Israel, the most fertile ‘Western’ country, could be home to 36 million people by 2050


Sabba – Their need for Eretz Israel has never been greater. And while they make babies and fill up their synagogues, we fill up abortion clinics and empty our churches.  The article mentions that “the ultra-Orthodox have 6.5 children on average, and that’s solely thanks to public policy. Once, the average was 2.5. David Ben-Gurion said that anyone who doesn’t have more than four children is a traitor.”  


HAARETZ – During its 68 years of existence, Israel has changed from a sparsely populated country to one of the most densely populated in the Western world. That is how Prof. Alon Tal, chairman of Tel Aviv University’s public policy department, opens his latest book, “The Land is Full: Addressing Overpopulation in Israel” (Yale University Press).

Israel’s population density, he writes, is 1,000 percent higher than the OECD average. Conservative forecasts say that Israel will have 23 million inhabitants by 2050. Less conservative forecasts predict 36 million inhabitants by then. And well before then, in 2030, Israel will have doubled the population it has today.

Reading this book is like reading a dystopian novel. I thought about my children growing up in such a cruel, crowded place and I was afraid.

Tal says he wrote the book because of his three daughters. “I’m a diehard Zionist and I want them to continue living in Israel,” he explains. Even though his book is pessimistic and frightening, Tal, surprisingly, describes himself as an optimist. “I’ll tell you why. Our society has a taboo about not bringing children into the world – everyone feels they have to have children. But we’re a developed country, in which it’s relatively easy to break taboos.

“Over the last 10 years, society’s attitude toward the gay community has changed completely. Society threw out one of the hardest taboos to get rid of and entered a much healthier phase. With regard to childbirth, too, if we tell the truth I think we’ll get there. The very fact that a conversation is happening is important. Ultimately, we’re a pragmatic people.”

Tal was born in South Carolina to a Conservative Jewish family. At age 17, he came to Israel on a one-year program and fell in love with the place.

“Israel is a place where it’s possible to change society – unlike the United States, where everything is set in place,” he says. “Today, I can say that Israel hasn’t disappointed me in this respect. Without any connections, just with ideas in my head and hard work, I managed to change what I wanted.”

At the tender age of 29, when he returned to Israel after getting a doctorate from Harvard, Tal founded the organization Adam Teva V’Din (the Israel Union for Environmental Defense).

It’s no accident that Tal stresses his Zionism. In the introduction to his book, he cites numerous examples of the denunciations heaped on anyone in Israel who raises the demographic issue. Among other things, he mentions the advice given by one of Israel’s leading demographic experts, geographer Prof. Arnon Soffer, to anyone who wants to deal with this issue: “Be prepared to be condemned simultaneously both as ‘anti-Zionist’ by Israeli right-wingers and ‘fascist’ by left-wingers.”

Despite the potential for suffering rejection, over the last year, Tal has crisscrossed the country with his lecture about the population explosion. He says that during this lecture tour, he discovered that young people react to his talk differently than older people do.

“The young people are much more open to this issue,” he says. “I think that’s because they haven’t been burdened with the classical Zionist thinking of ‘Fill the land.’ In my Conservative synagogue there was actually great opposition, but I felt that after two hours of discussion most people were convinced. The great challenge will be to convince ultra-Orthodox rabbis, Bedouin leaders and our politicians, who only see the short term.”

It’s hard to talk about restricting birthrates. It raises immediate associations with China, as well as the thought that the government will start interfering in this area of our private lives as well.

“On the contrary. I’m taking the government out of the bedroom, where it is today. What does it mean that the government tells its citizens, ‘We’ll give you more money if you have more children’?

“The ultra-Orthodox have 6.5 children on average, and that’s solely thanks to public policy. Once, the average was 2.5. David Ben-Gurion said that anyone who doesn’t have more than four children is a traitor – that’s coming into our bedrooms.

