‘The State of Israel is the fulfillment of a mitzva’

Evening for study and discussion of Rabbi Kook’s teachings at his home attended by Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, Rabbi Aryeh Stern, others.

ed note–jes’ a lil’ reminder/wake up call to all of those who have allowed their common sense to be hijacked by the seductive words of various groups/individuals claiming that ‘Judaism and Zionism’ are mutually exclusive ideas and that ‘Judaism forbids the creation of a Jewish state’. Nothing could be further from the truth. Judaism is 666% kristol clear on this matter as laid out in various passages of the Torah, to wit–

‘And on that day the LORD made a covenant with Abraham, saying “To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates”…–Genesis, 15:18

‘And God spoke unto us saying, ‘Go to the hill-country and all the places nigh thereunto… in the Arabah, the hill-country and in the Lowland… in the South and by the sea-shore, the land of the Canaanites, and Lebanon, as far as the great river, the river Euphrates…Go in therefore and possess the land which the Lord swore unto your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, unto them and to their seed after them…’ Deuteronomy 1:6–8

‘Every place whereon the sole of your foot shall tread shall be yours, from the wilderness, and Lebanon, from the river Euphrates, even unto the hinder sea shall be your border…’ Deuteronomy 11:24

‘…From the wilderness, and this Lebanon, even unto the great river, the Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites, and unto the Great Sea toward the going down of the sun, shall be your border…’Joshua 1:4

–When the Lord your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he will give you a land with large, flourishing cities you did not build, houses filled with all kinds of good things you did not provide, wells you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant…–Book of Deuteronomy

Israel National News

A special evening of study and discussion took place in honor of Independence Day at Rabbi Kook’s home in Jerusalem. Rabbi Aryeh Stern, Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, Rabbi of Ramat Gan, and other rabbis spoke about the teachings of Rav Kook zt”l in the Torah regarding State.

Rabbi Aryeh Stern spoke about the value of fulfilling the commandment of establishing a state. “The value of the state is enormous. It is no coincidence that Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah used to review a great deal the Maimonides in Sefer Hamitzvot. The State of Israel is the fulfillment of a mitzva. There are individual mitzvos and there are general mitzvot, and we did not merit in exile to fulfill general mitzvot. There are also general commandments that we are prevented from fulfilling unfortunately, but thank G-d we are fulfilling the commandment to establish a state, a general mitzvah. The issue of Klal Yisrael can only exist in the Land of Israel.”

The evening was organized by the Torah and State Center in Nitzan, attended by dozens of participants, including rabbis, researchers from the center, yeshiva students, and other participants.

Rabbi Yigal Kaminetzky, head of the Torah and State Center, opened the evening with a blessing. Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, the president of the center and the rabbi of Ramat Gan, spoke after him. Rabbi Ariel spoke about our challenges as individuals and as a society on the way to a civilized state, “A person wants to be fulfilled, and in order to be fulfilled there must be a society. A lone individual can not be fulfilled, only in a society, the society is your greatest insurance company, a society can help us.”

From the individual level, the rabbi went over the importance of a fulfilled, happy society: “The great happiness of an individual is the happiness of the society. A society means a state, that the state is happily fulfilled. Our aspiration as a state to strive for the holy; to strive for Jerusalem. A country that sanctifies God’s name is a happy country.” The rabbi further elaborated on the way and means to reach a happy state and the challenges to it.

“By way of a bit of a joke – the 5th of Iyar is ‘Tel Aviv Day’; the 28th Iyar – Jerusalem Day. As a Yerushalmi, I remember the fifth day of Iyar – a day of mourning announcements about the fallen Gush Etzion. We were besieged, dusty, without water, and without bread. We heard that they had established a state, but in Jerusalem we did not feel it. What I do remember is that we went to a small ceremony to see the British flag being taken down. We tore it to pieces, and I polished my shoes from a piece of the British flag. That was the feeling I associate with the establishment of the State,” said the rabbi.

“Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – and we have to connect this disconnect,” the rabbi declared, “The Shulchan Aruch is limited to the laws that were practiced only in exile, Maimonides elaborates on all the laws of kings. One of our challenges and that of the Torah and State Center is to prepare an all-encompassing book on halakhot pertaining to the laws of kings that will introduce the great ideas on how to turn Tel Aviv into Jerusalem and how to bring the State of Israel to a place that brings the great announcement to the world that G-d is one and His name is one,” concluded the Rabbi.

