Israeli settler rams car into 4-year-old Palestinian child




  1. #1 by mothman777 on 04/30/2017 - 9:34

    The sooner that these murderous psychotic scum have their illegal nukes taken off them the better.

    The sooner that Israel is no longer recognized as a state the better.

    The sooner that Israel is given back to the Palestinians the better.

    The sooner that the Jewish ‘religion’ is recognized for the terrorist criminal organization that it really is, and banned, in as many countries of the world as possible, the better.

    We need to elect real politicians that will no longer recognize Israel or the Jewish religion, and expel all Jews from our countries, so that they can be placed well away from the rest of us all in Birobidzhan, for our own safety.

    Many countries are currently in the grip of a thoroughly evil and psychotic political dictatorship by the Jews, who are totally intent on a Jewish-controlled NWO world government being set up, to be run from Jerusalem.

    People must wake up to stop their governments granting all the military assistance to Israel, to stop the financial grants, to stop the trade agreements, to stop the special recognition and favours being shown to these thoroughly parasitic and malevolent psychotic people, or all Gentiles will just be shown all the consideration that this injured child has just been shown, and far far worse.

    If only people could clearly see the burning, raging hatred in the hearts of all Jews against all non-Jews, but the Jews hide that very well from most in the Western and other countries that they slowly bleed dry to build up their political and military power.

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