Oliver Stone on Vladimir Putin: ‘The Russian people have never been better off’

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  1. #1 by Darwin26 on 06/13/2017 - 9:34

    My response to a post on this Guardian article. The poster was obviously anti-Russian with zero history knowledge

    Blame Putin?!? you didn’t mention Crimea which is happy as any lark could be to be in the Russian Federation, again. The Ukraine was intentionally destabilized by the US State Dept as with so many other heinous acts the US State Dept is GUILTY of endless carnage and detritus.

    You should make a list of what the US of A has done: start with Hawaii and clear up to all the carnage in the MENA, the guilt of waging ceaseless wars for US assets and interests are a bloody shame of which all the tears of its endless victims will never wash the atrocities committed by the US State Dept and its tentacles (DoD, CIA etc) away.

    Your list is a laffer to be sure. You need to get some history educashun maybe it’ll help you in the future.

    i forgot to mention in my post on this Guardian article that the current Russian Constitution prevents any military exploits outside of its borders save protecting the homeland. They have had the port in Tartus Syria for many many years and it’s the only Russian military base (naval) outside of its borders.

    i hope to see this interview ASAP ~ i have no Tee Vee does anyone know how it can be watched on the Internet? reply to willycrain@outlook.com please/ thank you.

    Getting back to normal here Mark, Ck in the mail soon.

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