“I’m not proposing that we become China; I’m merely telling the government, ‘Get out of our bedrooms.’ How? Say that two kids are great and more than that is undesirable, but without interfering – neither forbidding nor encouraging.”

“People tell me it’s immoral to limit birthrates,” he adds passionately. “Excuse me? It’s immoral that my friends want to have a third child, but they don’t have money to pay for private day care, a dentist, after-school activities or university because 60 percent of their taxed salary goes to finance families with 10 children – whose parents don’t pay taxes. Is it moral that my friend should give up on having a child so they can have 14?

“In my view, this is an irresponsible public policy that cries out for correction. Anyone who thinks it’s possible to expect this self-sacrifice by the middle class to continue over the long term is living in la-la land.”

In his book, Tal writes that “Israel’s population growth is driven more and more by high ultra-Orthodox fertility rates.” Thus, if ultra-Orthodox fertility “doesn’t drop significantly, the social and environmental indicators by which quality of life in Israel is measured will deteriorate. In general, ultra-Orthodox parents have more children than they’re capable of supporting, so they have to rely on subsidies to survive. Given the poverty into which most ultra-Orthodox children are born, they don’t enjoy equal opportunities for a prosperous future.”

Anyone dealing with demographics in Israel must inevitably address Bedouin and Palestinian demographics, and one chapter of the book is indeed devoted to that issue. It says the average Palestinian family in the West Bank today has 2.8 children, while the average Palestinian family in the Gaza Strip has 4.2, while the average Bedouin family in Israel has six, similar to the ultra-Orthodox. With regard to the Bedouin, Tal says the main culprit is the lack of employment opportunities for women.

The book’s overall argument could be read as one by a privileged person attacking weaker population groups.

“Anyone who believes a just society must provide equality of opportunity to all members of that society must understand the truth: Subsidizing birthrates perpetuates and increases poverty. Why does one out of every three children in Israel live below the poverty line? Anyone who thinks the current policy is ‘pro’ weaker population groups ignores the practical ramifications of the current policy and the empirical data.

“Israel’s middle class is collapsing. This isn’t a privileged segment of society, quite the contrary; it’s the segment that serves in the army, does reserve duty, pays taxes and can’t make it through the month. The book’s argument is that good public policy must think about the future of these people, too.”

The term “demographic” in Israel is connected to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It’s apparent you try to avoid this discussion.

“My arguments relate to quality of life – like health levels, access to justice and, above all, poverty. The book would miss its target if it’s seen as opposing the ultra-Orthodox. I have no problem with the ultra-Orthodox if they can support their families.

“As for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I recall a newspaper headline from 1985 screaming that in another decade Arabs would be the majority here. Since then, many things have happened, including the encouragement of childbirth and the waves of immigration, which have changed the demographic dynamic between Arabs and Jews to the Jews’ benefit.

“Israel’s Arab community has been at 40,000 births a year for the past 20 years. Among Jews, the annual birthrate ranges from 100,000 to 120,000. Yet even today there are politicians who prefer to distort the picture, as if there were still a demographic threat from the Palestinians.”

What’s your view of the growth of fertility treatments in Israel? The population increase also stems from this, yes?

“Not really. In 2013, the number of babies born through in vitro fertilization to date stood at 6,752, so I assume that today the number would be a bit more than 7,000 throughout Israel’s history. This isn’t a statistic that significantly changes the demographic balance. What is true is that the costs are insane and attest to the moral distortion of Israeli public policy on fertility.”

Soffer, a professor emeritus of geography and the environment, is considered one of the leaders of Israel’s demographic discussion. At the beginning of our telephone conversation, he warns that I, my family and friends won’t stay in Israel much longer, because the burden will become too great on us. When I note that I currently have no plans to emigrate, he responds, “This week you don’t.”

He backs Tal’s arguments, saying, “For years now, I’ve been screaming about demography. We’ve reached the critical moment in which we are the most crowded country in the Western world. We give birth like Third World countries and consume like First World countries.

