I.S.I.S High Priest Killed In Missile Strikes In Western Mossul (Nineveh)



IRAQI NEWS – Two Islamic State officials were killed as they were shot by missiles, in western Mosul, Iraqi Federal Police declared on Friday. In a statement, Lt. Gen. Shaker Jawdat said the missile strikes destroyed the IS security building in western Mosul.

Jawdat indicated targeting several militants including foreign members near apartments of Dr.Muzahim al-Khayat. Two judges in charge of the supreme authority that supervises the group’s camps were killed including Mahmoud al-Hamdouni abu Saja.

The strikes also killed IS Sharia jurist (Mufti) called Abdullah Bardani, known as Abu Ayoub Attar.

Earlier on Friday, commander of Nineveh operations, Najim al-Jabouri, said warplanes belonging to the US-led coalition have killed Attar.

Iraq’s War Media Cell confirmed on Thursday coalition jets heavily pounded IS headquarters in western Mosul leaving dozens of casualties among jihadists.

Iraqi Joint Operations Command previously declared its forces had recaptured 60% of western Mosul from Islamic State militants, as operations enter a tenth week to clear the region from the extremist group.

On Wednesday, Joint Operations Command’s Mosul operations announced resumption of military operations in Central Mosul, after being suspended for few days.

Iraqi government forces recaptured eastern Mosul in January, and started new offensive in February to retake the west.


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