Trump Gives A Holocaust Speech — And The ‘Alt Right’ Screams ‘Betrayal’

ed note–yet more prima efface evidence as to how detached from reality the entire white nationalist neighborhood truly is.

What was Trump supposed to do? Stand up before the microphones and say, ‘My fellow Americans, you have been lied to for the last half century…There were no homicidal gas chambers…6 million did not die…There was no Holocaust…The entire charade was created as an extortion scheme meant to rob you of your money and to provide for the creation and political empowerment of the genocidal Jewish state…Oh, and by the way, Israel assassinated JFK, deliberately attacked the USS LIBERTY, pulled off Oklahoma City and 9/11 and they are planning an even bigger false flag event using nukes in order to force me into using my office to start a war with Russia and Iran.’

Substantively, what difference is there between the visceral reaction and noise on the part of the WN neighborhood to Trump’s Hollerco$t speech and the kind of irrational, emotion-based screeching that has been occurring since election day on the part of the left and–unfortunately–large segments of the ‘anti-Zionist/pro-Palestinian’ neighborhoods within the ‘truth movement’? 

Answer–none. The various players in this may claim different ideologies and disparate political appetites, but the one thing they all share in common is an overly-emotional posture when viewing/dealing with Trump instead of the rational/practical based approach that reality demands. There’s what people would like him to do and then there is what he CAN do within the very limited paradigm that has been created for him and anyone claiming to be an expert on political events who does not understand this very basic principle needs to go back to PoliSci 101 before rendering any further commentary.

And rest assured, all of you out there in the aforementioned groups, if this latest event (as well as other disappointments such as the recent made-for-public-consumption bombing of the Syrian airfield) got under your skin, you need to just prepare yourself for even bigger surprises and disappointments, because despite the fact that Trump may be POTUS and with it all the APPEARANCES of unlimited power, the fact is that on Inauguration Day he walked into a chessgame where all the rules, pieces, and players operate in a completely different manner than what people have been led to expect.

There is what he would like to do and then there is what he CAN do and they are as different from each other as fact and fiction.

The Forward

White nationalists and the “alt-right” were dismayed by President Trump’s remarks at a Holocaust remembrance speech on Tuesday, seeing in the speech further evidence of a betrayal to their cause.

“You can never appease the Jews,” wrote Benjamin Garland at the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer. “Give them an inch and they want a mile. The only way to deal with them is to ignore them and/or tell them to shut their filthy mouths.”

Garland bemoaned what he saw as a turnaround for Trump. Months ago he was “a man who knew how the Jews operate and as a man with enough self-respect to not be publicly humiliated by them by bowing to their every whim and demand.”

But Jews “have their ratlike claws deep in him now,” Garland wrote.

Former Ku Klux Klan head David Duke also railed against Trump in the hours after the speech and decried the fact that the Holocaust is remembered annually.

“Why is the so called Holocaust the only atrocity to receive its very own ‘Remembrance Proclamation’? Jewish privilege,” he wrote on twitter.

“Do you not have any power?” Duke went on, directing his message at Trump. “Why are you surrounding yourself with the enemies of the American people?”

Duke is no longer a member of the KKK but is seen as an elder figure in white supremacist or nationalist circles and has more than 30,000 Twitter followers. Not all white nationalists or members of the “alt-right” are as focused on so-called “Jewish supremacy” as Duke, who dedicates much of his Twitter feed to the theme.

Like the most anti-Semitic elements of the “alt-right,” Duke now sees Trump as a sort of Jewish puppet.

“Alt-right” figurehead Richard Spencer, who calls himself a white nationalist or an Identitarian had much more tempered criticism. Spencer, unlike some on the “alt-right,” is not a Holocaust denier and has even praised Zionism as a form of nationalism he admires.

“Did Trump crib his speech from a History Channel DVD? Sounds like it. Every ’90s Holocaust cliché was sounded,” Spencer wrote on Twitter.

