Trump wants talks to resume within a month

Officials say President Trump wants Israel-PA peace talks to begin as soon as possible.

ed note–again, not that it should need extensive examination and repetition given its self-evident status, nevertheless, if there was one issue alone that would explain why Judea, Inc has from the beginning opposed a Trump presidency, it is on the issue of reining in Israel and the creation of a Palestinian state.

And no, it isn’t all ‘just an act’, as doubtless certain ‘experts’ will inevitably claim. The US–or at least certain sectors within it–have run out of patience in their dealings with Israel in the same manner as Rome did with Judea. And just as it was with Rome and Judea, it took 100 years, but eventually the empire was pushed to its limits and began dealing with this troublesome province with a heavy hand, and that is precisely what America is preparing to do now. 

Israel National News

U.S. President Donald Trump wants to resume peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) as soon as possible, according to officials involved in contacts between Israel and the U.S. who were quoted by Channel 10 News on Friday.

The sources said that the U.S. administration wants the talks between Israel and the PA to start in Washington within a period of one to two months, with the goal of narrowing the gaps between the sides as much as possible before beginning talks on issues of substance.

According to Channel 10 News, in meetings held this week, Americans discussed with Israel elements of a potential final agreement with the PA. The Israelis made it clear to the Americans that Israel cannot compromise when it comes to security arrangements in the final agreement.

The Americans are reportedly not satisfied with the measures towards the PA that were approved by the Cabinet this week, and want to see more confidence-building measures. The administration gave Israel a list of proposals for such additional measures, including what was reported on Channel 10 News earlier this week: A move which would redefine sections of Area C in northern Samaria as Area B. Area C is under full Israeli rule, while Area B is part of the Palestinian Authority and Israel is only in charge of security in that area.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett expressed his opposition to such a move earlier this week. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is reportedly opposed to the idea as well.

Friday’s report follows Trump’s visit to Israel this week in which he reiterated his desire to achieve a peace deal, and said he believes there are good chances to do so.

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