The “Movement” has failed while Trump succeeds

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  1. #1 by O'Rourke on 07/10/2017 - 9:34

    A logical & rational synopsis.

  2. #2 by James Benn on 07/10/2017 - 9:34

    Good piece, Staś. You got me swinging on a pendulum. Of course I would like to believe that Trump is engaged in some dance of death with an extremely evil psychopathic entity variously named ‘Organized Jewish Power’ (OJP), ‘Judea Inc’, or simply … ‘The Jews’.

    Then again, one doesn’t want to be taken, yet again, for a sucker. We have seen and continue to see a parade of political charlatans, shysters, knaves and fools stepping up to the soapbox, spinning the lines, and serving the Jews’ Perpetual Money Machine (aka ‘Finance Capital’) at the first available opportunity. The measure of their competence as politicos is how well they are seen to be able to serve two masters … i.e. the citizenry (aka ‘the goy’) and the jews.

    However well or badly Trump is faring is perhaps not as important as the fact that he HAS been a lightning rod for a growing mood of discontent with Judaic rule of the western world. This in and of itself is worrying to the Powers That Should NOT Be. Although, it has to be said, many still do not recognize the problem for what it is. They all too willingly fall into lockstep with the good ol’ ‘KKKlash of Civilizayshuns’ playscript which has been so carefully crafted for them.

    “If Trump is an ‘Israeli Puppet’ then why the need to continue an all-out assault on him from both political parties?” Alright, alright, already. Sheesh! Whether or not he’s a puppet I have no idea. I too have seen the viddies of him surrounded by a staff of Ashkenazi Jews. Not just his son-outlaw. The question is, if he represents a faction of the ‘deep state’ opposed to the undoubted and very visible Judaic portion of it … who are they? And what is the game plan?

    “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.” – Matthew 6:24

  3. #3 by Staś on 07/11/2017 - 9:34

    Thanks for comment James. Very excellent points. Indeed, the fear of being played is real. We all fear being a sucker.
    When I mentioned Russiagate was going nowhere for instance I knew that I might be wrong.
    Sure enough the very next Day they are all over Trump Jr.
    Shows what the media can do.
    But why? Why can’t USA have an open dialogue with Russia? The people of the United States and the “free world” under it.
    Why can’t he say me and other business guys want to do business with Russia they helped me out. We will do very good trading with them
    No not allowed sorry only election meddling.
    The public can not have a real dialogue with the President. Dangerous.
    Up front and back channel communication with Russia a nuclear power are in this day in age perhaps the most important role of the President yet they talk of meddling.

    Your very right to talk about Trump and money. Hope he will not let us down. Goldman still has a huge presence. Still the in place of coarse.
    I am optimistic that perhaps Trump may be able to make some improvement. I hope for a new The Glass–Steagall ect.
    But the empire is concerned now with the guards. The Limits of the Military and security state.
    As TUT has pointed out read The Works of Josephus

    -also Gibbon Fall of Rome for the secular Roman history also good. The military wants power also the want payment. They also know what can and can’t be done and some of them are good men. When spices and soldiers are so deeply involved in politics it this way it may mean decline?
    But the security state is in a major battle-with-in

    I went after the movement because if it’s lake of ability to look at the grey areas. Realpolitik They were looking for a disappointment and they may still get it.
    However I am optimistic at the moment.

    The photos of Trump you bring up a major point. Looking at photos can be good and bad. We all get sucked in I say beware. Even legit photos the context must be taken into consideration.
    Photo shopped images can cut both ways. They bring false hop they bring despair
    They have produced in many people a total other reality they are consumed under.
    The biblical reference no man can serve 2 masters. That would be America. You got it man. That right there. The leadership structure of academic media gov. military ect. All can’t say a thing. They have the double mind. Yet another thing leading to un-reality
    We have to listen and read every line. Also sometime they say the truth by accident. Even a look on the face. The General had a look on his face when the necons told him hey Hillary has a good idea on the no fly zone.
    You remind me of a good point on Trumps Theology. Very interesting. Must think on that Thanks again!

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