Rabbi Neria Gutel, head of the Center’s research department, analyzed talmudic concepts according to the teachings of Rabbi Kook.

Professor Eliav Shochtman explained the Torah teachings of Rabbi Moshe Zvi Neria zt “l on the subject of the theory of state, and analyzed current issues in light of the teachings of Rabbi Neria zt” l. For example, he analyzed how Rabbi Neriah would decide today on the issue of separation of Torah and state from the state itself, concluding that Rabbi Neria would strongly oppose this separation.

The Center for Torah and State has been active in the community of Nitzan for the last two years. It is a center for a team of Torah scholars dealing with a variety of public issues related to the existence of a state according to the Torah.

The evening was presided over by Rabbi Yohanan Fried of Beit HaRav, who said that in light of the evening’s success, additional seminars will be held on these issues.

  1. #1 by Kerry Bindon on 05/02/2017 - 9:34

    This is ugly all right but not truth its propaganda and terrorist recruitment dressed up as holy writ I will not accept this garbage any more drop it off into some other goys water hole if they are stupid enpugh to accept it… stop poisoning mine.

    ed note–unless I am misunderstanding something here, you are not reading carefully or paying attention.

    We are not claiming that it is anything OTHER THAN ‘propaganda and terrorist recruitment dressed up as holy writ’, using your words. You are missing the point.

    Furthermore, no one is ‘poisoning’ your ‘goy water hole’. You signed up to receive notices from this website, so if you want the notices to cease, you must unsubscribe, which you can do by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of each wordpress notice you receive.

  2. #2 by NLG on 05/02/2017 - 9:34

  3. #3 by lolathecur on 05/02/2017 - 9:34

    https://archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A%221685+Catholic+Latin+Vulgate+-+Biblia+Sacra%22 1685 Catholic Latin Vulgate Complete Apocrypha Nominum Interpretatio 01of 10

    http://www.fatimamovement.com texts
    Pdf 1/10 of the Complete Biblia Sacra (Catholic Latin Vulgate) from 1685. Contains the rare Nominum Interpretatio list for decoding the various Jewish Lords of the Hebrew/Chaldean/Greek originals which were unilaterally interpreted incorrectly as a monotheistic deity in subsequent English editions. Also contains the Esdras Apocalypse (Esdras 3 and Esdras 4) which were removed by the Vatican around 1816. Very hard to find text. Comes in 10 parts. Total file size of the 10 pdfs add up to around 1…
    Topic: 1685 Catholic Latin Vulgate – Biblia Sacra

  4. #4 by stlonginus on 05/03/2017 - 9:34

    Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, president of the Torah and State Center (separation of church and state is for goy), states that he polished his shoe with a piece of the British flag on the day of independence. This is the same flag for which the English goy spilled their blood in 2 useless (for the goy) wars in the first fifty years of the twentieth century alone. The same flag for which English goy had spilled their blood since the time of ‘Good Queen Bess’ the sub-rosa judeophile occultist and the same flag that flew over parliament when the jew Disraeli reigned as agent of the Rothschilds.

    In another article from ‘Israel’ National News, date April 30, 2017 and titled, “Hastening the Redemption” the following paragraph appears under the paragraph heading “Anti Semitism and the Establishment of the Zionist Movement,” (caps are mine)

    “In Europe, anti-Semitism grew steadily, as did the number of Jews who strayed from the faith. Many of those who left the Torah hoped that by leaving Judaism and assimilating amongst the non-Jews, their troubles would cease. Anti-Semitism, however, increased. Among the Jews who tried to assimilate, a few of them realized that JEWISH NATURE WAS UNIQUE AND INESCAPABLE, and only through the establishment of an independent Jewish State in the Land of Israel would it be possible to save the Jews from the growing menace of anti-Semitism. Thus arose the Zionist movement headed by Herzl. There were great Torah scholars who supported it, and eventually, organized as part of the “Mizrachi” movement. But there were other Gedolei Torah who opposed the Zionist movement, mainly because they feared that many Jews would be swayed to follow the non-religious lifestyle of its secular leaders.”


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