“Moreover, this is a small, arid country in which the desert keeps expanding. To this, add that 50 percent of the land in this country belongs to the army – something that has no precedent anywhere else in the world. Insert these statistics into a country with no governability and you get the real picture, which is appalling.”

Why do you think this is such a sensitive issue?

“I think that talking about restricting childbirth in Israel is like telling someone his desire for a Jewish state is unacceptable. People connect these things in a way that can’t be unraveled.

“I also used to think like this. When I got married, I swear, I wanted six children – one for every million,” he adds, referring to the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. “But today, I understand that the diametric opposite is the case. If somebody loves the land of Israel but chooses not to take action on this issue now, he’s betraying the country. Anyone who loves this land must strive for stability, so that things will still be good here in another few years.”

  1. #1 by mothman777 on 04/16/2017 - 9:34

    The Chabad Lubavitcher Jews are instructed to produce at least 10 children, I read on the Darkmoon site some years ago.

    It is clear that mainstream Judaism considers that not only Kabbalah but Torah teachings show that Jewish souls alone are good, from God, that all other souls are not from God, and are eternally and irredeemably evil, and of course, such a vain assumption comes from complete insanity.

    Judaism is ultimately advaitist and believes that originally, there was one soul alone, ‘God’ who was all that was in existence, but then he got bored and decided to chip little chunks off ‘himself’ to create all others, but what is the common sense in that Jewish view, when these vindictive Jewish souls come to this world and inflict such intense misery and suffering on all other souls, who the Jews say do not come from ‘God’, but from ‘Satan’ (a God being from some different sector of the cosmos possibly in their view that they regard as innately and unchangeably hostile for all eternity?).

    The Jews must be very silly souls indeed to then come to this world and live amongst others that they consider are from a different, and eternally hostile species.

    And why should these so-called ‘Godly’ Jewish souls feel the need to come here at such a terrible cost to all other life, their ‘religion’ is truly subnormal, and they should be encouraged to genuinely leave it, or be made to, before they can actually fulfill the practice instructed in their warlike scriptures, that all Gentiles on this entire planet are to be killed and sent to hell.

    Far better that the Jewish souls simply remain in their own dimension as one soul with their ‘God’, without incarnating anywhere, who can find a better way to deal with his boredom, and not bother anyone else. But maybe the problem is that this ‘being’ is innately nasty and sadistic in itself, and seeks combat with others for it’s pleasure.

    Clearly, such a spiritually subnormal entity cannot be the real God, and should be excluded from being able to incarnate among us all, as it is clearly a very destructive parasite, that really should try to redress it’s spiritual problems by looking within for the real God, and so progress that way.

    The following passage from the link below shows that any convert to Judaism can in truth only come from a previously Jewish soul, who for some reason is currently dwelling within some other group of people outside Judaism for some reason (like crypto-Jews currently living under the guise of various other religions such as Islam or Christianity as Donmehs, Wahhabis, Marranos etc.

    “A convert who converted (ger sh’nitgayer) is considered to be like a
    newborn baby.” A person who comes to convert, the Rebbe explains, is led to that decision because he already possesses a Jewish soul, which happened to mistakenly find its way into a non-Jewish body. In accordance with the Talmudic view that all Jews, including future converts, took
    part in the Revelation at Sinai,

    22 the convert seeks not to acquire something new, but to recover what was actually his all along.

    23 Accordingly, the only reason a non-Jew can convert to the Jewish faith is because he was essentially never a non-Jew in the first place!

    24 If a person’s soul truly emanated from an inferior substance, as the Zohar describes non-Jewish
    souls, such a situation could never be rectified; he could never convert to Judaism.

  2. #2 by Lasse Karagiannis on 04/16/2017 - 9:34

    I am reading the text of Hanan Balk about the differences in Jewish souls and Gentile souls, and the author is very dishonest when claiming that the Ramabam (Maimonides) “Judaism’s greates philosopher” represents a view based on equal value.