For some, the Holocaust remembrance was seen as part of a broader trend — and tied to Trump’s recent strikes in Afghanistan and Syria, which they see as being spearheaded by Jared Kushner, Trump’s Jewish son-in-law, and his daughter Ivanka Trump. They also criticize Trump for choosing Gary Cohn, former president of Goldman Sachs, as an economic advisor.

On the blog Occidental Dissent, Brad Griffen, who runs the website and goes by the name Hunter Wallace, also wrote that Trump’s Holocaust remembrance was a betrayal.

“We voted for ‘Make America Great Again,’” he wrote. “We wanted an independent country. Instead, we got Jarvanka, Gary Cohn and a bunch of globalist neocons foaming at the mouth to start new wars.”

Trump has publicly disavowed both the “alt-right” and Duke specifically, but many supporters in these circles have held out in the hopes the administration would still bolster their loosely-organized movement.

  1. #1 by procopius on 04/28/2017 - 9:34

    At what point does muh 4d chess theory finally die?

    No one is fooled by his fake Holocaust loving, nor is anyone fooled by most non-Jew politicians fake holocaust loving, especially the Jews themselves. Hillary Clinton, I beiieve, was caught having doubts about the holocaust, yet if she were president she’d say she loved Isreal and never forget too. The Jews and Hillary both would know that Hillary wouldn’t mean any of it.

    Forcing a politician to publically say they love Israel and that they are faithful believers in the holocausted 6 million is about SUBMISSION and not conversion to that religion. Having Trump give a speech about holocaust means he’s submitting to them. Just like a rebellious slave is given the whip until accepts his place, then shows love for his master for then on in public. The slave doesn’t love the master really. And it’s not a chess move when he says he does. He just fears the whip. Trump was signaling by his latest actions that he was their man now and to please stop whipping.

    Trump isn’t playing political chess with the Jews(they aren’t being fooled), he’s just being forced to submit to the Anglo-Jewish establishment. Notice how much better the MSM is treating him now. That’s because now that he is under control; they will now treat him like a typical neo-con republican.

    The Syria strike wasn’t that bad, but Trump’s acquiescing to the gas attack lie was. That’s the real problem. No one but zombies actually believes Assad used gas on his own civilians. Yet, Trump said he did, and went along with the Neo-con lie, that all Neo-cons know is a lie. The neo-cons and Jews want to destroy Syria for Israel, that’s for sure, and they weren’t satisfied with just a limited missile strike. Unfortunately for them, half the missiles never hit. I got a strong feeling that they were taken down by the Russians, or at least the Russians gave them a serious warning. Which explains the distraction with North Korea and dropping the big bomb in the Afgan wilderness.

    Perhaps the the big bomb was meant for Syria but the Russians forced them to change plans. Either way it doesn’t matter. The only thing pushing against the Jewish establishment back is Russia and China, not 4d Chess Master Donald Trump.

    ed note–well, I suppose the obvious answer to your question is that the ‘theory’ dies when facts overtake it and prove it to be unsupportable, which has not yet happened.

    You’re right, the Jews know that the Gentiles operating at Trump’s level don’t buy into it and that it is all about submission. Agreed.

    The obvious question that needs to be asked in this case is whether or not this ‘submission’ is just the product of a weak will or whether it is a strategic move on the part of Trump and the powerful interests behind him, unless of course you want to try and make the ridiculous argument that he is a one-man operation and that somehow he managed to get elected all on his own in the face of what was the most sophisticated political machinery in history that obviously wanted a Clinton presidency.

    This is the problem with so many in this ‘movement’–They only have a 1D answer for everything–‘The Jews’–in the same way that the Jews only have 1D answer for every thing–‘anti-semitism’. The notion that powerful Gentile interests may finally decide to push back against Judea, Inc is–in borrowing a phrase we use here often–simply INCONCEIVABLE, and it is for this reason that 1D thinkers such as you simply don’t ‘get it’ and probably never will.

