Ahead of Trump visit, PM declares support for his peace push

Netanyahu says he and all of Israel ‘share the desire’ to renew Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

ed note–as we have discussed here previously, neither Netanyahu nor his co-tribalists want ‘peace’. ‘Peace’, or the absence of conflict, would be the swan song of the Jewish state and Netanyahu and his people know this, for without conflict, there is no glue holding together what is inarguably the most dysfunctional political entity ever devised in human history. Without conflict, there is no justification for the $30 million a day that Old Aunt Israel receives from Uncle Sam in defense aid, as well as the rest of the loot that she collects from the diaspora abroad.

But besides the $ issue, there is the psychological one that is as–if not more–important than the other. Israel was created as a ‘sanctuary’ to protect Jews from violence, hence if there is no more violence as a result of some peace deal being cooked up by Trump and his people, then the very reason for the existence of the Jewish state ceases to exist.

It is for this reason then that Netanyahu and his people are indeed planning on something utterly spectacular in terms of false flag terrorism to be blamed on–drum role please–the Palestinians, and that all of Netanyahu’s talk of ‘welcoming’ Trump’s peace plan is a ruse, so that when something goes BOOM, the world will remember how much Nutty Netty was really, really, REALLY looking forward to FINALLY securing PEACE for po, lil’ Izrul, but then, dem AY-rabs came and messed it all up…

And lest some folks think there wasn’t/isn’t a precedent for the scenario laid out herein, please consider what former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky wrote in his book ‘The Other Side of Deception’ regarding how Israel was planning on scuttling the peace talks that George H. W. Bush had scheduled in trying to come to a resolution of the Palestinian/Israeli situation, to wit–‘

‘Since the Mossad had all the security arrangements in hand, it would not be a problem bringing the killers as close as they wanted to President Bush and then staging his assassination…In the ensuing confusion, the Mossad people would kill the ‘perpetrators,’ scoring yet another victory for Israel, and with the assassins dead, it would be difficult to discover where the ‘security breach’ had been, except that several countries involved in the conference, such as Syria, were regarded as countries that assisted terrorists…’

Times of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau on Sunday declared his support for US President Donald Trump’s efforts to renew Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, ahead of a visit to the region by the American leader.

“The president wants to examine ways to renew the peace process with the Palestinians. I share this desire and the citizens of Israel share this desire; we want peace,” he said.

Netanyahu told his ministers at the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem that Israel would be “honored” to host Trump on his first visit abroad as president later this month.

“The president will be warmly welcomed here as a great friend of Israel and as a worthy leader of our great ally, the United States,” the prime minister said.

Trump will make a one-day visit to Israel on May 22 along with his wife, Melania, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, the two latter of whom also serve as his advisers. He will stop first in Saudi Arabia, where he has said he will meet leaders from the Muslim world to discuss fighting terrorism.

Trump has pledged to work for a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, and there has been speculation that he will seek to convene a Middle East summit soon after this month’s trip. Israel’s Channel 2 reported Friday that the administration has also expressed interest in a possible Israel-Jordan-Saudi Arabia train route, and in pushing a much-discussed Red Sea-Dead Sea canal project.

During the Israel leg of his trip, Trump will meet with Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin as well as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. He is not expected in Ramallah but may visit Bethlehem.

When Abbas visited the White House last week, Trump expressed optimism in his ability to broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, and praised Abbas for speaking out against Islamic State terrorism. Abbas said in his remarks that young Palestinians are being educated to be peace-loving, a claim that was derided by Netanyahu.

“We will get it done,” Trump promised of a peace accord, during a joint press conference with Abbas. “We will be working so hard to get it done. It’s been a long time, but we will be working diligently, and I think there’s a very, very good chance.”

The president, who has referred to a Mideast peace agreement as “the ultimate deal,” said he would be willing to play whatever role was needed to strike the coveted accord.

  1. #1 by James Benn on 05/07/2017 - 9:34

    “Trump has pledged to work for a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, and there has been speculation that he will seek to convene a Middle East summit soon after this month’s trip.”

    Of course What-a-Yahoo’s professed support for renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks is rot. That much is certain. But how many US presidents have gone down this yellow brick road? It’s impossible to see the whole thing as anything more than farce. Really. With or without a Mossad-CIA false-flag strike to blame on Palestinians, nothing can or will come of it. What land could now possibly constitute a ‘Palestinian’ state? The west bank has been ‘settled’ by rabid Zionists under the protection of the Zionist state and in the pay of the Rotshites. The Gaza Strip is just what the name suggests … a strip of land. You know … like Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, California. ‘Cept not quite as go-ahead.