    The author pretends not to know that the Rambam ruled that if a Jew have sex with a gentile woman/girl/infant/animal, the woman/girl/infant/animal is killed:

    Humanist rabbi Jehiel Jacob Weinberg, page 118 (see also page 112)

    Page 118

    “In my opinion it is fitting to put an end to the hatred of religions for each other.
    More than Christianity hates Judaism, Judaism hates Christianity.
    There is a dispute if stealing from Gentiles is forbidden from the Torah, everyone holds that deceiving a Gentile and cancelling his debt is permitted, one is not to return a lost object to a Gentile, according to R. Tam intercourse with a Gentile does not render a woman forbidden to her husband, their issue is like the issue [of horses]. According to Maimonides,

    if a Jew has sex with a Gentile [woman],

    the Gentile is killed because the Jew stumbeled into sin through her.

    The law of the Gentile is the same as that of an animal.

    Maimonides derived this law on his own.
    It is not found in the Bavli or Yerushalmi. We must solemnly and formally declare that in our day
    this does not apply. Meiri wrote as such, but the teachers and ramim whisper in the ears of students that all this was written because of the censor”

    The Jewish humanist professor Israel Shahak explains that the English translation of Maimonides
    “Guide to the Perplexed” contains obfuscations,
    “Jewish history, Jewish religion…” chap. 2, subsection “The deception continues”

    “Modern scholars of Judaism have not only continued the deception, but have actually
    improved upon the old rabbinical methods, both in impudence and in mendacity. I omit
    here the various histories of antisemitism, as unworthy of serious consideration, and shall
    give just three particular examples and one general example of the more modern
    “scholarly” deceptions….

  3. #3 by Zina Ciceklic on 04/16/2017 - 9:34

    Yesod ninth sphere of Kabbalah is virtually fertilizing body, the initial and creative power as the foundation of Israel, with Malhut tenth sphere of Kabbalah, or tree of life, Malchut is a woman lying down and Yesod above the union established the first unity – a world of Jews. Be fruitful and multiply, fertilizing body-phallus and its crop is sacred character of the agreed covenant with God. Meanwhile America over one million annually kills children abortion.

  4. #4 by Lasse Karagiannis on 04/16/2017 - 9:34

    Yep. there you have it, you can always count on that the enemies of humanity, will try to pull off this deception when discussing the position of the Gentiles in the Talmud.

    “The Gentile who studies the Torah is like a High Priest”

    You can bet money on that they will pull this up.

    At page 20 in the pdf linked by motman777

    “A statement in the Talmud supports Maimonides: “R. Meir used to
    say: ‘How do we know that even a non-Jew who occupies himself with
    Torah is comparable to the High Priest?’ As it says (Lev. 18:5): ‘That man
    should do and live through them… ”

    The full Talmud quote is however this:

    “R. Johanan said:
    A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death,
    for it is written, Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance;2 it is our inheritance, not theirs.3 Then why is this not included in the Noachian laws? — On the reading morasha [an inheritance] he steals it; on the reading me’orasah [betrothed], he is guilty as one who violates a betrothed maiden, who is stoned.4 An objection is raised: R. Meir used to say. Whence do we know that even a heathen who studies the Torah is as a High Priest? From the verse, [Ye shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments:] which, if man do, he shall live in them.5 Priests, Levites, and Israelites are not mentioned, but men: hence thou mayest learn that even a heathen who studies6 the Torah is as a High Priest! — That refers to their own seven laws.7 ”

    The enemies of humanity always omit the rest of the part which says
    “A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death,”

  5. #5 by mothman777 on 04/16/2017 - 9:34

    @ Lasse Karagiannis

    That is very interesting, that any Gentile sexual partner of a Jew must then must be killed, whether that Gentile be a woman, a girl, an infant or a female animal. Of course, the Jews will not wish other Jews to know of their secret forbidden lust, so they will naturally desire to kill the Gentile in order to conceal their own sin, like any other criminal, such as a rapist, who then murders his victim to prevent her revealing what happened to her, of course the Jews will lie to conceal this.

