Lavrov: West responsible for chaos caused by terrorism in Middle East


Sabba – The West is responsible for all the ills, misery, chaos, blood and destruction that the Middle East has been thru for at least the past 150 years and counting. Among the never ending list of crimes of the West against the Middle East, I would like to mention only 2, the consequences of which are still unfolding today.

The first one is Wahhabism. Wahhabism had been declared a heresy as soon as it emerged. Its founder and his followers had all been excommunicated by ALL the Muslims Scholars of the time, the Ottomans had crushed them and it was about to become a forgotten page of the history of Arabian Peninsula until Britain came along, financed it, armed it and gave it a new impulse, a new life, a new legitimacy no Muslim ever gave it, a state (Saudi Arabia) and a new world-wide mission. Wahhabism had been declared as non-part of Islam as soon it surfaced, that profession of faith had then been reiterated many times afterwards and again in September 2016 during the Islamic Conference held in Grozny (and which no western media reported).

Not only should no Muslim ever apologize for the crimes of the Wahhabis, as is often demanded of them, but it is the British and the West at large who should apologize. Because it is Britain who imposed it and allowed to spread, it is the West which is still allowing this judaic cancer to spread in the midst of the Muslim nations, it is the West which is sponsoring it and, no matter how bad things are for us in the West, let us never forget that the first and main victims of Wahhabism to this day are the Muslims people. Not the West.

The second crime the West committed against the Middle Eastern people which I would like to highlight, was the break up of Syria. The Sykes-Picot agreement had amputated Syria from the historical borders which had been hers since the dawn of History, to give birth to the bastard states of Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. And now, they want to break it up even more.

How many of us have really pondered over the unprecedented arrogance of the West who decides at will to draw and then re-draw borders, create ‘nation-states’, give them new capitals, impose on the local people their kings/presidents/rulers, impose on them at the point of a bloody sword a ‘religion’ they never wanted, give them ‘national flags’, ‘national’ anthems, ‘national’ currencies etc. ? How many of us see it as a monstrous crime against the humanity of the Middle Eastern people and a crime against the Civilizing Cradle of Humanity? How many of us feel it is a crime which must be undone?


Worse than that: the overwhelming majority of the Westerners oppose the undoing of this crime, rejoice that Syria was broken up in their orientalist/colonialist belief that nothing is more dangerous to the West than a strong, united Arabic Middle Eastern nation.

Few people knew it at the time and fewer Westerners realize now that the break up of Syria was only the first step towards the Greater Israel messianic project. And therefore any person who claims to be jew-wise MUST also be pro-Syria, pro-Hezbollah, pro-Iran, pro-Middle East and, to use an expression MCP (RIP) always used about himself, ‘a friend of Islam’ .

From the beginning of Time, Syria has always been at the center of all geopolitical battles and the Third World War will start over Syria.

Islamic eschatology tells us that it is in Damascus that the Muslim Resistance will  be headquartered and will find refuge. It is in Damascus that the anti-Christ will reveal himself to the world as a human being. And it is in Damascus that the Christ, Jesus, the Son of Mary, the Son of Man will return (PBUT). This is how important Syria is. 

And before anyone says ‘it’s not us, it’s the Jews, it’s the Freemason, it’s our government, it’s some corrupt elements of our elites, we have nothing to do it, I refuse to take the blame for the crimes of my government’ etc., I will ask only one simple question which sums the whole situation and which will force one to reveal his/her true colors: Greater Syria vs. Greater Israel: which side are you on?


  1. #1 by Jim Reinhart on 05/30/2017 - 9:34

    US revolution was a setup and sold back to mostly foreign bankers 70% and some domestic 30% (history of the First Bank of the United States (corporation as identified in the Library of Congress, acts of 1791, also First and Second Banks of the United States – St Louis Fed), UK, US and Jacobins responsible for French revolution and it’s lies. Young Turks set up by UK (subversive Jews converted to Islam) genocide of Armenians Assyrians. Bolsheviks set up by US (Schiff, Wilson…) and the genocide of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles (1918-1921 through Katyn Forest Massacre)…all of eastern Europe suffered (US/Wilson Administration set-up of Danzig corridor to start WWII identified in 1933 book “Shape of Things to Come” and other publications), WWI – “War is a Racket” by Smedley Butler – war profiteering at the expense of the majority that believed their leaders in good faith but deserved none – identified the coming of WWII with Germany and Japan. Publication of suffering, death and holocaust continues from Jewish owned press (1900-1945). US/UK/USSR/Pan-Europeans incinerate the German people (Hellstorm firebombing), US incinerates Japan for 2 years extends war to test atomic bombs.. Post war genocide of German people continues (Other Losses –
    James Baque (US responsible for 6 million starved to death after WWII – Morganthau plan carried out by Eisenhower, UK -2 million, France – 2 million, USSR 2 million and countless in Gulags, Canada, Czech, Norway and others participate). Read “Germany Must Perish” by Theordore Kaufman, a very sick book pushed and admired by US magazines and publishers. Post war, William Donovan starts the Committee for a United Europe with the Pan-eurpeans. US Operation Gladio/Gladio-B slaughter of western Europeans and blaming communists, Note: Germany and Russia worked to protect the United States in the Civil War from UK and France. US a zionist colony of Rothschild from the start. Publication of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in Russia identifies the push for the Jewish state starting with Maimonides Majmuni (1135-1204), Isaac Bernays (1792-1849 , Moses Hess (1812-1875), Zachariah Frankel (1801-1875), Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677). Menasseh Ben Israel (1604-1657), Zanimajut Besli (1725-1805), Moses Mendelssohn (1728-1786), The Haskalah and others. Actions carried out are true to form, historically and presently accurate. Two volume book by Nahum Sokolov “The History of Zionsim 1600-1918” written for Theodore Herzl and Baron Rothschild with forward by Arthur Balfour who is identified as a Marrano. Several American Presidents could be the same such as van Rosenvelts, Eisenhauer, Bushs… Look up Megillat Bush, in the same class as Megillat Esther and Megillat Cyrus (crypto Jews?). Thomas Jefferson’s version of the Great Seal of the United States is of the all seeing eye over Moses and the crossing of the Red Sea. Albert Pike “Morals and Dogma”, Manley P. Hall “Initiates of the Flame” with both swastika and seal of Solomon on each page – Lucifer is God.