    Meanwhile, the ‘debt ceiling’ deadline came and went last March without a whisper. The Trumpetista government was miraculously able to employ ‘extraordinary measures’ to provide itself with operating cash. Phew! This means US government debt now stands at $19.8 trillion ‘of which $14.3 trillion is owed by the public’ … http://www.cnbc.com/2017/03/27/there-is-no-debt-ceiling-crisis-at-least-for-now.html

    Isn’t it nice of those ‘creditors’ to allow the US government to stay afloat even though it is completely insolvent and unable to ever pay back the ‘interest’ let alone principal on its ‘debt’. You’d wonder where those generous creditors manage to get all the money from that they lend to the US gubbermint. And you’d wonder what kind of conditions said creditors might place on Trump to allow him and his co-patriots to continue to operate. Hmm?

    Lovely to see Trump’s visit to Israhell will be accompanied by daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, “the two latter of whom also serve as his advisers”. Elsewhere this would be known as ‘nepotism’. Not in Trumpland.

    Everyone can see we’re together
    As we walk on by
    And, and we fly just like birds of a feather
    I won’t tell no lie
    All, all of the people around us they say
    Can they be that close
    Just let me state for the record
    We’re giving love in a family dose
    We are family
    I got all my sisters with me
    We are family
    Get up everybody and sing!

  2. #2 by PJ London on 05/07/2017 - 9:34

    Israel will talk and talk and talk, (actually lie and lie and lie) but their intent has been stated over and over and over.

    “It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, clearly and courageously, a certain number of facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism,colonialization or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands.” Yoram Bar Porath, Yediot Aahronot, of 14 July 1972.

    Vladimir Jabotinsky, The Iron Wall, 1923: “Zionist colonization must either be terminated or carried out against the wishes of the native population. This colonization can, therefore, be continued and make progress only under the protection of a power independent of the native population – an iron wall, which will be in a position to resist the pressure to the native population. This is our policy towards the Arabs…”

    Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of Revisionist Zionism (precursor of Likud), The Iron Wall, 1923: “A voluntary reconciliation with the Arabs is out of the question either now or in the future. If you wish to colonize a land in which people are already living, you must provide a garrison for the land, or find some rich man or benefactor who will provide a garrison on your behalf. Or else-or else, give up your colonization, for without an armed force which will render physically impossible any attempt to destroy or prevent this colonization, colonization is impossible, not difficult, not dangerous, but IMPOSSIBLE!… Zionism is a colonization adventure and therefore it stands or falls by the question of armed force. It is important… to speak Hebrew, but, unfortunately, it is even more important to be able to shoot – or else I am through with playing at colonizing.”

    David Ben Gurion, future Prime Minister of Israel, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985: “We must expel Arabs and take their places.”

    Ben Gurion: In 1899, Davis Triestsch wrote to Herzl: ” I would suggest to you to come round in time to the “Greater Palestine” program before it is too late… the Basle program must contain the words “Great Palestine” or “Palestine and its neighboring lands” otherwise it’s nonsense. You do not get ten million Jews into a land of 25,000 Km2″. ” The present map of Palestine was drawn by the British mandate. The Jewish people have another map which our youth and adults should strive to fulfill — From the Nile to the Euphrates.”

    The negotiations will follow the same tried and tested methods that all the previous ‘negotiations’ have followed.

    ” We must define our position and lay down basic principles for a settlement.Our demands should be moderate and balanced, and appear to be reasonable. But in fact they must involve such conditions as to ensure that the enemy rejects them. Then we should manoeuvre and allow him to define his own position, and reject a settlement on the basis of a compromise position. We should then publish his demands as embodying unreasonable extremism.”
    (Yehoshafat Harkabi, 2 November 1973)

    Meanwhile another 1,000 Palestinians will be killed and another $1 bn will be given to the murderers.

  3. #3 by Michael Mazur on 05/08/2017 - 9:34

    @netanyahu, so, Mr Trump will be visiting in a fortnight. If something bad happens, no way will I believe that it was a lapse in security.

  4. #4 by dmdeedee on 05/08/2017 - 9:34

    History has proven what Israel is about and it never includes adhering to any agreements. There mission has never included peace. They lie.

  5. #5 by Soleil on 05/08/2017 - 9:34

    Another dog and pony show. “We want peace.” says he. That is the last thing the haven for criminals wants!

  6. #6 by stlonginus on 05/09/2017 - 9:34

    I think it would be much too obvious if something were to happen to President Trump on this trip. One needs to have ‘plausible deniability’ for these types of operations to have the desired effect and outcome. I also think it likely Trump has ‘the goods’ on many in Is-ra-el’s leadership, and has left instructions with trusted people, that those ‘goods’ should be disseminated for public scrutiny, should anything untimely happen to him.
    Besides which, Judea, Inc. has been known to throw a few of ‘their own’ under the bus when needed. So, if any false flag were to occur, I think it more likely that a few dozen Jews, or perhaps even hundreds, would be sacrificed in order to bolster the claim that the ‘Ay-rabs’ are of bad will and their annihilation must continue unabated.
    I could be totally wrong, but after all, we have been told, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.” Or is it actually the other way around?

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