US organizations pressure Trump to move Embassy

Group of 60 US organizations pressures Trump to move Embassy to Jerusalem with no delays or preconditions

Israel National News

An unprecedented coalition of Christian American pro-Israel organizations, representing millions of US citizens, called on US President Donald Trump to announce the US Embassy’s move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem during his upcoming visit.

Trump is scheduled to arrive in Israel on May 22.

“We cannot continue blocking the law requiring the US Embassy to be moved to Jerusalem, or to make the move conditional on future peace deals,” the coalition said in a statement.

The coalition is an initiative of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ).

The ICEJ is the largest Christian Zionist organization in the world, and includes 60 evangelical and pro-Israel organizations in the US.

In their letter, ICEJ organizations demand Trump keep his promise to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

“Many of the voters in our organizations voted for you because of this promise,” the letter explained. “Now we are asking you to send an early and clear message to your government that the US will honor and support its only true democratic partner in the Middle East, by recognizing Jerusalem as their capital and immediately moving the US Embassy to that city.”

“We must not delay the execution of the law requiring the US to move its Embassy to Jerusalem, and we must not make this dependent on future peace deals.

“It’s time to put the law into practice, and move the US Embassy to Israel’s eternal and undivided capital of Jerusalem.”

The law also mentions that the US Congress passed the “US Embassy Law” in 1995, requiring the Embassy to be moved to Jerusalem by 1999. However, US presidents since then have used their authority to delay fulfillment of the law every six months, by declaring it a matter of “national security.”

“In this way, the law has been delayed for two decades. Enough with the double speak,” the letter writers said.”

ICEJ USA Director Susan Michael said, “After 24 years and 3 presidents’ efforts to bring about a peace deal, we cannot continue making preconditions for this law’s fulfillment. This law should have been put into effect a long time ago.”

“This is the time to respect our friend and partner, by fully recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel.”

ICEJ Director Dr. Juergen Buehler said, “Evangelistic Christians in the US went out en masse to support Trump, because he promised to be the president who would put the law into effect and honor Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

“This is the time to show leadership and to stand behind the commitment to Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem is recognized de facto as the capital of Israel, and the right and just course of action is to make that recognition official.”

The letter is signed by evangelical leaders representing millions of Americans and who are considered to be very influential in the US government, especially when the government is Republican.

Among the signatories are National Religious Broadcasters President Dr. Jerry Jonson; ICEJ US Director Susan Michael; CBN News CEO Gordon Robertson; and dozens of others.

  1. #1 by Jim Reinhart on 05/17/2017 - 9:34

    Christianity in the US is all but dead. Bad fruit = Bad faith, Rotten fruit = Rotten faith. Founders and Funders of the US were Lucifer worshippers (Masonry = Devil worship, definitely known by the Scottish Rite by level 19, Kadosh). Ironic how many of those in masonry go to “church” to keep up an image. B’nai B’rith is just one of several masonic fraternal organizational affiliates . all of them in the US are listed here. Now that their favorite books are available to read by everyone in the Talmud, Kabbala, and their history. Ralph Ellis explains their history which is stolen out of Egypt (Ralph Ellis – Egypt , the Hyksos , Pharaohs and the Bible). They also stole from the Veda (Abraham and Sarah) – Kush Empire of the Indus Valley. Considering most of the New Testament has been modified and interpreted several times by people such as Francis Bacon, John (Cohen) Calvin, Cyrus Scofield (dispensational idiocy and was paid to write it while leaving his family behind to practically starve while he lived the “high” life) to name just a few, while having some good parts, it is cobbled together by the Flavians of multiple people for Rome, Esa of Edessa, Saul of Tarsus (Flavius Josephus?), Yeshua, and possibly Ptolemy XV, and Cesar. Bart Ehrman’s book “Misquoting Jesus” identifies that practically now word has gone unchanged.

  2. #2 by Christopher Phillips on 05/17/2017 - 9:34

    Only 20% of the world’s Christians are fundamentalist/evangelical. Sadly, the majority of them live in America. Even worse, 90% of evangelicals are Zionists — meaning they have no use for Orthodox Christians or Catholics who suffer under both Judaism and Islam.. These evangelicals/Zionists have misinterpreted the Bible. This heresy has sullied God’s reputation and perverted American Mideast policies. Evangelicals are also hostile to Russia because it is ‘Gog in the Bible. Gog is the enemy of the Apple of God’s Eye: Israel.

    Show me an evangelical and I will show you Satan’s favorite tool.

    America is a very sick nation.

  3. #3 by Gwaredd Thomas on 05/17/2017 - 9:34

    Mr Phillps your observations are spot on. As a Catholic, I will have to admit that Pope Francis is Catholicism’s worst nightmare. He’s a one-world proponent, a traitor to his office, and Traditional Catholics are fed-up. He’s a blatant heretic, who’s put the Faith in jeopardy for millions of Catholics worldwide and played fast and loose with Traditional Catholic teachings becoming a law unto himself. Enough of Bergoglio.

  4. #4 by Christopher Phillips on 05/17/2017 - 9:34

    Dear Mr. Thomas … I am not Catholic and do not know about many issues in Catholicism, so I will just have to take your word for all that about Pope Francis.
    I am an ex-fundamentalist/Zionist Christian. My war is with fundamentalists and Zionists.
    I wish us both success.

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