Orthodox jew suspected of spraying swastikas in synagogue

jews swastika

YNET – Swastikas were sprayed all over a synagogue in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem overnight Tuesday by a Haredi man suffering from mental health issues, according to suspicions following a police investigation. Worshippers discovered as they went to pray on Wednesday morning that the perpetrator had sprayed two swastikas on both sides of the ark containing the Torah scrolls and two more elsewhere inside the premises. Moreover, he also attempted to burn a number of prayer books in the attack.

The police immediately launched an investigation into the incident and in the process discovered more swastikas had been sprayed on the doors of buildings in the neighborhood.

Amid fears of a deliberate anti-Semitic attack, the police released a statement shortly after the opening of the investigation saying that the man suspected of behind the vandalism was in fact a 38-year-old Haredi man who was suffering from mental health issues.

Prior to his arrest, Minister for Religious Services David Azulai (Shas) described vandalism on the synagogue as being “extremely serious” while Israel’s Chief Rabbi David Lau expressed his shock at the incident.

“Serious incidents such as these cannot be accepted. It cannot be that worshippers go to the synagogue in the neighborhood and the heart of the holy city and have to see such difficult sites like these,” he said.

 At the beginning of the week, police said they they had arrested a 25-year-old man from Jerusalem on suspicion that he had committed a racially-motivated attack against a resident from the eastern half of the city.

Photo: Police Spokesperson's Unit

  1. #1 by Jim Reinhart on 06/22/2017 - 9:34

    The swastika, one of the oldest symbols of the cycle of life of the four seasons of the big dipper around the north star, is perhaps one of the holiest symbols throughout history and found in many faiths, oldest being Vedic well over 10 thousand years BC, can also be found in Norse and in the ruins of Peru estimated period being several thousand years old. The north star is also a symbol of wisdom, the northern lady (Notre Dam), peace and tranquility (Dharma faiths). The idiot here has the sign going the wrong direction and loves his star of Rephan, Remphan, El Shaddai, Lucifer, Helel (son of the morning)… Quite frankly, the jewish faith of Judah and Benjamin are a fraud from the beginning and have defiled every faith and people they have come in contact with. Their history is a lie, stolen beliefs of Hindu, Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian… What ever happened to Yahweh’s Asherah, his consort? Archeological fact that Yahweh and his Asherah were Israelite deities of ancient Israel (William Dever – 1968 see his lecture at Emory University), these people subverted Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome and tried to do the same in Indo-Aryan region before Egypt ofwhic they were driven out of. They created masonry through lies and deceit and undermined Christianity and Islam as well (the Flavians were Jewish who wrote the “new Testament” which has been modified continually for over 1500 years, and I can’t help but wonder who poisoned Mohammed as Islam’s Qu’ran does not match the oldest known writing found in Sana’a, Yemen. They project their own hatred on others and call everyone else liars even though they have been thrown out of every nation state and nation they have occupied, except for perhaps the Kaganates and Khanates. http://www.s155239215.onlinehome.us/turkic/70_Dateline/KhazardatelineEn.htm Their new world order religion of Theosophy has been joined by every group which have given up on peace due to the persistent undermining of all things, including the history we are given to read. Their laws of dealing with each other while owning the creation and regulation of money and credit has put the rest of the world at a disadvantage. The rest of us were stupid enough to let this happen, as well as 300 years of judeo-masonic wars and blaspheming every other religion on earth, dragging the most sacred beliefs through their filth ridden agenda while claiming to be the chosen. Just what kind of “entity” that writes that they will be their own messiah (Kabbalah), and that every people animal exists only to serve them, do they believe in. They are the greatest fraud in the last 4000 years that should never have happen, that people of good faith and good will have tried to stop over time, but persistence of perpetual lies and deceit have gotten these “people” of hate what they have today at the expense of all creation. John ch 8:44 is as accurate as a definition as can be achieved and it speaks for those of mankind that have come in contact with them. Masonry, a Talmudic, Kabbalah abomination itself, and admitted Lucifer worshipping set of religious orders as well, is a vehicle Judaism has used effectively in the last 400+ years to incite and profit from wars against all monarchies and religions. This group, the secret society that John Kennedy had speeches about since the late 50s, needs to be exposed as it is the foundation of the worst of tyrant Jews, Marranos and Sayanim. America was the first masonic revolution and a fraud from the beginning, that sold the people out to the international banking cartel from the start with the Bank of North America and the First Bank of the United States. It’s military is completely masonic and can be seen in symbols throughout all of it’s entities. America and Britain are lands of the Kabbalah occult, godless and today, without any sense of conscience. Their existence, and several others, are for the continued success of Israel ™ a Rothschild entity. Mr. O’Keefe is right in that all leaders at all levels of American government and judicial system need a thorough cleaning. Samuel Johnson made this famous pronouncement that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel on the evening of April 7, 1775. Patriotism is group think. Gustav Le Bon’s “The Crowd” points out that group think can create reality where there is none, and then defend it to the death. That is what patriotism is, a mechanism by which people do not think for themselves but are told what to think. It’s past time to wake up.

  2. #2 by jschlomo on 06/23/2017 - 9:34

    These “people” never stop at Ridiculousness it seems…. Obsurdity and blasphemy seems to be the order of the millenia for these minions….

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