Australia Suspends Airstrikes in Syria After Russia Threatens U.S.-led Coalition Aircraft

Australia halts strikes ‘as a precautionary measure’ after Russia warns it would treat aircraft west of Euphrates as potential targets, following U.S. downing of Syrian military jet


Australia said on Tuesday it was suspending air strikes into Syria following the U.S. downing of a Syrian military jet on Sunday and Russia’s subsequent threat against U.S.-led coalition aircraft.

“As a precautionary measure, Australian Defence Force (ADF) strike operations into Syria have temporarily ceased,” Australia’s Department of Defence said in a statement.

Australia has six fighter jets based in the United Arab Emirates that strike targets in Syria and Iraq.

Russia said on Monday it would treat U.S.-led coalition aircraft flying west of the River Euphrates in Syria as potential targets and track them with missile systems and military aircraft, but stopped short of saying it would shoot them down.

Russia made clear it was changing its military posture in response to the U.S. downing of a Syrian military jet on Sunday, something Damascus said was the first such incident since the start of the country’s conflict in 2011.

“ADF personnel are closely monitoring the air situation in Syria and a decision on the resumption of ADF air operations in Syria will be made in due course,” Australia’s Department of Defence said, adding its operations in Iraq would continue as part of the coalition.

“Australian Defence Force protection is regularly reviewed in response to a range of potential threats,” it said.

  1. #1 by O'Rourke on 06/20/2017 - 9:34

    Jeeezzz, Australia is there too?? All these trespassers on Syrian soil deserve to get offed! Blown to bits. MIA. Strawberry Jam.

    Rothschild’s western army in Syria.

  2. #2 by TheSkepticalCynic on 06/20/2017 - 9:34

    How “heroic” are America’s warriors. Just so long as they can bomb into oblivion patriotic Syrians without fear of return fire, they are oh. so gallant. But now that the Russians who are in Syria legally assisting their ally have threatened to take counter action, they shake in their boots, and run away. They yap and growl as if they were BIG Dogs… but stamp your foot in front them a yell, “Scram”, and they quiver and shake and leak their urine in the floor.

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