US warship visit marks ‘deepening cooperation’ on regional threats, top officer says

The world’s largest aircraft carrier’s sojourn off the coast of Haifa is ‘proof and testimony’ of a unique military relationship, says the man in charge of maintaining it

ed note–before inundating the internet with the usual biz surrounding the flavor of the day amongst the usual suspects, which is that Trump has ‘sold out’ to Judea, Inc, let’s just consider another possibility here.

Keep in mind that–just as this piece makes clear–this is the world’s LARGEST warship, capable (if necessary) of scrubbing Judea off the map in about 5 minutes, literally, without one single aircraft being launched. Keep in mind also that the visit of the world’s largest warship follows on the heels of the news that Trump just sent a fleet of intelligence gathering ships, just like the USS LIBERTY which Israel deliberately attacked in 1967 with the intention of kicking off WWIII between the US and the USSR, and chose to have this ship arrive in Israel on the day America celebrates her independence from foreign domination/control. Keep in mind that–despite all sorts of made-for-public- consumption gestures that nevertheless, the Jews as a group HATE Trump and have worked feverishly to first deny him the presidency, and then now, to do everything in their power to de-legitimize him as a precursor to running him out of his elected office. Keep in mind that he–unlike any of his predecessors–personally sent a team of FBI agents to Israel, unannounced and uninvited, with warrant in hand to arrest the JCC Bomb Hoaxer right after announcing that he believed the string of bomb threats to have been a false flag operation. Keep in mind as well that he has made it clear that he intends to de-escalate the hostilities between the US and Russia to the obvious screeching and shrieking on the part of Judea, Inc.

So, is this–the largest warship in the world–really there to ‘deepen the cooperation’ between Rome (America) and Judea (Israel) or is it there to send a message to Netanyahu & co that if they think they are going to get away with business as usual in pulling off another FFA that they are living in a dream world?

Times of Israel

The docking of a US Navy supercarrier on the Haifa coast this week signifies deepening ties between Israel and the United States in confronting threats posed by “the global jihad axis,” according to a top IDF officer responsible for cooperation between the two militaries.

The USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier, which has been a leading part of the US bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria, arrived in Israeli waters on Saturday for a four-day sojourn before returning Wednesday to its regular positioning in the Persian Gulf. While it docked, crew members toured Israeli cities and celebrated American Independence Day in the Jewish state on Tuesday.

Commissioned in 2009, the 333-meter-long nuclear-powered ship can carry a crew of over 5,000, as well as around 90 fighter jets and helicopters. It is considered the world’s largest aircraft carrier and largest warship overall.

Too large to enter the Haifa port, the warship dropped anchor around four kilometers from the coastline. A near-constant flotilla of boats shuttled top Israeli military brass and politicians, in addition to US naval officers, to and from the vessel.

The visit to Israel, the first by a US aircraft carrier in 17 years, is “proof and testimony of the intimate, growing and deepening cooperation between the US military and the IDF,” said Lt. Col. Yaniv Kapach, head of the North American Branch in the IDF’s Planning Directorate.

“We are always thinking together about different channels where we can collaborate and develop further cooperation,” Kapach told The Times of Israel Wednesday. “This visit is a particularly large example of that cooperation, which takes place in a range of fields and is continuing to expand.”

The Planning Directorate is the central body in the IDF’s General Staff and deals with strategic planning, the building of military forces, and military organization. According to Kapach, the North American Branch oversees all cooperation with the US military from both a strategic and an operational standpoint. “We are responsible for the whole picture of the relationship between our militaries,” he said.

Israel and the US have long had close strategic ties, with Washington providing Israel more than $3 billion per year in defense aid. Last December, a $38 billion 10-year defense package to Israel, signed by then-president Barack Obama, became the largest-ever aid agreement between the US and any single country.

The US has either jointly developed or financed all three tiers in Israel’s missile defense program — the Iron Dome short-range missile interceptor, the medium-range David’s Sling, and the long-range Arrow.

But the military ties go far beyond funding from the US, according to Kapach. The two militaries have increased their joint exercises in recent years and are “developing more and more exercises that we can do together in different ways,” he said.

In May, American and Israeli pilots flew together in a joint exercise over the Arava desert in southern Israel. Last year both US and Israeli soldiers took part in the Juniper Cobra exercise, a large-scale joint missile defense drill that takes place every two years. The exercise was meant to prepare the two militaries for the threat of a missile attack, as well as allowing the armies to learn how better to work together.

