karagiannis on 04/10/2017 - 9:34

    Carla Del Ponte, UN prosecutor proved Obama’s accusations wrong zionist warmonger filth!

  6. #6 by nooralhaqiqa on 04/10/2017 - 9:34

    Goddam it Blitzer! Stop trying to rephrase her responses to trap her! You can bet this fine woman will never be a guest on his programme again.

  7. #7 by Deadbeat on 04/10/2017 - 9:34

    Blitzer is an AIPAC opoertive.

  8. #8 by Matthew/Boston on 04/10/2017 - 9:34

    That was not an interview – that was an interrogation. At the very least, POS Blitzer plants those thoughts into the public mind (if you’re dumb enough to be watching CNN). Very good to see a congresswoman showing a backbone by bucking the popular and cowardly tide in Washington. This woman MUST know all or nearly all of what is going on in the Middle Ease and what powerful forces are behind it. It would have been great to hear her mention the destruction of Syria was the intent and aim of Israel and/or their lobby in Washington, DC. A little bit at a time with Congresswoman Gabbard safe to assume. And a little bit is a lot better than nothing.

  9. #9 by APJG on 04/10/2017 - 9:34

    Gawwwwwdddd!….that felt good:))
    Tulsi – 1
    Zio-scumbag Douch Blitzer – 0

  10. #10 by Caligula on 04/12/2017 - 9:34

    (((Wolf Blitzer)))

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