Mattis: Assad took Trump’s chemical warning ‘seriously’

Pentagon chief says US President Donald Trump’s warning to the Syrian government not to carry out a chemical weapons attack appears to have worked

ed note–once again, surprise, surprise, ‘duh muuvmnt’ blows it…Just as it was with the ‘bombing’ of the empty airfield in Syria that had been pre-arranged with the Russians and the out-of-the-blue heightened tensions with North Korea that resulted in everybody buzz, buzz, buzzing about WWIII, likewise, without considering any other possibility other than the flavor of the day that ‘TRUMP HAS BECOME A WARMONGER’, with the recent statement concerning Assad and chemical weapons, huge swaths of ‘experts’ predicted that the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse had finally arrived and that Trump was riding atop all of them.

Please consider what is going on in Washington right now. In the first case, the original statement concerning Assad and ‘chemical weapons’ came from the Pentagon and as a result, the WH was forced to address it. The Pentagon is STILL infested with Neo-Cons and Israel firsters in high numbers and ensconsed in very high places and from where, safely ensconsed in their little rat holes, not just for years or decades, but for GENERATIONS–are free to engage in all sorts of mayhem, including leaking information/disinformation in order to corner Trump into doing what Israel wants him to do, which is to get a shooting war started in Syria between the US, Iran, Russia, etc. Furthermore, remember that the ‘Trump is owned by Putin’ narrative is still sitting there like a ticking nuclear device just waiting to go off once critical mass has been reached, and the only thing that Trump & co can do in staving off that critical mass is to periodically make moves and noises that contradict the ‘Trump is owned by Putin’ narrative, which includes saber rattling against Assad. And finally, all need to consider the possibility/probability that Trump has been made aware of ISRAELI plans to utilize some false flag poison gas attack made to make appear like Assad did it and that this was Trump’s way of letting the Israelis know that he was on to them.

Everytime ‘duh muuvmnt’ engages in this kind of ‘shoot first, ask questions later (maybe)’ business, we lose our credibility and in the process, push all those billions of people we need to bring into our camp further into the arms of our enemies. Put another way, perhaps it is best to not get too excited until you are kissed.

Times of Israel

US President Donald Trump’s warning to the Syrian government not to carry out a chemical weapons attack appears to have worked, American Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis said Wednesday.

“It appears that they took the warning seriously,” Mattis said, referring to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer warned Monday night that if “Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.”

The warning came after US intelligence noticed suspect activity at the airbase used to launch a suspected chemical strike two months ago.

“I think the president speaking about (these preparations) says how seriously we took them. He wanted to dissuade them,” Mattis told reporters as he flew into Brussels for a NATO defense ministers meeting.

The April 4 attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun was reported to have killed at least 87 people, including many children, and images of the dead and of suffering victims provoked global outrage.

Washington launched a retaliatory cruise missile strike days later against the Shayrat airbase — the first direct US action against the regime, which denies any use of chemical weapons.

When asked how he knew Trump’s warning had worked, Mattis said: “They didn’t do it,” a reference to the fact no chemical strike had occurred since Monday.

At the same time, he cautioned that “Assad’s chemical program goes far beyond one airfield.”

  1. #1 by roberthstiver on 06/28/2017 - 9:34

    I’m waiting for Trump (the buck stops there, right?) to call out Mattis’ “Assad’s chemical program goes far beyond one airfield,” challenge him publicly to verify it with actual intelligence, and fire him within a couple of days of inability to deliver on this single incidence of bombast aka Ziolies.

  2. #2 by Derek on 06/28/2017 - 9:34

    Thank you Mark, finally a sane level headed opinion;
    “And finally, all need to consider the possibility/probability that Trump has been MADE AWARE of ISRAELI plans to utilize some false flag poison gas attack made to make appear like Assad did it and that this was Trump’s way of letting the Israelis know that he was on to them”

    Exactly what i thought when i first heard this. the “analysts’ think this warning is the codeword for the rebells to carry out the attack – as if he is really that transparent and dumb?

    The last time when he attacked the airfield they were predicting Israel were going to be opening an embassy in Damascus in their new vassal state very soon…..

  3. #3 by PJ London on 06/28/2017 - 9:34

    “So there I was, walking down the street in Miami, Florida, and in front of me was this dude, snapping his fingers. Hey Dude, why you snapping your fingers man?”
    “It keeps the Polar bears away.”
    “You crazy dude, ain’t no Polar bears for 4,000 miles!”
    “Damned effective ain’t it.”

    US warns Syria not to use Chemical Weapons.
    Syria ain’t got any chemical weapons.
    US claims victory.

    We gave up that crap when we were 6 years old.

  4. #4 by David Abosso on 06/28/2017 - 9:34

    So what happens if..and most likely when..they finally do stage another fakeroo? How effective will Trump’s “alleged” gambit pay off in the face of that? At BEST this is kicking the can down the road that does nothing whatsoever to get Trump out of the box he most assuredly is in..either via design or by his own ineptness. From a tactical standpoint his position is exactly the same regardless of the vehicle by which he arrived there.

    ed note–agreed. I think he is only now discovering just how bad the ‘swamp’ is and that it’s not just a breeding ground for malaria and mosquitoes, but as well is loaded with alligators, crocodiles, water moccasins and every other slithery, slimy, deadly creature imaginable and thus has found himself in the midst of something beyond his control. However, there is also something to his unpredictable and irascible nature that has to be factored into all of this, and especially in the aftermath of his sending that team of FBI agents to Israel unannounced and uninvited to arrest the terrorist phoning in all the bomb threats to the JCCs in the US. If Judea, Inc pulls something off along the lines of another 9/11, my hunch is that Trump is not going to roll over and cooperate with the coverup as his predecessors did and instead is likely to let the cat out of the bag as to ‘who dunnit’, as well as setting his dogs loose to deal with that ‘cat’ in the only way that the CEO of a political corporation can/must do.

  5. #5 by mom on 06/29/2017 - 9:34

    I have been checking out your views on Trump from time to time, and it seems your thesis is pretty solid. It ties together a lot of what we know. Let’s hope the time is not too far off when Trump can actually deliver.

    ed note–well, despite my (our) not jumping pre-emptively on the ‘Trump is owned by Israel’ bandwagon that unfortunately far too many ‘truthers’ have done, nevertheless my (our) refusal to do so should not be seen as me having me (us) any hopes in Trump succeeding in what (I/we think) Trump wants to achieve. I think that the disease is too systemic and too far gone in its metastasis to save the dying patient known as the Jew-S-A and that despite his best efforts, Judea, Inc is going to get the war it wants by hook or by crook.

    Nevertheless, I’m glad to hear that at least some of what I (we) have theorized here has struck a chord with you.

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