67 Year old Israeli man arrested on suspicion of raping his 6-year-old granddaughter

Police investigating woman’s claim that her 67-year-old father, a former teacher, committed sexual offenses against young girl

Times of Israel

A 67-year-old man from the northern Israel city of Nahariya was arrested Friday on suspicion of committing sexual offenses, including rape and sodomy, against his six-year-old granddaughter.

According to Channel 10 news, the suspect, who had been a school teacher for 30 years, was apprehended following a complaint filed by his daughter.

Police were investigating the possibility that the man committed sexual offenses against other girls as well, and were expected to submit a request to the Haifa Magistrate’s Court later Saturday to extend the suspect’s remand, Channel 10 reported.

As of now, no additional complaints have been filed against the suspect. The man has denied the allegations made against him by his daughter.

  1. #1 by emilgottfried on 06/24/2017 - 9:34

    Why is this news? It happens often regardless of religion , race, and nationality.

    ed note–indeed it does, but what makes this newsworthy is the manner in which it is not covered by the JMSM in the west, the very same JMSM that makes sure to cover every similar act when it involves Muslims, Catholic priests, etc.

  2. #2 by Senovia Mendiola on 06/26/2017 - 9:34

    The Jews control America. The CHOSENITES control America’s money supply,(the fed, all Jews)mainstream media, entertainment, Bollywood, U.S. government, military industrial complex, healthcare, immigration, & education.

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