A New American Peace Proposal Could Be Very Bad for Israel

ed note–as we have postulated here now for over a year, if there were one issue alone that would suffice in explaining why there is this concerted drive on the part of Judea, Inc to derail the presidency of Donald Trump it is on this issue alone–forcing the Jewish state to withdraw back to those lines established by international law and to bring some semblance of order to what has become a situation that now threatens to incinerate the entire earth.


The White House may well be considering the revival of a plan for the creation of a Palestinian state authored by the American general John Allen during the Obama administration. The plan calls for Israel’s withdrawal to a modified version of the pre-1967 borders, leaving the major settlement blocs in Israeli hands but not allowing for an IDF presence in the Jordan Valley. To counter the threat to the Jewish state (and to Jordan) that this arrangement would pose, a U.S. force would be permanently stationed along the Jordan River. Gershon Hacohen finds this proposal less than reassuring:

The basic problem is the notion that Israel will rely for its security on foreign forces. Not only is it difficult to ensure that such forces would fulfill their duty successfully, but it is uncertain whether they would stay in place—particularly if they suffer casualties like those they have suffered in Afghanistan and Iraq over the past decade. Recall [also] that during the waiting period before the Six-Day War, the security guarantee given by President Eisenhower to Ben-Gurion after the 1956 Sinai campaign evaporated. . . .

There is, however, a larger question:

Do we want Israel to be no more than a haven for persecuted Jews where they can subsist under foreign protection? Or do we want Israel to be a place of freedom, a homeland, in which we alone are responsible for our own security and sovereignty?

Perhaps we have forgotten that protecting our national existence, in terms of how the IDF defines national security, does not pertain solely to ensuring the physical existence of the citizens of the country but also to safeguarding national interests. The plan completely ignores the possibility that the people of Israel, in renewing their life in their homeland, are motivated by something much greater than the need for a technical solution to security concerns.


  1. #1 by Vickie Jacobs on 07/02/2017 - 9:34

    This sounds like a dog catcher trying to corner a rabid dog. Only now there are many rabid dogs and they are in many places…like here in America. How does one expose this plague?

  2. #2 by nooralhaqiqa on 07/03/2017 - 9:34

    Israel is more a home for (unprosecuted) criminal Jews than anything else. Another American presence in the ME? In Palestine?

    This would not turn out well for anyone involved.

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