While docked in Israeli waters, the USS George H.W. Bush hosted a number of exercises including the landing of Israeli Blackhawk helicopters on the deck of the ship and other air force and navy drills.

While declining to comment on specific operational cooperation that the US and Israel are pursuing together, Kapach said that joint efforts were “far reaching,” and training together on the warship and in other arenas helped prepare both militaries for the shared threats they face.

“The threats are always evolving and developing so you have to be able to maintain the growing cooperation at the same pace to be able to counter these different and new challenges,” Kapach said. “I think that both armies take advantage of the knowledge that we each have. Our understanding in the region is very deep and to some extent unique because we are here and we are part of the neighborhood. [The Americans] have a lot to gain from our knowledge and from conducting exercises with us.”

Kapach said that Israel had invited the ship to come to Haifa to coincide with a stint in the Mediterranean, where it has been “conducting a lot of attacks against the global jihad axis.” It left its home port of Norfolk, Virginia, on January 21 and has been in the region since February as a base for airstrikes against the Islamic State terror group.

Visiting the aircraft carrier on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the ship’s role in taking on the terror group.

“The war against ISIS should be seen for what it is: a clash between good and evil. And every sailor on this ship should be immensely proud that you are serving good,” Netanyahu said, calling the warship a “floating island of America and a symbol to the world of freedom and victory.”

The ship carries between 70 and 90 aircraft at a time, including a fleet of F-18 fighter jets, which are used to strike IS targets in Mosul, Raqqa and elsewhere. The vast majority of the 1,600 sorties in the past five months have targeted IS in Iraq and Syria, but a small number have targeted allies of the Syrian government.

The US carried out its first direct military action against Syria’s regime in April, firing 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Shayrat military airport in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack.

While Israel has sought to stay out of the Syrian conflict, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman met last week with his American counterpart, James Mattis, to discuss “regional strategy” and the cooperation between the Israeli and US militaries amid spiraling tensions on Israel’s northern border.

The past two weeks have seen several incidents of errant shells fired from Syria that landed in Israel. The IDF has responded with force, targeting installations of the Syrian army, which Israel holds responsible for all incidents originating from Syrian soil.

In their meeting, Mattis and Liberman discussed “regional strategy and the ongoing cooperation between the Israeli and US defense agencies,” Liberman’s office said in a statement.

Kapach said he could not comment on any changes in Israel’s cooperation with the US since President Donald Trump took office in January, but said that the American branch’s “purpose and goal is always to enhance and deepen the cooperation all the time, regardless of the administration.”

  1. #1 by Darwin26 on 07/06/2017 - 9:34

    Oh for the day when Israhell and the Bush Crime Family boat are sunk to the bottom of the sea.

  2. #2 by O'Rourke on 07/06/2017 - 9:34

    In a real shooting war with Russia (or China) those cop cars known as carriers have a life expectancy of about 20 minutes! That’s the TRUTH. The Bismarck was destroyed by the British “Swordfish”, a single radial engine 130mph biplane with a torpedo slung under the belly.

    The US will FREAK OUT when a carrier(s) is sunk with their 80 planes & 5,000 crew. The military Brass know full well that carriers would be toast, just as any surface ship would be. Carriers are expensive police cars excellent for punishing nations without a Rothschild central bank, an air force, missiles systems or navies. Our carriers are invulnerable only to inferior foes. Russia has cutting edge military toys. It is a superior force to the American military in many important facets. The Russians are tough as Granite and never flinch at casualties. American forces should be praying that they’ll never meet the Russians eyeball to eyeball. The Russians have BALLS!

    Perhaps the Brass also realize that nothing would rally stupid Americans like a carrier getting sunk.
    Right? So does anyone doubt that a carrier would be sent on a suicide mission? A Imagine the field day the jew media would have; it wouldn’t matter WHY the carrier was sunk, only that it was sunk.

    I think the Iranians would have a nasty surprise if attacked by the jews or the US. They are also capable of sinking a US carrier, which wouldn’t dare navigate the narrow Persian Gulf with its choke points.

    Hezbollah will punish Israel like never before if the jews attack.

    Things really look putrid for the NWO. I just hope it’s not either a NWO or Nuclear war – that ain’t much of a choice.

  3. #3 by Derek on 07/06/2017 - 9:34

    The Bismarck was destroyed by the British “Swordfish”, a single radial engine 130mph biplane with a torpedo slung under the belly.
    Sorry it was a fluke that crippled her steering and just look at the odds – HMS Hood, HMS Prince of Wales, HMS King George V ,HMS Suffolk and Norfolk, six battleships and battle cruisers, two aircraft carriers, thirteen cruisers, and twenty-one destroyers hunted her down, it was not a single biplane.

