Assad: America’s ‘Deep State’ – Not Trump – Blew Up Airbase in Syria

ed note–WHAAAAAAATTTT??? Assad is saying that Trump’s hands are clean in all of this and that the guilty parties are actually those deeply-embedded Zionist interests in the US intelligence community working to have Trump removed so that Judea, Inc’s never-ending wars can continue?

We’re going to use a new word here just for the sake of variety–


–Unless of course, you are able to follow the twisty, complex and sometimes convoluted nature of the game of political chess being played here and DON’T allow yourself to fall into the non-sensical ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ business (as emotionally-satisfying and as tempting as it might be) in which case, it makes perfect sense.

Also note that Assad makes clear that Trump basically had no choice, and while he does not specifically use the term ‘impeachment’ that nevertheless, when he said that Trump would ‘pay the price politically’ for not authorizing the strikes, that this is PRECISELY what he is talking about.

In his lengthy interview with AFP on Thursday, Syrian President Bashar Assad mused that the American “Deep State” was more responsible for pelting his Sharyat airbase with 59 cruise missiles than President Donald Trump.

When the interviewer proposed that the retaliatory missile strike marked a drastic change in Trump’s position on Syria, Assad insisted the U.S. and Syria could still be partners in fighting terrorism, once Trump wrested control of Washington away from the military-industrial complex.

“If they are serious in fighting terrorists, we’re going to be partners, and I said not only the United States. Whoever wants to fight the terrorists, we are partners,” said Assad, in the transcript provided by Syria’s SANA news service.

“This is basic for us, basic principle, let’s say,” he continued:

‘Actually, what has been proven recently, as I said earlier, that they are hand in glove with those terrorists, the United States and the West, they’re not serious in fighting the terrorists, and yesterday some of their statesmen were defending ISIS. They were saying that ISIS doesn’t have chemical weapons. They are defending ISIS against the Syrian government and the Syrian Army. So, actually, you cannot talk about partnership between us who work against the terrorists and who fight the terrorism and the others who are supporting explicitly the terrorists.’

Assad said the American missile strike was “the first proof that it’s not about the President of the United States — it’s about the regime and the Deep State, or the deep regime in the United States.”

He said the Deep State “is still the same, it doesn’t change.”

“The president is only one of the performers on their theatre, if he wants to be a leader, he cannot, because as some say he wanted to be a leader, Trump wanted to be a leader, but every president there, if he wants to be a real leader, later he’s going to eat his words, swallow his pride if he has pride at all, and make a 180 degree U-turn, otherwise he would pay the price politically,” said Assad.

Asked if he anticipated another U.S. attack, Assad replied:

‘As long as the United States is being governed by this military-industrial complex, the financial companies, banks, and what you call deep regime, and works for the vested interest of those groups, of course. It could happen anytime, anywhere, not only in Syria.’

Assad lamented that his military could not retaliate against the American ships that fired cruise missiles at Syria but expressed hope the Russians might do it for him.

“For us, as a small country, yeah, of course it is, everybody knows that. It’s out of reach. I mean, they can have missiles from another continent. We all know that. They are a great power, we’re not a great power. Talking about the Russians, this is another issue,” he said.

  1. #1 by EM on 04/15/2017 - 9:34

    Trump and Putin are both controlled by the Jews. End of story.

    ed note–I am often asked why I/we take the tone that I/we do in denouncing the idiocy that unfortunately has become not only the beating heart but indeed the LIFEBLOOD of the ‘muuvemnt’ and here is perfect example as to why.

    I/we get dozens of idiotic comments such as this every day and just delete them, but I decided to allow this one to pass as an example of the lunacy that unfortunately is much more prevalent then people would like to imagine.

  2. #2 by Stas' on 04/15/2017 - 9:34

    ‘Trump and Putin are both controlled by the Jews. End of story’

    Yes, and JFK is alive with Elvis and are all pizzagate guys too

    Wake up people!!!

    If that were the case then they would have rebuilt the temple and then killed everyone according to the rules. Made a world war, a couple more 911s and made gay marriage mandatory

    Who blocked them if they were agents? The guys with the water kits, RBN and Alex Jones? Gary Allen ding dongs? The Black notability of Rome? How about the Bloodline of the Illuminati at Bohemian Grove?

    Wait, wait, who says HC was the only one with a body double? Trump has been replaced by a DOUBLE! Putin too! World Leader crisis actors!!!!!!!!!!!! Bankrolled by Jay Z and Madonna from Illuminati blood sacrifice cash.

    People who say shit like this think they know everything and are even worse then the liberals. At least the liberal sometimes ‘thinks’ they feel sorry about Gaza etc.

    So the left is for war, many on the right and many of the Trump fans want some war and then the Sandy Hook army of photo shop ding dings is out there

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