  2. #2 by ebolainfo on 04/28/2017 - 9:34

    Let’s pretend a man of honour somehow did get elected.
    What would be their response upon seeing that their path was being subverted?
    Publicly expose such subversion or resign? To be an accomplice to such subversion is NOT honourable.
    However Trump gave his suporters ample evidence of his zionist leaning in his AIPAC “beautiful jewish baby” speech. Did they get the hint? No!
    Even “the anyone but Hilary” camp must concede, Trump is on the same neocon track.
    Sadly, I am coming round to the central thesis of your blog. The fake semites rule!

    ed note–you obviously missed an extremely important part of the commentary which I have taken the liberty of reprinting herein, to wit–

    ‘There’s what people would like him to do and then there is what he CAN do within the very limited paradigm that has been created for him and anyone claiming to be an expert on political events who does not understand this very basic principle needs to go back to PoliSci 101 before rendering any further commentary.’

  3. #3 by Matthew/Boston on 04/28/2017 - 9:34

    Methinks there’s a case of “battered wife” going around TUT. I watched the speech, a polar opposite of the bankster speech he gave in Florida just before the election. He didn’t have to gush like he did. It looked to me like he meant every word. It was sickening.

    Mark, you’re a smart man. Along with brains usually comes a healthy ego. You just can’t let go. You will not acknowledge he’s not the saviour you were banking on. And, it would be conceding you were wrong.

    I hope you don’t mind the critique.

    ed note–I don’t mind the critique at all, as I am sure you won’t mind mine.

    It’s not a matter of ‘letting go’ in any sense of the word/phrase, and this is perhaps the most maddening thing about this whole Trump go-round here on this website. I/we never banked on him being a ‘savior’, and in fact, if you go back and read the thousands of words of commentary that have accompanied the hundreds of stories dealing with Trump and the Jews, the one point I/we have made clear, somewhere between a million and a billion times by conservative estimates, is that I/we believe Trump will fail and that eventually, he will buckle under the pressure being put upon him. Furthermore, as as I/we have made clear, again, somewhere between a million and a billion times, is that even if he did not buckle, he will not be able to get a single thing done given that Congress is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Jews.

    It was/is for these very reasons which I have just re-iterated, i.e. that I/we maintain no delusions about him being a ‘savior’ or anything of the sort that I/we were not/are not disappointed about his bombing the Syrian airbase or about his comments concerning the Hollerco$t, as opposed to those WN elements who during the campaign referred to him as their ‘glorious leader’ who was going to ‘make America great again’ and who now are found pissing their pants in the midst of their collective temper tantrums.

    Nor does it have anything to do with ‘ego’ as you put it, but rather with getting the narrative straight. If/when Trump does finally cave (which, as I have said somewhere between a million and a billion times I believe he will) you will hear it from me first, in the same way and for the same reasons that when the JMSM began using the ‘Sandy Hook never happened’ nonsense to discredit the 9/11 truth movement in the aftermath of myself, Mike Piper, Keith Johnson and a handful of others warning that this would happen only to have it fall on deaf ears, I made sure to rub it in the noses of those idiots who refused (and still to this day continue to refuse) to see how reckless their behavior was.

    And likewise, when Trump finally does cave, it will be to some degree–lesser or greater–to the poorly-considered/over-emotional reactionism on the part of certain persons and elements within this ‘muuvemnt’ who didn’t have sense enough to see that the Jews wanted him gone from the beginning of his campaign and that their own inability to think/deal rationally with this matter that contributed towards the Jews getting what they wanted in exactly the same fashion as what was achieved in the aftermath of 9/11.

  4. #4 by Dale on 04/28/2017 - 9:34

    MG, for your own peace of mind and sanity, those of us who do pay close attention and who do apply critical thinking skills to all of this have never interpreted what you have said about the war between Trump and Judea as indicative of you supporting him. I clearly have both heard and read (as you said, somewhere between a million and a billion times) that you do not support him and that you believe he will fail in what he intends to do. Whoever Matthew is he is either new or else does not pay close attention.

    Don’t let it get to you, although i certainly understand why it would. It is the sandy hook nonsense all over again and people accusing you and Mike of supporting gun control just because you refused to go along with the hoaxer bs. It is a full spectrum idiocracy

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