Serbia gets first openly gay woman to be prime minister


DAILY MAIL -Ana Brnabić, 41, a graduate of the University of Hull, is also Serbia’s first female PM.  She will join a small number of gay prime ministers in Europe, including Leo Varadkar in the Republic of Ireland and Xavier Bettel in Luxembourg. CONTINUE READING

  1. #1 by Fredrick Toben on 06/16/2017 - 9:34

    So, what’s new? Is it important for political leaders to be heterosexual, married and have a family? How many political heads of state are there who have no children?
    Wagner’s dialectic between POWER and LOVE may have to be revised to POWER and LUST, which is a death dialectic, just POWER and POWER – a pure battle of the wills, never mind worrying about any civilizing influences that get crushed in this process.

  2. #2 by stlonginus on 06/16/2017 - 9:34

    The MailOnline article quotes Brnabic was follows: ‘Why does it matter? I don’t know why it matters,’ she told the regional RTV channel last week.”
    ‘What is important is whether someone is capable, professional, hard-working, honest, likes their country and wants to work in its best interest.’

    Well, for starters Ms. Brnabic, your choice of lesbianism is an affront to natural law, which means it is a lie.

    But beyond that, we all know that in order to be part of the EU and the New World Order, all tolerance is reserved for perversion and depravity in order that the general population will freak out over a tiny minority and not pay attention to what’s really happening. And of course, no quarter is given to natural law and normalcy which is to be excised with surgical precision.
    We also know that Yugoslavia was the first (after the faux collapse of the Berlin Wall) to be broken up with the help of “Rhodes Scholar” Bubba Clinton and his coven attending wife.

    If history repeats itself, then it’s likely Milosevic had been placed where the ‘West’ wanted him and set up just like the Shah of Iran. From the U.S. Dept of State a ‘prognostication’ issued October 18, 1990.

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