Diplomats in Israel call for strike aimed at disrupting Trump’s visit

Foreign Ministry workers say they won’t prepare for trip by US president later this month due to wage dispute

ed note–kind of a strange way for Israel to show her love and affection for her most important ‘puppet’, dontcha think? Anyone else remember something like this happening in recent memory for other world leaders that were visiting the Jewish state? And no, we can put no stock whatsoever that this is all based upon a disagreement vis a vis ‘wages’.

One a more serious note, this latest development should send alarm bells ringing in the heads of all people worldwide, considering the close coordination that is needed between the Foreign Ministry et al for Trump’s security arrangements.

Times of Israel

Foreign ministry workers on Monday announced they would begin a labor action later in the week aimed at disrupting an expected upcoming visit by US President Donald Trump.

In a memo to all ministry employees in Israel and abroad, head of the workers union head Hanan Goder said diplomats should desist from participating in any preparations for Trump’s visit.

The fight between the diplomatic service and the Finance Ministry over low pay has been ongoing for several years. The diplomats argue that past agreements are not being honored and budgets are not being approved.

Jerusalem and Washington are in the midst of arranging a one-day visit by Trump to Israel, rumored to be on May 22. No formal date has been set.

It’s not clear what effect the strike will have on preparations for the visit, but Goder said workers would be prohibited from processing paperwork, attending planning meetings, placing orders with vendors or any other activities related to the high-level trip.

“We have no choice but to go down the path of serious organizational measures that will impact the diplomatic and organizational schedule,” he said in a statement, citing a lack of progress in implementing a wage agreement.

  1. #1 by derek on 05/09/2017 - 9:34

    “ed note–kind of a strange way for Israel to show her love and affection for her most important ‘puppet’, dontcha think?”
    Apparently its an “Oscar winning” performance to trick the world into thinking that they are against him.
    You were spot on about Trump from the beginning.

    ed note–I don’t know that I was necessarily ‘spot on’, but I think we managed to get a few guesses correct.

    I only hope that my prediction that he will eventually cave into Judea, Inc is proven incorrect and that instead he uses the awesome power that has been put into his hands properly and thus locks the monster up as it should be.

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