How They Do It– Jewish groups join call to mayors to denounce ‘anti-sharia’ marches

ed note–we warned you it would happen, and now it has.

Judea, Inc–singularly responsible for all the anti-Islamic hysteria that has gripped the West–recruited every idiot it could find within the white nationalist camp to carry the baton against ‘the Muzzies’ taking over the West and now, right on cue, the blame for it all has been laid at the doorstep of white Christians, while at the same time, these same Judaic interests are running to the defense of the same Islamic community they set out to destroy generations ago and are now steering them and all their resources in such a way that it benefits those same Judaic interests responsible for bringing about the entire ‘clash of civilizations’ from the beginning.


An array of Jewish groups has signed on to letters to 29 mayors urging them to denounce planned “anti-sharia” marches this weekend.

“Timed during the Islamic month of Ramadan, when Muslims around the world fast during the daylight hours, these protests have been disingenuously branded ‘March Against Sharia’ and explicitly target Muslims at a time when hatred and bigotry has swept the nation,” said the letters, which went out Thursday to the mayors of cities including Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Indianapolis, New York and Orlando.

Sharia refers to Muslim religious law. Among the 129 signatories to the letters, which were organized by a group called Muslim Advocates, are the Union for Reform Judaism, Bend the Arc, the Anti-Defamation League, the National Council of Jewish Women and Jewish Voice for Peace, as well as the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, an umbrella body for Jewish public policy groups.

ACT for America — an organization that calls itself “the NRA of national security” — has organized the marches, which are set to take place Saturday in 28 cities across the U.S. The non-profit is billing the marches as “against sharia law and for human rights.”

On Thursday, ACT for America canceled a scheduled march in Arkansas after it learned a partner organization there was white supremacist. “We stand firmly opposed to any actions by individuals or organizations that seek to attack or intimidate based on race, religion, or sexual orientation,” the organization said in a statement.

Jewish groups across the spectrum have generally opposed bids to ban sharia law, arguing that Muslim Americans apply sharia in much the same way Orthodox Jewish communities apply halacha, or Jewish law, through religious courts: to grant divorces and to settle disputes of religious matters, while always deferring to civil courts.

Jewish groups that address civil society issues, like the ADL, have also said that the movement to ban sharia often masks an anti-Muslim bias.

  1. #1 by roberthstiver on 06/10/2017 - 9:34

    In the face of a forked tongue like that, what can one say? (beyond the prefacing ed. note, that is, which is said very well)

  2. #2 by TonyFromIN on 06/10/2017 - 9:34

    A Judaic-collaborating creature known as Brigette Gabriel is behind the anti-Arab “marches” via Act for Mehr’Cuh……

  3. #3 by Derek on 06/10/2017 - 9:34

    Ah Hanan Qahwaji – sounds too Muslim so she changed her name.

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