Putin Says Russia Has Information About Another False Flag Being Planned in Syria

This image of the strike in Syria reminds me of Pearl Harbour. Kind of minimal damage to make a maximum point.

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  1. #1 by James Benn on 04/11/2017 - 9:34

    The other things about psychos is that they are perfectly shameless. They really couldn’t give a rat’s whether or not ‘pipple’ know about their deviousness or brazen-faced lying. As long as the job gets done. The fact that normal, decent, fun-loving people know what they’re up to re staging false flag psyops matters not. As long as they can manage the perceptions of the bulk of the herd, they don’t care who knows or doesn’t know what they’re up to. In the immortal words of Georgette Bush the Lesser … “You can fool some of the pipple all of the time … and they’re the ones we gotta concentrate on.” You can be sure that Georgette would not have the wit to have thought of that himself, but it makes for a quotable quote.

    So, in short, we can expect more black ops in Syria. They shall not cease! They never do. There is a clear agenda and it was spelled out loud and clear in the aftermath of the mothership of false flag events – IXXI – by one General Wesley Clark … Namely, seven countries in five years … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RC1Mepk_Sw. I was surprised to learn that the General is one of Hebraic persuasion himself. Odd. He looks almost indistinguishable from a white man.

    At the end of the day and the going down of the sun, the Trumpeter is subject to the same agenda. Very little he can do to reverse the tide, even if he wanted to. It is, in the end, strictly business. And the business is keeping the shitty usurious money system to which we are all harnessed, operating…

    We hear the siren scream
    It sounds so lean to me
    We love to shake it down
    Know what we’re talkin’ bout

    In rock we trust, it’s rock or bust
    In rock we trust, it’s rock or bust
    In rock we trust, it’s rock or bust
    In rock n’ roll we trust, it’s rock or bust

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