Why did Trump bomb Cheyrat? by Thierry Meyssan


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  1. #1 by James Benn on 05/04/2017 - 9:34

    It’s refreshing that a semi-mainsteam site like Voltaire Net is now openly talking about the ‘Deep State’ as a given rather than – to use the much hackneyed CIA term – a ‘conspiracy theory’. But what is the Deep State? According to Thierry … “We have to keep in mind the particular context of the United States, where the deep State is composed primarily of military figures, and only incidentally of civilians.” But a mere sentence prior, Terry referred to its ‘spokespersons’ – Senator John McCain AND ‘a representative of Israël’, Senator Lindsey Graham. Huh? You mean Irahell represents the US military?

    Wha’, wha’, what’s going on? Methinks that Thierry needs to get his ideas straight about what that deep state may or may not be. He got it half right … McCain and Graham are clearly groveling toadies for the Jews-Only state of Israhell. Both would be only too happy to consign Americans to fight and die for Israhell’s interests. Without a doubt. But the military? If anything, the military represents Trump’s support base in OPPOSITION to the Deep State.

    Let’s not mince words … The Deep State which, according to Thierry, “has been governing his country since 11 September 2001” is nothing more than our old friends, those International Men o’ Mystery, the central banksters and their army of admirers and attendant gargoyles. It is those unelected deep statesmen who have a) the Motive, b) the Opportunity, and c) the Capability to stage a false flagger as elaborate as IXXI. If Trump represents anything, he represents those genuinely nationalist interests within the military and military intelligence who know that America itself is well on the path to self-destruction and are NOT happy!

    According to Terry, Trump agreed to give up dismantling of NATO. But wasn’t NATO a creation of the U.S? So who persuaded him? Again … the deep statesmen. NATO is nothing more than the banksters’ private army. That’s why they were so busy helping the ‘rebels’ take down Gaddaffers and stick a butcher’s knife up his ass. And help themselves to his gold and his oil. And leave the country in a shambles.

    Interestingly, Thierry identifies the ‘real organisers of this war’ as the United Kingdom, not the U.S. I guess ‘cos the City of London is STILL home of the Crown Corporation, the instrument by which the RedShields control Britain and all her dependencies. Including the U.S.

  2. #2 by Tim Veater on 05/05/2017 - 9:34


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