UK – ‘Britain First’ Provoke Muslims Helping Grenfell Fire Families Outside East London Mosque



  1. #1 by Derek on 06/16/2017 - 9:34

    Thats right Britain First went to cause a confrontation and they succeeded in provoking the
    Muslims so who are the idiots – heres a clue, its not Britain First.

    As much as i despise Britain First some should not resort to Photoshop – i hate lies and fabrications of any kind full stop.
    Heres the real photo;


    But that aside.
    When will Muslims learn to use their brains and stop playing into the hands of fake white nationalists and Jews – i now see why you could not understand why Muslims flee to the very nations that bomb and destabilize their countries and not majority Muslim countries where they would blend in and then they could not be exploited again for such propaganda like this.
    Its with a heavy heart and i am sorry to say it but benefits and free stuff play a big part.

  2. #2 by Blake on 06/16/2017 - 9:34

    As far as I am aware refugees in UK are given food stamps which get basics only while their applications are being heard. No other benefits to speak of.

    I know of a Palestinian refugee in Italy he lives in a refugee camp in a container. Is provided with 3 basic meals a day but everything else has to come out of his own pocket.

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