In First, Pope Francis Names Rabbis To Pontifical Academy Of Life

pope francis

THE FORWARD – Two rabbis, one from Israel and one from Argentina, were appointed by Pope Francis to the Pontifical Academy of Life, the first time rabbis have been invited to be members of the academy.

Pope Francis appointed 45 new ordinary members and five honorary members to the academy’s advisory body, the Vatican announced last week.

Israeli rabbi Avraham Steinberg, who won the Israel Prize in 1999 for original rabbinic literature, and Argentinean rabbi Fernando Szlajen were designated on June 13 as members of the institution that “exists for the promotion and defense of human life, especially regarding bioethics as it regards Christian morality.”

Rabbi Steinberg is the author of “The Encyclopedia of Jewish Medical Ethics,” for which he was awarded the Israel Prize in 1999. He is the director of the Medical Ethics Unit of the Shaare Tzedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, and director of the Editorial Committee of the Talmudic Encyclopedia.

Rabbi Szlajen, who is from Argentina, the birth country of Pope Francis, is the director of the Department of Culture for the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires and a professor in the Department of Philosophy and Letters at the University of Buenos Aires.

  1. #1 by Jim Reinhart on 06/25/2017 - 9:34

    The pope is a mason. The gift between Trump and Francis was a document from Martin Luther King and a Cyprus blossom. The destruction of the Christian Church has always been a priority of Talmudic, Kabbalist religious orders of Freemasonry. Fatima movement and several Roman Catholic Bishops believe Francis is the Anti-pope. Rome has had a long battle with Judea but the two are one now. Fatima movement identified the Church under distress as early as the 8th century. The schism of the Catholic Church and the division under which has taken place in 1054 with the Eastern Orthodox faiths and Roman Catholicism identify the corruption from within that had already taken place. Papal Schism was a split within the Catholic Church which lasted from 1378 to 1417 further showed dishonesty from within.The solemn declaration of papal infallibility by Vatican I took place on 18 July 1870, when the church was already under the ownership of Rothschild.

    What will Vatican Masonry result in? Tragically, those who believe in good faith of their leadership and follow what they believe to be true has resulted in countless wars in the name of god. Those that believe in good faith do not deserve the dogmatic leadership of a barbaric written word that was contrived long ago, based on stories and ideals that were stolen, plagiarized mixed with an utter contempt for creator and creation. What god is this that would have his creation destroy one another and plunder the rest of creation for wealth, power, access and control? What god would have liars, cheats, thieves, those that practice perversions of every sort as worthy of being called the chosen, saved even though their rotten faith is fully verifiable by rotten fruits, that we should be so lazy as to believe all one does is make a declaration of faith when it NOT. A continuum of this: have good thoughts, be of goodwill, act in good faith, act with good intentions, produce good fruits, are the evidence of a good and healthy faith. We are known by our fruits which tell us who and what we really are and believe.

    When we are born into this world, we believe that the way of life we are born into is normal. Nothing can be farther from the truth. As Descartes states, question everything. Tolstoy stated that “History would be a wonderful thing – if it were only true.”. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote of the Bolsheviks and the mind boggling atrocities they committed all throughout Eastern Europe that we are never taught or hear about by the Cheka and NKVD. The atrocities of the UK and US match these in every way.. The American revolution, Jacobin French revolution, Bolshevik revolution, Young Turk Ottoman revolution, WWI and WWII were all judeo-masonic wars that committed genocide of the innocent. The measuring device is the fruit we produce. Words are of no value when not backed up with works. Good Faith and Good Fruit are intertwined. We live in a time that is absolutely out of balance with the paternal overwhelming the maternal resulting in the current nihilism we live in today. Chief among these are all of the Abrahamic faiths, none worse than Judaism. It should be noted of the Canaanite schism of 930BC, resulting in Samaria (Israel), and Judah. The Talmud an Kabbalah were manufactured by the house of Judah and Benjamin. They also fabricated Freemasonry, another Patriarchal abomination that fully admits Devil worship and has shown, without a doubt that this is their “god” which is not god (I AM). Assyria absorbed Samaria in 711BC. The current day Palestinians would have those of Samaria, making Judah fratricidal as well as genocidal. Israel ™ is a masonic entity fully owned and run by Rothschild and was only manufactured through the UK and the Masonic Revolutions of America, Jacobin, Bolshevik, Young Turks, World War I and II and soon Global War annihilation if the cover of the Economist is to be believed.

    The only people I have found to listen and change their ways are of the indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere. Lakota and Hopi speak of a time when the men were so violent and tribal wars were so prevalent that the women and children would hide from the men. The Peacemaker came and taught the most fierce how all life is our neighbor and that all creation is dependent on each other. He taught of the balance between man and woman, the heavens and the earth. All forms of life are interdependent and not to plunder creation but to tend it. It should also be observed that until the Christians, Jews and Moslems came with their dogma under their arm, Africa the Western Hemisphere and Australia was filled with life. The people that consider themselves so righteous are murdering the planet for what? Money, power, access and control. There is a Hebrew saying that the idols of the heathen are gold and silver. Who are they that have never followed their own law? Now who do you believe are the civilized and who were the savages?

  2. #2 by Vickie Jacobs on 06/25/2017 - 9:34

    More ways for the Jews to cover up their deceit of what they are really doing.. even if they do it to themselves….

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