Video shows ISIS trying to bait US into killing civilians

ed note–we post this (not that in all likelihood it will do much good, given that the ‘GET TRUMP’ portion making up ‘DUH MUUVMINT’ seizes upon every piece of incriminating news that feeds into their 2 minutes hate against him, irrespective of any mitigating circumstances surrounding it all) as a little reminder that sometimes things are not as cut and dried as they seem, and in the midst of these various atrocities that take place, it is highly unlikely that the same man who is out to repair relations with Russia and bring stability back to the Middle East before WWIII breaks out would go on a rampage and start killing defenseless civilians. Keep in mind as well that ISIS is for all intents and purposes Israel’s hired gun, and if indeed this group is luring the Americans into committing these massacres that in effect it is Israel doing it in order to recalibrate Trump with her demands, something that would obviously not be necessary were he ‘their boy’ as so many claim.

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