Bennett: We must tell Trump Palestinian state ‘ain’t going to happen’

Ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit to Israel next week, Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett says Israel must make clear that a Palestinian state “ain’t going to happen.”

ed note–the question that must be asked is thus–Since Israel constantly argues that she MUST retain the lands she stole in ’67 for ‘security reasons’, if the US offers Israel some sort of iron-clad security agreement whereby US military resources are utilized in preventing any type of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, why on God’s green earth should Israel oppose this? If indeed, the Jewish state is all about ‘peace, peace, peace’, there can be no better recipe for such than what Trump appears to be about to offer.

The answer to that of course is self-explanatory–

1. Israel isn’t concerned with peace, she needs war and conflict, as it is the glue that holds together her highly dysfunctional society, and

2. She ‘ain’t’–borrowing the word used by Bennett–about to give up one microbe of land which she considers her by virtue of divine decree, and if that means that WWIII has to be started in order to prevent that, than as far as Bennett & co are concerned, that is fine.

Times of Israel

At the start of the weekly faction meeting, the education minister also concedes right-wing disappointment in Trump’s shifting tune on Israel and the Palestinians, saying that there was a “change” in his views since the election campaign, and “the source of that change is unclear.”

He says that his experience doing business in the US has taught him two things: that Americans value honesty and that one must make clear what he wants.

A Palestinian state “ain’t going to happen,” says Bennett, reverting to English. “And we should say this.”

Bennett reiterates his support for Palestinian autonomy without statehood and economic initiatives to better the Palestinians’ lives. And he says Israel must clarify that it will never relinquish control over any part of Jerusalem.

The minister welcomes Trump’s visit, saying it has “strategic value” and reflects the “deep friendship” between Israel and the United States.

  1. #1 by John Smith on 05/15/2017 - 9:34

    The Israelis appeared to be very sensitive and “worried” when Hamas document had a statement indicating that the state of Israel should not be on the map: according to this document, the area’s legal name is Palestine. They were also very angry when Ahmad Nejad of Iran was purported to have said, “Israel should be wiped out of the Middle-eastern map.” BUT, Bennett (an Ashkenazi, unconnected with any part of the Middle East) makes statements as recorded above — implying that he wants to wipe out Palestine and disinherit the indigenous Palestinians, the western world says nothing. Where has western humanity gone to?

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