So why is President Trump not visiting Masada?

Rumours have proliferated about the reason for the cancellation of President Trump’s visit to Masada. Is the decision due to the weather?

ed note–all can rest assured it had nothing whatsoever to do with the weather, but rather due to the security risk it posed to an American President whom Israel wants dead. All can imagine the typical noise that would be generated from all the usual suspects in the aftermath of a tragedy such as the cable car carrying him suddenly going SNAP 1,000 feet above the ground and him falling to his death…’Oy vey, this was a judgment from GAAAAWD warning what happens to anyone who gets sideways with the apple of GAAAAWD’S eye’.

Israel National News

Numerous preparations were made in Masada prior to the forthcoming visit of US president Donald Trump but in the past day it became apparent that he intended cancelling the trip and the rumors around the reason for the cancellation proliferated.

Trump had originally intended to give his keynote speech at Masada but the visit was cancelled. Initial reports indicated that the reason for the cancellation was the hot weather at Masada. However, a Channel 2 report claimed that the reason was entirely different. It stated that the cancellation stemmed from the US president’s refusal to accept Israeli official’s directives which maintain that a helicopter cannot be landed on the upper level of Masada.

Trump’s aides were told that landing a helicopter on the summit of Masada would harm archaeological artifacts at the site, due to the wind movements when helicopters land and take off. Trump’s preparation team was asked to land the helicopter at the base of Masada and to go up the mountain in a cable car just as former US president George Bush did in the past.

However Trump’s aides refused to accede to this suggestion and instead cancelled the Masada trip and it was decided that the president will present his keynote address at the Israel Museum instead. The Masada site expressed its disappointment but stated that with or without Trump Masada will stay in its place.

The final details of a trip which has engendered controversy and disputes at nearly every step must now be planned. Trump will visit the Western Wall alone and without Prime Minister Netanyahu and the visit will be deemed a private visit which is not under Israeli responsibility. He will pay a brief visit to Yad Vashem and will not visit Masada as originally planned.

  1. #1 by stlonginus on 05/18/2017 - 9:34

    Thank God he’s not going to Masada under those conditions. And as far as Trump’s stop at the whining wall, I’m glad it’s not the responsibility of Judea, Inc. but rather our own security details. I assume Trump still employs his own bodyguards in conjunction with the SS?

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