  2. #2 by 5 dancing shlomos on 05/30/2017 - 9:34

    judaized west responsible

  3. #3 by Egeria on 05/30/2017 - 9:34

    Thank you Sabba for stating it all so very clearly.

    I have pasted here the paragraph that I found the most relevant in your essay, (underscoring some words with the use of Capital Letters):

    ‘’Not only should no Muslim ever apologize for the crimes of the Wahhabis, as is often demanded of them, but it is the British and the WEST AT LARGE who should apologize. Because it is Britain who imposed it and allowed to spread, IT IS THE WEST which is still allowing this judaic cancer to spread in the midst of the Muslim nations, it is the West which is sponsoring it and, NO MATTER HOW BAD THINGS ARE FOR US IN THE WEST, LET US NEVER FORGET THAT THE FIRST AND MAIN VICTIMS OF WAHHABISM TO THIS DAY ARE THE MUSLIMS PEOPLE. NOT THE WEST.’’

    And of course the WEST is ‘us’ the people, and we have the responsibility and power to stop it all.
    If enough of us care, we can pressure our NATO governments to end the bloodshed in the Muslim nations.
    Likewise, it is ‘us’, the people of the West, who bear the responsibility for Israel’s impunity. Our governments do what WE allow them to.

    And allow me to add that when some of us mindlessly and impatiently criticize Pres. Trump’s actions without considering what dangerous and deceptive enemy his team is up against, all we do is to hand the enemy the tools for a more effective political takeover in the West and –as a consequence– on the international arena of geopolitics.

    But most important, what Sabba’s words make us westerners realize is that ISLAM IS CHRISTIANITY’S NATURAL ALLY. Together with our Muslim brothers we can be an effective force against the destructive ideologies of Judaism, Wahhabism and Christian Zionism, and thus against the malign cancer called Israel. And together we can fight to restore the peoples’ sovereignty over their respective countries.

    Indeed, by antagonizing our spiritual and political ally, Islam, all we do is to is to play into the hands of israel and Judea Inc., who want to see us defeating each-other, thus doing their dirty work for them.


    ‘’The western states that supported regime changes and financed militants in the Greater Middle East, particularly in Libya, bear responsibility for the chaos ravaging the region’’.

    The importance of these words, but even more so of the setting in which Lavrov pronounced these words of truth, meaning in Egypt after the latest events, is not lost on us. Neither is the fact that Lavrov arrived in the company of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

    As Mark Glenn and TUT editors have often pointed out, Russia is in the process of regaining political foothold in the Region, for strategic alliances.

    And Pres. Trump knows how important an alliance with Putin’s Russia is becoming.

    In fact, we learned today from an expert commenting on PressTv that ‘Moscow and Washington have agreed in the past week on important military cooperation, and have informed the world about it, proudly so, but it wasn’t reported in the MSM’.

    And let us not forget that Putin’s Russia too –political Russia and Christian Orthodox Russia—is our natural ally as well, both of Islam and the Christian West.

    We could also delve into the relevance, meaning and interpretation of the message concerning the ‘Consecration of Russia’ that is to be found in the second of the ‘Three Secrets of Fátima’, which all popes after WWI have been aware of, but it would take too long.

  4. #4 by James Benn on 05/30/2017 - 9:34

    War and revolution are the life’s blood of Usury Inc. There is NOTHING as profitable as war. Not drug running. Not child sex slavery. Not snuff movies. Not organ harvesting. Nup, it’s war.

    More importantly, there is no better way to get a country – let’s call it a ‘polity’ since there are no sovereign nations left since none of them are in control of their own currency – there is no better way to get a polity hopelessly mired in unpayable and ultimately unserviceable debt than suckering them into war. And no better way to bring their ‘leadership’ to heel.

    Plus, if you’re of satanic mindset – which usurers generally are – there is no greater excitement to be had than out of consigning millions to an early grave, destroying lives and families, and destroying everything they have struggled for throughout their lives. This is the stuff of jubilation for a Satanist, bordering on sexual rapture. Think of Bush the Lesser pumping the air in the Oval Orifice when receiving news of the first bombs to strike Baghdad.

    Ooh great creator of being
    Grant us one more hour,
    To perform our art
    And perfect our lives.
    We need great golden copulations,
    When the true kings murderers
    Are allowed to roam free,
    A thousand magicians arise in the land
    Where are the feast we are promised?
    – Jim Morrison

  5. #5 by stlonginus on 05/31/2017 - 9:34

    I recommend this video.
    “American intelligence in the age of terror: A conversation with Gen. Michael Hayden”.
    Michael V. Hayden is former Director CIA and NSA under Bush and Obama. He gives the impression that he believes the junk he tells the American Enterprise Institute audience. But I suppose for the AEI true believers, it’s true. He was at AEI at the time (March 2016, prior to the election of Trump) to sell his book, titled: “Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror.”
    During the course of the talk, Hayden mentions (of all people) Woody Allen, which I guess shouldn’t surprise us. The last 10 minutes are very direct as to how things “are going to be”, but I do recommend listening to the entire talk.

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