How they do it–Israel feigns ‘concern’ that tensions between US and Russia could endanger her

ed note–the only reason there are any ‘tensions’ between the US and Russia is because those ‘tensions’ are the result of the deliberate attempt on the part of various spies, moles, 5th columnists and traitors within various institutions in the US working for Judea, Inc, including the JMSM, Congress and the military/intelligence establishments out to get a war started between the US and Russia as a precursor to Israel stepping into the vacuum created by the MAD of both entities as the world’s next superpower.


Israel could be collateral damage in the growing tensions between the US and Israel, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said following a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Thursday.

“If you’re standing next to a boxing match between two heavyweights, you might get elbowed,” Edelstein quipped.

Edelstein brought up Israel’s concerns in his meeting with Lavrov.

“Israel has an interest in good relations between the US and Israel. We don’t like the militant talk,” Edelstein stated. “If the US and Russia are working out their issues right on our northern border, we will be hit by the spillover.”

“The tension is not good for Israel,” he added.

The Knesset Speaker explained that poor Russia-US relations adversely impact the war on terrorism.

“All reasonable countries must united to fight terror,” Edelstein said.

Edelstein also spoke to Lavrov about Israel’s security concerns about Iran and the fighting in Syria.

“We don’t see eye to eye,” he pointed out, “but it was important to me to clarify that Israel won’t tolerate spillover into Israel.”

Lavrov was concerned about Israel striking targets in Syria in response, but understood that Israel has security needs, Edelstein said.

As for Iran, the Knesset Speaker urged Lavrov to warn Tehran against threatening to destroy Israel.

“Call it a Holocaust complex if you like, but I take it seriously when someone threatens to destroy us,” he said.

Edelstein also expressed Israeli concerns about Iranian proxy Hezbollah’s presence on Israel’s border with Syria.

When it came to Lavrov’s response, Edelstein said “Russia has a different view” and there was a “ping-pong” between them on their opposing views.

Still, it’s worth presenting Israel’s stance, because of the central role Russia is playing in the region, he explained.

Edelstein also gave Lavrov the photos and biographies of Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin, two IDF soldiers whose bodies have been held by Hamas in Gaza since 2014, and Guy Hever, an IDF soldier who has been missing since 1997.

Lavrov said he is familiar with them, and will do what he can to help free them.

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