Abbas says he’s ready to meet Netanyahu as part of Trump peace push

PA president tells reporters he looks forward to US president visiting him in Bethlehem, possibly in two weeks’ time

ed note–let me guess now…don’t tell me…lemme guess…It’s all AN ACT, right? Abbas is in on it, along with all the Palestinians, who are all ‘secret Jews’ and who are saying these things and playing the game in order to hide the fact that Trump is a ‘tool of Israel’.

Yeah, I know, it’s getting old for me too, and were it not for the fact that I/we have to deal with this kind of BS on a daily basis in the comments section of the website here, we would not need to further underscore just how stupid these people are who propose such nonsense, no different in substance than the infamous ‘Sandy Hook never happened’ brigade who–4+ years later and ZERO of their predictions having come to fruition, nevertheless–for reasons related to their own lack of common sense as well as assuaging their bruised egos, refuse to wake up and smell the coffee.

Yes, Trump and his people are serious about doing something to rein in Israel, restore order and leave some semblance of Pax Americana in the region before the Russians and Iranians take advantage of the seething discontent and utilize it in recreating the events of 1979, and if this fact needs further explanation to that legion of ‘experts’ in this movement who STILL insist upon focusing on Trump’s daughter, son in law, and the fact that he has played kissey-face at times with Nutty Netty, than I’m afraid I don’t know what else to say because it really is one of those ‘no brainers’ that intelligent people ought to be able to figure out with the same amount of difficulty that it takes to pour water out of a boot while reading the directions on the heel.

Times of Israel

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday that he was ready to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of US President Donald Trump’s peace efforts, weeks before the US leader is expected to visit the region.

Trump is expected in Israel on May 22 as part of his first foreign trip and the Palestinian president said “we are looking forward to his visit soon to Bethlehem” in the West Bank, with speculation it will occur on May 23.

“We told him that we were ready to collaborate with him and meet the Israeli prime minister under his auspices to build peace,” Abbas told reporters while meeting German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Abbas also said he was fully committed to a two-state solution based on the 1967 lines that would allow Israel and Palestine to exist side by side in peace, security and friendship.

Steinmeier said much time has already been spent on efforts to set up a state of Palestine alongside Israel.

“In our view there is no other solution,” than the two-state solution, he said. “It’s high time to work on the requirements for it.”

Abbas met Trump in Washington last week for their first face-to-face talks.

On Monday, senior Palestinian adviser Nabil Shaath praised Trump for Abbas’s warm reception at the White House and said any possible meeting between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders would be discussed when the US president visits.

“What was discussed in Washington was getting ready to start the negotiations,” he told The Times of Israel.

Trump announced last week that his first foreign trip as president will include stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican — the spiritual centers of Islam, Judaism and Catholicism.

At the time of the announcement, a senior Trump aide did not rule out the possibility of a presidential stop in the West Bank, but said that it was likely to be contingent on security and Abbas taking concrete steps toward peace.

Trump has been seeking ways to restart moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts.

As he hosted Abbas in Washington, Trump confidently predicted that a peace agreement was within grasp, brushing aside the complexities of a decades-old conflict that has bedeviled successive US leaders.

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