How Judea, Inc Manages Its Message

ed note–keep in mind as you read this that (utilizing the phrase contained in the piece) ‘perception management’ is not just limited to spreading information/disinformation in order to confuse and propagandize people. As a manifestation and extension of psychological warfare, perception on a given topic can also be ‘managed’ through more subtle means besides the overt use of facts and figures, either real or unreal. People can also be herded into adopting a pre-determined perception based upon unsophisticated sales tricks such as utilizing a popular celebrity type to endorse a particular product, or, the opposite, where people are driven AWAY from a certain ‘product’ based upon some notorious and unpopular public figure giving it his/her support. This was what a handful of sane voices were warning about in the immediate moments following the arrival of the Trojan Horse known as the ‘Sandy Hook never happened’ movement, that an operation in psychological warfare was in progress in order to de-legitimize all questioning or doubt concerning the ‘official’ statements involving 9/11, USS LIBERTY, the ‘War on terror’, etc, much of which unfortunately fell on completely deaf ears, despite the fact that to this day, 5 years later, the predictions of those few sane voices have indeed materialized whereas the predictions of the ‘hoaxer’ brigade have failed to produce even one microbe of validation or vindication.   

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