Does The State of Israel Have the guts to do what must be done?

ed note–please read this very carefully, because contained within it is the monster in the room that the ‘smarter’ elements within Judea, Inc are desperately trying to keep hidden these days–that Judaism is a brutal, barbaric, backwards mentality, always was, always will be, and is completely incompatible with western Gentile political/cultural institutions and thinking. All of this talk of the Jewish state being a ‘democracy’ is a ruse intended to garner western support in the form of money, military action and political protection in western institutions such as the UN, and all can be assured that as soon as the last blood has been sucked out of the Western Gentile nations helping to build the Jewish state to its biblically-mandated size and power, all of this talk of it being a ‘democracy’ will indeed be stopped dead in its tracks.

Israel National News

To be a real “light unto all nations,” a very nebulous subjective phrase, we the Jewish People and today’s reborn State of Israel must be willing to do things other countries many not dare and even things that some Jews don’t think are truly Jewish.

That’s because so-called “Jewish Morality,” sic, has been hijacked by concepts and ideologies far removed from Judaism and which claim them as Jewish.

Liberalism and Democracy are not Jewish Values. They are modern, western, and European.

Judaism forbids us to “turn the other cheek”. The common practice here not to respond to rocket attacks on Israel if they didn’t kill nor maim and caused no real “damage” cannot be defended according to Torah Judaism.

Making Torah Commandments more “modern,” or PC-politically correct, was strongly condemned in the Bible. The Priest Aaron’s sons were immediately executed by Gd for worshipping with a “strange fire.” And the first Jewish King, Saul, lost his kingship when he refrained from executing the Amalek king and killing all the cattle. Gd did not accept his excuse that the people wanted him to keep them alive for a big festive ceremony. There’s no textual proof that the people made such a demand, and Gd’s instructions weren’t negotiable.

For the State of Israel to be a truly moral country, a “light unto all nations,” according to Jewish Tradition we must separate from the ideology of the international Left, Gd willing.

  1. #1 by Beth on 04/21/2017 - 9:34

    As much as I look forward to read these articles-I am continued to be traumatized by the sidebar photo’s to the right-I realize seeing a child of war bleeding spares empathy but I wouldn’t be signing up for news if I were un educated to the facts–I am not the enemy to be educating and due to my knowledge and compassion photo’s like this child knowing I will see it every time I read here just upsets me even more enough, not to want to read and get news anymore. Can you please drop the photo’s out create a tab so we can hide it

  2. #2 by bilal on 04/21/2017 - 9:34

    Beth, in order to hide individual photos, you have to install a browser add-on called “adblock plus”.
    After installing, just right-click the image you want to hide (permanently) and choose “block image”.
    I did the same.

  3. #3 by Dougal (@dougalmcrae) on 04/21/2017 - 9:34

    I agree with Beth’s comment. It does make it a bit harder to read these articles in the workplace or when children are around.

  4. #4 by Colin on 04/21/2017 - 9:34

    Sometimes I wonder how the obvious can stay so hidden. An the image is well deserved.

  5. #5 by NLG on 04/21/2017 - 9:34

    The sentiment expressed in this article is fundamental to Judaism and therefore to the Jewish state: they want to wipe out their enemies (anyone who stands in the way of getting what they want–land, money, power, even water). Their nuclear weapons make this more and more a reality. Once they get the USA and Russia to knock each other out, no one will be able to stand in their way. They see global domination, by the Jewish state, as manifest destiny, a promise made by God to “the Jews.” God damn the Jewish state.

  6. #6 by lobro on 04/22/2017 - 9:34

    why aren’t links to the original article ever posted?

    I tried searching for the Times Of Israel with various keywords such as “guts to do what must be done” and “light unto all nations” and came up blank.

    has anyone else had better luck?

    ed note–the article does not appear on the Times of Israel, but rather–as appears plainly at the very top of the article–on Israel National News.

    As a matter of principle and protocol we NEVER–except in a very few and exceptional cases–provide links to the websites of the enemy, as we do not wish to add to their web presence in any way, as small as it may be.

    A simple search using the title of the piece and then ‘Israel National News’ will indeed pull up the piece you are searching for. We hate that our protocols result in our readers being forced to add another step in finding the info they need, but for us we do not take an ambivalent view of who/what are enemy is and therefore will not yield even as much as a millimeter.

  7. #7 by lobro on 04/22/2017 - 9:34

    understood, admin, excuse my lifelong dyslexia, getting confused with alphabet soup of jew names

  8. #8 by lobro on 04/22/2017 - 9:34

  9. #9 by stlonginus on 04/22/2017 - 9:34

    The Israel National News ran the piece by Batya Medad which was also published on her blog; Readers here may find the comments posted on that blog piece of interest.

  10. #10 by M G on 04/23/2017 - 9:34

    As ugly as the side pictures are … THEY ARE FACTS AND UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS HOW THE WHOLE SEEN IS, personally (and I am sure many others share with me…) sometimes if I don’t have time to read the article, it tells me all about it!!! BELIEVE ME FACING REALITIES SOMETIMES AND TO SOME PEOPLE IS NO EASY THING!!!!

  11. #11 by 5 dancing shlomos on 04/25/2017 - 9:34

    i find pics of jew disgusting, repulsive, loathsome, nightmarish
    the victims of these monsters
    need to be shown

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