    Aircraft carriers are to destroy tin pot dictatorships and not to engage a “first world” enemy, the US knows this and thats why they have surrounded Russia with military bases and missiles to keep them contained.
    Why does everybody believe Americans are just so dumb?

    Russia has “some” cutting edge military toys maybe but they have an economy about the size of Spain, they are no match for the west believe me with their printing presses that print trillions of dollars to keep this huge war machine going.

    Sinking that carrier would result in WW3 and why would Trump want that?

    The NWO occurred after the end of WW2!

  4. #4 by Staś on 07/06/2017 - 9:34

    Agreed the Russian Military is excellent man for man the best has the fighting spirit. China massive and on the rise. However don’t get to “carried away” You of coarse know they are will protected. For the most part invulnerable. I like you are tempted to say the “tradition based society of Russia and Iran and China what have you would sink the Internationalist US Navy carrier. I
    But let’s not get “carried away here. They have a lot of escort ships subs incredibly sophisticated
    counter measures the AEIGS system. She is not out there alone. Again I perhaps feel the same way you do. Tired of the US military which is in some ways a social engineering testing ground. Military man for man no match for the Russia. However it is never wise to discount the power of the US Israeli UK clique. They don’t fight fair as you know. They will find ways to win. Those carrier groups are for the most part still completely invincible . Except for Sabotage by an outside group. Hint
    Yes they cost to much but still very formidable.
    It is wishful thinking to think even a single one could be taken down.

    If America continues to be the aggressor it will be dealt with by other more subtle means.

  5. #5 by O'Rourke on 07/07/2017 - 9:34

    Russia has some tricks up their sleeve; they have defeated Aegis; remember when a single Mig shut down all the electronics on a US Arleigh Burke class destroyer in the Black Sea, causing panic aboard the vessel, which had no choice but to flee, after the Mig made numerous simulated attack runs.

    The Russian’s have no “Fat”. They are a more efficient military. Their air defenses have no equal. Russia & China have invested in missile and even space technology. They will attack American satellites, leaving the US a blind stumbling giant. They have pursued weapons systems that will negate the sheer size of the US military. The US is arrogant; they believe their own BS.

    The US has a bigger budget, but it’s corrupt and wasteful. Once the Americans start getting wasted, the rest will wet their pants. Yes, it would probably cause WW3, but that only means that the US & Israel will become a sheet of glass. There will be no winners. The US is the big fat bully in the school yard, who eventually gets his ass whipped!

    I’m surprised that you guys fall in with the US Military propaganda about what a superior force it is.
    China is Russia’s ally. Remember when the Chines ran MacArthur’s ass all the back to where he started from? LOL! Boots on the ground??

    The mighty US military hasn’t won a war in over 70 years. Can’t even subdue a bunch of sandal wearing, AK-47 toting goat herders in Afghanistan! Not to mention their defeat at the hands of the North Vietnamese, when their asses got run out of Viet Nam!! Despite their air & sea power and full array of superior weaponry.

    The US will get their asses handed to them! The Russian & Chinese leadership is much smarter & cunning than these jerk-off generals we have!

    Derek, I never said it was a single biplane that sunk the Bismarck. However, that was what destroyed her steering ability and what lead to her sinking; she could only go in circles, giving the British ships the chance to corner & sink her.

    You guys are brainwashed. The US military will get an ass-whooping, no doubt, and Israel will be snuffed in minutes, along with her toy diesel subs.

  6. #6 by Darwin26 on 07/07/2017 - 9:34

    I agree Russia has a pretty distinct advantage because the ‘State’ owns and operates the defense industry. They produce for pennies what the Capitalist contractor causes: enormous waste at the taxpayer expense. The waste is beyond belief according to some CBO friends i met with in DC and other gubmint ofc folks …meanwhile the Russians are steady as she goes…
    The Russian Constitution forbids any aggression; except to protect itself, while the US of A lives to subjugate any and all esp Russia.
    I’m a vet, drafted, WIA Viet Nam and i’d say that man for man the Russians are at the very least superior in all aspects of any engagement. The ‘draftees’ are according to Cheney and Rumsfeld are the reason we lost the invasion and war on Viet Nam. “So, who ya gonna call?”
    In the end i’d be happy to see Israhell ended.

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