    The article that I quoted from proved several things, that Jewish souls reincarnate repeatedly amongst the Jewish people again and again, and that they never accept any Gentile souls to convert into the Jewish religion, ever, completely disproving the often stated false truth that was invented by Arthur Koestler, that the Ashkenazim who are largely repsonsible for the criminal acts of those people we call Jews, are in fact Gentiles and not true Jews, that idea having been deliberately invented by Koestler as a red herring to throw people off the scent of the Jews, and make them believe that real Jews are good Jews, and that fake Jews who are really Gentiles, are the only actual bad guys.

    Amongst 99% of even the most sincere and well-intended activists on the good side now, that erroneous ‘truth’ is still unfortunately accepted as gospel. In truth they all participate in nefarious actions equally, both Sephardim and Ashkenazim, and in Israel, no Jew ever calls any other Jew a Gentile fake Jew, but they encourage that view of Ashkenazim ‘fake Jews’ outside of Israel amongst the Gentile activists, because then we can be led to think that the evil has come from amongst our Gentile peoples, and not from the ‘true’ Jews. The Ashkenazim and Sephardim are all real Jews, they are all evil predators and parasites.

  6. #6 by mothman777 on 04/17/2017 - 9:34

    @ #4 by Lasse Karagiannis Of course, the Jews will have no equals, so even if a Gentile somehow becomes learned in the Torah, they will not allow any Gentile to seek to become their equal, and will kill him. This is actually prescribed elsewhere in their scriptures for any nations that seek to become ‘equal’ by not being remaining in the grip of their usurious economic structure of enslavement.

    This is exactly what they do with the people of any nation that they have used to fight their wars for them, once they have built up military power to accomplish that task and demonstrated it, when they are no longer required, if they are not a country seen as easy to control for a prolonged period, they are simply destroyed in case they ever turn that might on Israel itself, and of course, with many people in the US becoming aware of the real truth behind 9/11, the Jews are getting busy destroying America in every way they can, even as they are still milking it for every last drop of blood, with the genocidal 1991 US Noahide Laws lurking in the background, just waiting to be physically effected whenever the constitution is suspended, to stab all the American people in the back should they ever decide to do something against Israel because of that, with the deaths of scores at the very least of millions of Americans sure to ensue.

    Look what happened to Iraq after the Jewish-controlled CIA and the rest of the US establishment got Iraq to attack Iran, even with depleted uranium weapons, the Israel Jews and their counterparts in the US establishment then simply destroyed Iraq and covered the entire country in radioactive depleted uranium, so that today, most children there are either born dead, or with some genetic defect or disability, despite the official figures in the MSM that ‘prove’ how seldom these deaths, defects and disabilities occur.

    Real Iraqis can tell you the real situation in Iraq, the Israeli-controlled US have used genocidal weapons there that will destroy the integrity of the genome of all living beings there in the fullness of time, fulfilling the Biblical Torah edict to kill every living thing that breathes in the land that their ‘God’ gives them.

    And so it is with the USA today, the people there are just being destroyed now by GMO’s, fluoride, chemtrails, vaccinations, withholding of the 1939 Raymond Royal Rife Beam Machine that could provenly cure 100% of all cases of cancer and 100% of all pathogenically-caused diseases like polio, meningitis, diphtheria etc, a machine taken out of circulation by the cruel crypto-Jew POTUS Roosevelt’s FDA at the time, another chosenite establishment, so for many years, the Jews in power have effectively simply been destroying the American people behind their backs, as well as by repeatedly sending them to die in wars arranged for them to die in by Jews, with the intention that not only the soldiers on the opposite side are killed for the Jews, but also so that even the American Gentiles themselves are killed.

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