Private Toll Operators Salivate Over Donald Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Link here

ed note (tony)…Bad news. Privatizing the commons is not populism. Whenever you hear a sleazy politician say “a market solution”, hold on to your wallet.

  1. #1 by stevegmorminogmailcom on 06/06/2017 - 9:34

    Had no doubt this was the plan, I also believe he put the national right to work law in place. So he can make slaves of the masses. The system is can not be corrected, the corruption is to deep.

  2. #2 by James Benn on 06/06/2017 - 9:34

    Such are the mysterious ways of Usury Inc … socialize the costs … privatize the profits. Socialism for the rich … capitalism for the poor. Starting with ‘The Fed’, as Americans affectionately know their Jew-owned and run central banking system. Money is printed by the gubbermint, sold to ‘The Fed’ at cost, and issued as debt to the American people, at face value. The gubbermint itself goes into debt to ‘The Fed’ to finance its own operations.

    The only problem with a debt-based monetary system – apart from a perpetually expanding debt bubble – is calling in the debt. And that’s where the IRS comes in handy. They suck up the taxes and hand ‘em over to ‘The Fed’ to pay down the ‘interest’. Oh, and if the IRS isn’t sufficient, there’s always the cops and the judicial system to enforce compliance. Income tax, of course, was introduced as part ‘n parcel of the ‘Federal Reservation Akt’ of 1913. Gotta have income tax! Plus every other imaginable direct and indirect tax. Including mysterious ‘carbonical credits’ which are meant to save us from an over-exuberant production of CO2. The debt monster is INSATIABLE.

    Thus, what to do with the all that luverly ‘interest’, hmm? Well, you can buy up all the privately owned corps for starters. Leveraged buy-outs ‘n suchlike. Put your point-men in control. Co-religionists, I’ve heard tell, are the most reliable because they’re on the same page, ideologically, politically, morally, and ethically.

    But once you’ve bought up all the corps, what then? The interest is flowing in thicker ‘n faster than ever. Why, buy up – for pennies on the dollar – all publicly owned infrastructure as well. Including the jails. Again … socialize the costs … privatize the profits. Sweet. It’s a perfect circle!

    Meanwhile, the debt bubble continues to budge and swell to bursting point… “The debt ceiling is currently set at $19.8 trillion. Debt levels are near that cap and Treasury has begun using special accounting measures to keep outstanding debt just below the limit. But those measures are only expected to last until sometime this fall. At that point, if nothing is done, Treasury won’t have enough cash and revenue on hand to pay all the country’s bills in full and on time.”

    Well, I put you behind the wheel of a deuce and a quarter, yes I did
    Had you living like a rich man’s daughter, yes I did, I sure did
    While you were living high on the hog
    You had me down here scuffling like a dog
    Well, the very thing that makes you rich makes me poor
    The very thing that makes you rich makes me poor

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